My Transplant Done 10 Months Ago Has Not Grown on One Side, but the Other Side Looks Better! Why Is This?

You should go back and see your doctor. I always tell my patients that you can expect 80% growth in 8 months. The picture you showed does not reflect much hair growth on your left side. If your doctor is honorable, he will answer the following questions for you:

  1. How would he explain the failure?
  2. If he was to do it again, would the failure from the first time happen again? and
  3. Will he do the surgery for free considering the full extent of the failure?

Failures like this are either due to:

  1. The result of some dermatological disease that was present and undiagnosed at the time of the surgery (unlikely considering that there was good growth on the other side) or
  2. A technical failure of the surgeon and/or his surgical team. If the person placing the grafts was rough in the handling of the grafts or kept the grafts outside of the body for over 20 seconds, the grafts could have died.

Differences between the two sides are often a reflection of the person placing the grafts. A lack of experience can make a world of difference when two different people are placing the grafts, one working on one side who is better than the person on the other side.

some growthfailure to grow 1


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