In an Fue Transplant, How Many Hair Follicles Are in a Graft?

I had a few questions about hair transplants (fue)

  1. In my donor area, does each graft contain several follicles?

  2. For the transplant area, does the doctor usually implant several follicles per graft? I had someone describe that for the first 3 rows, she would put 1 follicle each per graft. Then the following rows would be 3 per graft. She explains that it would look more blended in. How do most other surgeons do it? Do the follicles vary per graft to make it look more natural? thanks

As the pioneer of follicular unit transplantation and FUE, I have studied the follicular units for some time. Everyone has a different hair count in their follicular units. Caucasians from Europe usually have the highest hair counts (between 2-4 hairs per follicular unit), Asians or people from middle east like Arabia, have lower hair counts (between 1-2 hairs per follicular unit). Of course, cross breeding has changed it so that if you have a mixture of ancestry, the number of hairs per follicular unit can reflect an ancestor’s numbers rather than your ethnic average. If a doctor puts multiple follicular units in a graft, it will look pluggy (not normal).

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