What is the Life Expectancy of a Hair That Has Begun to Shrink?

For example, I have noticed, that sometimes when I lose a hair, it is thinner than other hairs that fallout, yet it is still as long as the thick hair. I understand that a normal hair loves and grows for 2-7 years. So would a hair that has begun to shrink have a similar life expectancy? If I am diffuse thinning, and some of my scalp hairs are beginning to lose caliber, would it be appropriate logic to think that some these hairs (although smaller) will last at least 2 more years? The reason I ask is I believe myself to have good density, and I do not notice an abnormal amount of hair fall out. But the hairs I do shed look thin.

  1. Does miniaturization decrease the size of the hair by half every cycle? Or gradually?
  2. Will the thinner but still not quite miniaturized yet hairs I have be around for a while?
There are many degrees of hair miniaturization and the life of these hairs depends upon the degree of miniaturization. When it progresses to a thread thinness, then it is near the end of its life and often is not growing at all, just hanging in. Hairs that lost 50% of the bulk, for example, will vary in the time it takes to get to a thread-like state because the disappearance of the hair depends upon the aggressiveness of the balding process. So, it is impossible to really answer your questions as the answer relates to the aggressiveness of your balding and what you are doing about it. People on finasteride, for example, can hold on to 50% miniaturized hairs for years.
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