Number of grafts for 2nd procedure?

I’ve had an FUE (I’m in my younger 30s) and I’m wanting to increase central density and add to some weak spots/refine near the hairline. I’ve been thinking about 1500 or 2000 grafts, the FUT clinic recommended 2500 which I balked at some and then suggested that I could get by with 2k grafts. I am worried about depleting the donor zone too quickly though, I also like the idea of starting smaller and seeing how I like the result (I also like the price of less grafts haha).

Is it a bad idea to do just 1500 grafts at once with FUT? Would I loose out on harvesting those 500 grafts or could I just get them in the future if I decide to do another FUT? Has anyone had a 2nd FUT where they harvest and put the second scar in the same spot as the first? How did that go, did you like or dislike anything about that method or do you prefer two scars?

You need a Personalized Master Plan which starts with basics such as your original donor density and hair mass index. The number of FUE grafts removed in the first procedure plays an important role in these calculations. These factors will allow you and your doctor to calculate your lifetime donor supply so that you will know the answer to the question you posed. Read this post on this very subject:

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