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Could you tell me if hair miniaturization on the scalp is possible without DHT?  I am aware that hair does miniaturize a bit as we get older.  Also, the reason I ask is because we always hear of hair loss linked to thyroid issues/other illnesses or vitamin deficiency but I’m curious if diseases or lack of nutrients can cause miniaturization.

There are many causes of miniaturization which is a state where the hair health is not good. It may reflect the end of the life of the hair when the miniaturization becomes very advanced as seen in genetic balding. It can happen with hair loss from diseases, starvation and aging.


Sometimes, the genetic balding process starts later in life. Usually, most hair loss occurs in a man during their 20s, sometimes in their 30s and more rarely, like you in their 40s. If you were to see me as a doctor, I might recommend the use of minoxidil (a topical treatment) to see if the hair thickens up. Your have a good chance that this will happen.

Just hit 40 and noticed that it’s getting a little thin up top. How does it look and what steps should I try first? from tressless


FUE has more limits to donor area harvesting than strip surgery does. FUE, depending upon the donor density, can rarely exceed 4000 grafts safely without depleting the donor area visibly, while Strip surgery can often go as high as 10,000 grafts if your donor density is adequate. I wrote a paper on this very subject, see here: You don’t have a see-through your donor area and you were not specific as to the type of surgery you had (FUE or strip surgery) but use the guide in the article and your doctor’s advice for determining your next step.

6000 grafts done, wants 4000 more


Anxiety and Hair Loss

You look in the mirror, and you don’t know how it happened. You comb through your hair after your shower, and several thick hairs fall out, settling within the bristles of your comb. You are experiencing hair loss and going prematurely bald. It’s not necessarily genetic. You have family members who have full bodies of healthy hair, so you don’t know how you ended up with hair loss. You feel like the black sheep of the family and feel less than confident because of your hair loss.

What could be causing your hair loss? While some men who experience premature hair loss, balding and thinning may attribute the causes to genetics, poor diet, illnesses or varying testosterone levels, your hair loss could be due to stress and anxiety. Hair loss can occur from six weeks to three months after you undergo a stressful event in your life, such as financial woes, the death of a loved one, a divorce, a work-related event and more.

If you are prone to panic or anxiety attacks, one of the triggers during an attack could be grabbing your hair. You may not even know that you are doing this, but it could be causing the following types of hair loss, according to The Calm Clinic:

  • Trichotillomania: When you pull out hairs because of stress and anxiety; this is a habitual action.
  • Alopecia Areata: You lose larger clumps of hair around your scalp.
  • Telogen Effluvium: More hairs that normal fall out because your body is telling more hairs to fall out (the usual growth cycle is two years, and hairs fall out two months after that). Your hair is weaker than normal.

Your anxiety is usually severe if you experience hair loss, but that isn’t always the case. So, how can you combat hair loss when you have anxiety, depression or another mental health disorder? Get help to manage your mental health condition as best as you can. Talk with a mental health professional near you and read advice columns on BetterHelp. Licensed professionals on BetterHelp can also aid you as you try to find solutions to your hair loss caused by anxiety, as well as other issues.

In addition, some other ways to reduce your overall anxiety and hair loss, thinning and balding could be the following: meditation, belly laughing, connecting with those you love, exercising, eating a balanced diet, playing your favorite types of music and more. Just talking about what stresses you out could help you immensely and prevent one of the three types of anxiety-related forms of hair loss. Do what relaxes you and helps to reduce anxiety; thus, this could help you curb hair loss.

If you attempt to reduce your stressors, then your hair could come back. If you would like to supplement your hair loss, consider taking a hair growth supplement, using a scalp serum or getting a hair transplant to boost your self confidence and decrease your anxiety levels.

Marie Miguel (


Hello, I’m from Europe, sorry for my english but I’m here because I have really big problem with my hair. It started about 13-14 months ago when I noticed that I’m losing some hair on my head. We live in small house in the village with family (4 person).

