Rubber Bands Caused Scalp Bumps?

Hi doctor,
I am a 19 year old male who had really long hair a year ago. I use to tie my hair in a bun with lots of rubber bands. The rubber bands were pushed really hard against my scalp and my scalped from a bruise/bump. The bruise was red, painful, itchy, and bumpy. I pushed down on the bump with my thumb to make it flat and applied Neosporin. The swelling went away but the hair loss remains till this day. My dermatologist recommended rogaine foam but i have seen little progress(5 months in.)My doctor does not recommend cortisone injections.

Rubber bandYou were not doing yourself justice with making tight rubber bands pull on your scalp. This can cause traction alopecia. In your case though, I can’t tell you what is going on with your scalp without seeing you directly.

Are you balding all elsewhere or just one hairless spot? Are there local areas that are missing hair? I can keep asking questions, but without even a picture, I am helpless.

You may wish to see another dermatologist if you don’t feel you were given adequate time or treatment. Or go back and ask your dermatologist for a follow-up.

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