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1- According to statistics ( 47% of hair loss sufferers would spend their entire life savings to regain a full head of hair.

2- 60% said they would rather have hair above money or friends.

3- A whole 30% would rather have hair than sex.

4- Louis CK, one of the most successful comedians of modern times would trade his wealth and fame, would be homeless, just to have a nice head of hair. (

Interesting focus for many men. We have known for centuries that hair is important for both men and women as it expresses their sexuality. Considering that over $80 billion is spent yearly on hair and hair products to make the hair look better, no wonder that comments like these reflect important attitudes about hair loss for men and for women.


I really don’t understand but my head looks thin. Is this something that can be fixed in some way? I had a hair transplant one year ago.

The density that you need to know is your donor hair density which will tell you how much hair can be moved to cover the area shown in the photo with hair transplants?. If you don’t have enough hair in your donor area (something your doctor can tell you), there are alternative treatments such as Scalp Micropigmentation ( where you can shave your head and have the appearance of a full head of shaved hair.

thinning hair in male


This is highly unusual for a 60 year old male. Upon examining your head today, I found patches of hair loss throughout your head indicating a disease called Alopecia Areata which is probably the cause of the loss of your forelock hair on the right side.

aa in forelock


This 26 year old’s father had a Norwood Class 6 pattern of balding and he was worried as he saw more hair fall out every day in the shower. He presently have a mature hairline.  I performed a HAIRCHECK instrument check on his hair and the test results showed no hair loss present. This test is very accurate in ruling out hair loss and in a many like this, we does not have to face the constant worry that seems to be impacting him at the moment.  Considering that his father was already balding by his age and he has no balding what-so-ever at this time, I put his mind at ease.

am I balding1


Many people can not tolerate 5,000 FUE grafts taken from the donor area without ending up with donor area depletion and donor area balding with problems similar to what your photo shows. I am afraid you may be in that situation.  If this continues to be a problem by the fifth month, you may need to look into Scalp MicroPigmentaiton to help conceal the balding area.

See: for a technique to fix this cosmetic problem.

overharvested FUE


The use a biofibers (synthetic hair) as a hair fiber for hair transplants has been banned in most countries because they cause terrible infections after use?.  Run far and fast!


I had an FUE transplant 6 weeks ago and just developed these pustules which seem to drain when they are poked. Is this an infection?

Yes, it could very well be an infection. You should return to your doctor, get examined and treated if necessary.



It turns out that your picture was my picture 25 years ago as I had the exact balding area in my crown. Then I had hair transplants and now nobody can tell that it ever had a bald spot. The picture on the left is the person asking the question, the picture on the right is a picture of me today with no bald spot present (I like my salt and pepper hair color).

vertex baldingRassman crown


I would rather suggest that you consider a non-surgical cosmetic treatment called Scalp MicroPigmentation which will address the problems shown with less cost and with almost immediate results. A hair transplant takes almost eight months to see results that will not look as good as the example of the two photos on the right (before and after SMP).  When hair transplantation is used in the treatment of diffuse hair loss, it almost always leaves a disappointed patient.  See some good examples of women who have had Scalp MicroPigmentation can be found on our web-site:  One example taken from this website is shown below the picture of the thinning haired women who asked the question.

woman wth thining hairsmp female



(1) I know it can take up to a year to see results and possible regrowth. In terms of shedding however, will I immediately begin to see less hairfall upon taking the drug? (2) I know side effects are rare, but if I do get any how long should I continue to use finasteride before I should stop? I’ve read that quite often side effects disappear through continued use of the drug. (3) Although finasteride effects beard growth and development, if I stop taking the drug will my beard develop as normal or will it be permanently damaged?

Answers to your questions.
1- I tell my patients to wait a full year to see real benefits but if you do not get a shed when you start the medication, you will see the hair loss slow down or stop in a month or two
2- If the sexual side effects hit you, wait a month or two to see if it goes away, you can cut the dose to one pill every other day which may help
3- Usually, when you stop finasteride, beard hair goes back to normal


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