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Thanks for the article. One important comment in the article is: “Also, as with all scientific research on hair regeneration, there are a lot of unknowns and there is no easy way to tell whether a particular research will be brought to fruition or not. The same goes for PTD-DBM hair regeneration.” What this is saying, is don’t count on any short term answers. Too many people think that because of such articles with positive mouse testing and some human skin on mouse studies that are successful, that the cure for balding is at hand. I have seen this same ‘story’ told over the past 25 years and still no cure is available.

For most young men losing hair, the problem is NOW, not sometime in the future. They want solutions that work NOW, and these solutions are limited to Minoxidil and finasteride or hair transplantation.

Korean scientists breakthrough in hair regeneration targeting CXXC5 protein and WNT Signaling Pathway from tressless


The skin in this area takes about 3-4 months to become normal even if it looks normal so you should not traumatize it with a hair brush roughtly used. Gentle use of a brush is fine



Chest hair has a short growth cycle, which means that after 6-8 months it stops growing and goes into telogen (a rest cycle) that can last 6-8 months. That means that less than half of the hairs grow at any one time and its length and thickness are far less than scalp hair. This is not the best source of hair for a hair transplant

Has anyone here had chest hair to head transplant? from tressless


Have you looked at Scalp Micropigmentation? This is a great and relatively inexpensive solution to get the look of a full head of shaved hair. It is such a great illusion, that I have had patients being examined by 400 doctors who could not tell that the patient did not have real hair. See pictures here:

I just can’t accept baldness. from tressless

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Better off stopping the dutasteride and stick with finasteride. If your ED problems are not resolved in 2 months, you should discuss stopping the finasteride with your doctor. A hair transplant works well if you are over 25.  A male who is under 25, should not have a hair transplant because if you do and develop balding behind the corrected hairline, you will not look normal and will be chasing hair loss as you age. If you get a hairline advancement surgery you may see a scar. If you have a hair transplant before your balding pattern become evident, then you will be chasing hair transplants for the next decade.


Forehead deformities after hairline advancement surgery can occur if the hairline is not aligned perfectly. I would go back and see your surgeon and ask your surgeon to address your concerns.  Alternatively, you could have a hair transplant and bury the ‘abnormalities’ but better go back and see your surgeon as a first step



With swelling in the donor area after 4 weeks, I would worry about an infection and suggest that you see a doctor who understands the FUE that you had done. If going back to Turkey is not an option, see a local hair transplant doctor.


Good question. There is no evidence that men who were on finasteride have impacted their male babies. We know that finasteride does not come across to the fertilized egg, so that alone suggests that there is no relationship that would cause a smaller penis.

Finasteride Question from tressless


The scar is in the back of the head which suggests some loss of vascular supply. It will almost certainly heal but it may leave a permanent scar in that area requiring a hair transplant surgery to address it. All surgeries have risks and this is an unusual complication.

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