When I noticed it I bought some vitamins for hair, but it not stopped it. Next, my sister, mom and dad noticed losing hair too also. From this time we lost like HALF of our hair on FULL BODY, not only head, but whole body hair. It’s really depressing… Also I got brother who live in another place but he visited us like 1-2 days per week and he also lost similar amount of his hair on whole body. And then I found on the Internet similar cases and those families had mold in the house.

Then I realized that we have black mold in one of our apartments and we ignored this earlier. It’s really black mold, looks like black paint. About 1m2 in corners. And I remember when mold start exist it was about same time when I started losing hair… We removed it like 7 months ago but we are losing hair still… (Used antimold sprays and removed plaster + 0,5 meter for sure. Next we used big professional ozone generator  26g/h in whole house) How to stop it? What medical examination should I make? Thyroid is okay, morphology ok, ferritin ok. What else? Please help us, we are really in despair…

Something triggered it and we don’t know how to stop it… hair just got thinner, lighter and fall in big amount from whole body, not just head. It’s eyebrows, eyeslashes, legs, arms, armpits and whole body. Please help us.

I am not an expert on Black Mold but this is a story that is consistent with the Black Mold story. I suspect that the spores from the mold are still in your house toxins (specifically mycotoxins) that are toxic or poisonous.may still be there. Here is a link from the CDC which is thorough and worth reading.


Three weeks, I started 1 1mg Fin a day.  I noticed no reduction in libido or mental faculty, I even masturbated 2+ times a day, I think my erection was occasionally a bit weaker though, could be in my head?  Then in the last week, I moved to another country to start university, had to take care of a lot of administrative and logistic issues like accommodation, registration etc. so my masturbation frequency reduced greatly. I know I was stressed. I also just read about permanent reductions of sex drive from finasteride and I am getting freaked out so i cut the dose. What should I do?

Follow-up:  Hi, thank you for your answers. I am now convinced that what happened was likely ED due to overmasturbation (because I read the horror stories so I needed to check, again and again…). The days after I was fine.

It is possible that your stress caused the problem with your erections. It is also possible that finasteride caused it. Cutting the dose back when you don’t have side effects didn’t make sense to me, but maybe this is a psychological problem as when many young men, who were not having problems with this drug, read all of the information on the internet, they find that they develop the sexual problems.. You can stop the drug for 3 weeks and if the side effects go away, then this might tell you that there was a connection between the drug and the side effects.


In people with dark straight hair and light skin, the swirl on the crown may highlight a light scalp. To find out if this is balding, a doctor can look at it with a hand microscope and if there is miniaturization present in excess of 20% of the hairs in view, then you can consider this the early part of the balding process in the crown.  If not, it may just be the characteristics of your hair.

question crown balding


I appear to be following my dads pattern and so far, it’s turning out exactly to the way his hair went. He also has a pretty thick donor area (so do I), what would be an early age that would be acceptable to go through with a transplant? I’ve been told by a local surgeon that he prefers the earliest to be 23-24.

Usually no earlier than 25 is generally a good age, but exceptions can be make if there is absolute certainty on the balding pattern you have and a clear understanding that your donor area is adequate to meet the needs of your final balding pattern.  Then a Master Plan needs to be created to account for the hair loss as it develops to your final hair loss pattern. that may take years.


1- According to statistics ( 47% of hair loss sufferers would spend their entire life savings to regain a full head of hair.

2- 60% said they would rather have hair above money or friends.

3- A whole 30% would rather have hair than sex.

4- Louis CK, one of the most successful comedians of modern times would trade his wealth and fame, would be homeless, just to have a nice head of hair. (

Interesting focus for many men. We have known for centuries that hair is important for both men and women as it expresses their sexuality. Considering that over $80 billion is spent yearly on hair and hair products to make the hair look better, no wonder that comments like these reflect important attitudes about hair loss for men and for women.


I really don’t understand but my head looks thin. Is this something that can be fixed in some way? I had a hair transplant one year ago.

The density that you need to know is your donor hair density which will tell you how much hair can be moved to cover the area shown in the photo with hair transplants?. If you don’t have enough hair in your donor area (something your doctor can tell you), there are alternative treatments such as Scalp Micropigmentation ( where you can shave your head and have the appearance of a full head of shaved hair.

thinning hair in male


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