There Are Bald People Throughout History, So Why Are We Obsessed with Hair?

Is going bald even such a big deal. I know that many men could really care less about the way they look, the only reasons we keep our appearances up is for the ladies and for our professions. But there have been bald people throughout history, some of the sexiest men alive were bald. Do you think we are just becoming too vain and obsessed with our image?

Aging is a part of life and should be accepted. Today we here about older people taking anti aging creams, special diets, “get those 6 pack abs”, and so on. I think this is hurting us a lot and we many of us are losing our self esteem which is terrible. We should feel comfortable with ourselves.

Am i right? You Dr.Rassman are 67yrs old and look damn good for your age, there is nothing artificial to your image.

Why are we so self centered these days?

There are many reasons for this. History has shown that when men got sick (tuberculosis over the course of human history) they lost hair and died early, so when selecting a mate, women picked men who had good hair, because in the search for a husband they could not have a man would would die on them (not good for long term futures and babies). This had a great deal to do with prejudice against balding men. Men when they are in their 20s don’t yet have enough confidence in their manhood, so losing hair seems to exacerbate the balding problem. I’m not a psychologist or sociologist, but I am a surgeon that helps men improve their image… so maybe I’m the wrong person to ask a question like that.

Would it be safe to assume that you, the author of the above question, has no hair loss and no sensitivity to balding as a male problem? Do you think that George Clooney would look sexy as a bald man? If so, I have not seen him shave his head as an alternative style. I had someone on my staff do a quick Photoshop of what Mr. Clooney might look like bald and put it side-by-side with a typical look for the actor. Which do you prefer?

George Clooney

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  1. Neo Nyquist
    Neo Nyquist says:

    I wish this guy that sent this post will turn into Norwood 7 in 24 hours. That’s all I have to say.

  2. kiehls
    kiehls says:

    I dont think going bald is as big a deal as it used to be. Its like any ‘style’ -some pull can pull off being bald, others cant (gotta say though- i cant pull off the look- Ive got an odd shaped head). Were in a society now that seems to prefer style over substance and looks for the quick fix. Though at the same time, if you want your hair back there’s nothing wrong with trying to ‘grow’ it back- whatever makes you feel happy!

    Yeah Clooney does kinda look like ‘Sean Connery’ without hair doesnt he?


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