Is it Normal For A Hairline To Recede With Age?

I’m Hispanic, feel like I have a pretty good hairline cause of genes and all that. Id say that all my lifes its been Norwood 0, basically have david schwimmers hairline from friends. Probably a bit more filled up, always hated it cause my hairline was always really crooked and I wanted it to be straight. This past year or so ive noticed that my left side Has straightened a bit more, it’s not receded, still nw0 but my right is more filled up. Isn’t this normal though? Feel like a lot of people here freak out over the slightest recession. It honestly even made me a bit paranoid, I mean I wasn’t expecting my hairline to stay the same way like when I was a kid all my life. I’m nearly 20 and honestly am kinda freaked out browsing here.

Hairlines mature in men and stop at the mature position, which is one finger breadth above the highest crease of the furrowed brow. The shape will be a gentle V shape. Send me photos and I will tell you if you have a maturing hairline. David Schwimmer has some of his juvenile hairline still remaining, and did not undergo a full maturing hairline development as some men do. One of my son’s also kept most of his juvenile hairline.

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