Does Stress Cause Hair Miniaturization?

I am 23. For the past 5 months I have been suffering from hair shedding, itchy and flaky scalp, and growing spots of thinning in my crown area. I believe it is due to MPB. Prior to this, I never noticed any hair loss and no one in the family has experienced hair loss except an uncle on my dad’s side who started to thin in his 40s and still has a considerable amount of hair in his 50s now. I saw 2 dermatologists – one 2 months ago and another a week ago – and they both were not convinced that I am suffering from MPB rather stress related hair loss (telogen effluvium?). They said this because my hair loss is still not entirely noticeable. Instead, the nature of my new job (I work in investment management working 12+ hours) and had a breakup with my ex girlfriend 7 months ago would have triggered it. However, I am not convinced due to the fact that, and as pointed out to them, the hair loss is predominantly in my crown area and more importantly I have noticed hairs of different sizes and thickness falling out (or hair miniaturization). So I was wondering if I can get a third opinion on this matter and whether or not to seek consultation from another dermatologist as I would like to begin treatment of some kind early if it is MPB.

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Stress, in individuals with the genes for hair loss, will develop miniaturization on the path to losing hair. The single best way to make the diagnosis is with a HAIRCHECK instrument which will show, over time, how much hair bulk you lost. If you treat it successfully, this test will show improvements that your eye may not pick up.

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