What To Start First? Minoxidil or Propecia

Doctor. I appreciate that you always advise patients to try one product at a time so they know what’s working. And you always advise men to try Propecia first and minoxidil later. Propecia is obviously more effective. But couldn’t it be less effective if minoxidil was started before propecia?
I’m just guessing here but if minoxidil is used first you now have susceptible mph hairs addicted to a less effective medication. The suggestion is minoxidil dependent hairs aren’t protected by Propecia. So you now have a lot of hairs that could been Propecia dependent giving greater and longer protection dependent on much less effective minoxidil and more susceptible to loss. Adding Propecia after affords no protection to those minoxidil dependent hairs. I’ve seen nothing that says hair can be dependent on both. So I would think its always best to getting hairs dependent on Propecia first then starting minoxidil 6 months to a year later. Is my reasoning off here?

You ask an interesting question. The simple answer is that there is no right answer. What medication you choose (Propecia vs Rogaine) is up to the individual and its results may not be a significant issue because the two medication work in different ways (different mechanism of action). The hairs you gained from Rogain may not be the hairs you would have gained from Propecia. I generally suggest that our patients do both, to get the big-bang right up front.

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