Scalp Micropigmentation That Went Wrong! What Should I Do?

So i recently got an SMP (Scalp micropigmentation) which i was happy with at first but few weeks in the colors started fading and it turned blue and very blurry, contacted the clinic who did it and they refused to give me back my money but agreed to give me a free laser session removal for it, went and got one laser removal session 2 months ago, it was fine, still looks really blurry mess but it wasnt blue anymore, now today i got my second laser removal and after the removal i told them that i want the money back, ive lost my job, my 3 months of time, ive gone through such a big depression because of the botched SMP and the laser hurts like hell, ive never felt more pain, laser is literally 9/10 on pain scale, 10 would be passing out. But then they started saying how they did their job and its my skins fault and this has never happened before and its not their fault it turned blue which is full bullshit, its 100% their fault, my skin cant be any different, they still never mentioned anything about money and said ” we are doing what we can do make it better for u” and we will fix it for you and it will look great etc, but what do i do wrong do deserve going through multiple laser removal sessions and losing my job, time etc.

Would you guys pursue this and take legal action in this case or would you just say screw it?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a real art form. I have been teaching it for 9 years at medical meetings and many of the doctors who take the didactic course, don’t learn the practical side of it. When they do it, they produce people like you. Unfortunately, the legal recourse is very limited as few lawyers will want to take you on as the damages are limited.  The key to the readers here is to learn from your experience and find a group of providers that have good Yelp reviews, and patients that they can show you their results before you dive in.

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