I Took Pantestone (Testosterone Pills) for ED and Now I Have Hair Loss

Hi docs,
Because of an erectile dysfunction, an urologist (seen in early 2008) gave me pantestone (40 mg) orange pills without any blood analysis. I didn’t need these pills!

So, I’ve been taking pantestone pills for a week, once a day since 2008. But one day, i took about 10 or 15 pills at a time because i thought i could get a better result. Since that day, i’m losing my hair on the temples and now, 6 years later, i’m at least at the second stage of Norwood Hamilton. My testosterone level is normal now. i would like to know if is it because of these pills that i’m losing hair and having a similar evolution as my fathers’.

Thank you for reading. Hope you could answer me because i’m getting anxious about these pills and i have got a lot of remorse of having taking it.

Pantestone is apparently a testosterone pill sold in some European countries. Taking testosterone will cause hair loss in individuals who are carrying the genes for balding.

You mentioned that you are now a Norwood class 2 pattern, which suggests to me that you might have a maturing hairline rather than balding. Some people confuse the evolving maturing male hairline with genetic MPB, and without seeing your photos, I can not tell the difference.

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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    If you had the genes for balding the pills wouldn’t start the process they would likely just speed it up. If you have only evolved to a Norwood 2 over 6 years it’s very possible it’s not balding but the maturing hairline as the doc says. Even taking massive doses of testosterone replacements won’t cause balding unless you are genetically going to bald anyway. It would only accelerate things if you were already losing hair. So I would see a hair surgeon and get some measurements to reassure yourself.

  2. cursedman
    cursedman says:

    Maturing hairline is good for my grand father who is a 76 years old man or my other grand father who is 69 years old but not for a young 28 years old man !!!!!!

    I have quite the same hailoss as my fathers’. I’m only 28.

    My father is bald or close to be bald at 50 only !!!!


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