Psychological Effects of a Wig Wearer?

I have been reading your blog for quite some time and i see you repeatedly emphasis not to hold your breath on the baldness cure. I totally agree with you, my dad went to Europe in the 70s to talk with doctors and find a cure for his baldness the doctors then told him there may be a cure in 2 or 3 years! It has been 40years since then and i must admit he still has hopes that those 2 or 3 years is not far away!! Me on the other hand have no hope of seeing anything new at least till 2020 considering if the trials succeed by 2013 go for FDA approval.

So i have considered going for a wig or a hair piece, i just wanted to know what is the psychological effects that you noticed with an average person(non-celebrity) who uses a wig? Do they get addicted to it and would they be able to live without it after awards if they choose to lose it? Also how much emotional scare does it do if it comes of in a public place like a swimming pool?

What is your advice on the best hair piece available, which would look real and shows the scalp and not something that looks like a thick road kill.


HairpieceWhile I do hope we see a cure for hair loss at some point, we’ve all been hearing the same story for decades. Who knows — 30 years from now, people might be having a conversation about how foolish we were in 2010 for hoping the cure was right around the corner.

As for the wigs / hairpieces… well, people all respond differently. There’s possibly the initial wave of confidence, but with that comes new problems you have to deal with.

The attachments used are critical, because you do not want to make the hair loss worse from traction alopecia caused by pulling of the hair under the hair system. Most people will shave the head under the hair system to minimize the impact of traction. There are clearly limitations with a hairpiece (like swimming).

Interaction with women is a problem if the lady wants to run her fingers through your hair… and gets the hair system instead. Most men who wear these pieces realize that there is a “no-touch zone” around their head and watch people carefully when they approach (especially women or relatives).

I really don’t have advice on where to buy them or what to buy, but judging by the amount of spam I get from wig vendors that read this site, I’m sure plenty of them will offer their 2 cents.

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  1. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    Considering every year our technological capabilities are doubling, I’m sure it’s not far from now. Technology evolved VERY slowly up until the past few years its insane. 40 years advancment is more equivalent to about 4 years now. Stay optimistic.

  2. hair loss products
    hair loss products says:

    i don’t think their will be any psychological effect in the person if he/she “chooses” to put the wig aside… the change or absence of the wig may affect in the beginning but with strong will power, it’ll be ok… acceptance is still the key in this situation… accepting what you have and be thankful, for me, are attitudes that can help out any psychological effect on situations like this…


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