Physical Activity Immediately Before a Hair Transplant Procedure

Hi Dr. Rassman:

I’m having a 3000-3500 graft strip procedure next Monday. I am an avid runner and long distance walker. I understand I should wait until the staples are removed to resume these activities. Is there any issue with running or walking for exercise in the days immediately before surgery?


MarathonI don’t believe you can hurt anything by strenuous activities prior to your hair transplant surgery. After the procedure however, you should take it easy for at least a few days. You should completely avoid any activities that can increase the tension on the skin edges for several weeks after your hair transplant surgery. Running does not impact donor wounds, so I generally tell my patients that they can run a marathon after a week if they want. I gave that advice to a man last week and he told me that if his hair transplant allowed him to run a marathon, that was better than he could do prior to getting it. He was not a runner. Ha!

Better check with your doctor, because he/she might not agree with me.

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  1. josh
    josh says:

    hello, in response about running, it is a horrible idea. You need to stop running for at least 2 weeks. When you run your bosy is healthier, a healthier body will produce more testosterone. When testosterone is produced, so is DHT, which you probly know about already. So it is in your best interested to have as little dht in your body until you hair gets some good roots. Also DHT is decreased by eating rice.


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