I had a terrible hair transplant one year ago, what can I do now? (photo)

You can speak with your surgeon about your disappointment and you will need an other transplant. You will have to decide if you should use the same doctor or another doctor if you lost faith, Sometime a person picks the wrong doctor.  We have written an outline on how to find a good doctor here: https://baldingblog.com/selecting-hair-transplant-doctor/

terrible transplant 1 year

How many grafts will it take? I am 29 years old (photo)

You have a pattern of balding that indicates that you will probably lose all of the hair on the top of your head, maybe the frontal forelock will remain, maybe not. Based upon your skin color, I suspect that you may have an Indian heritage which means to me that your donor supply will be lower than the donor supply of the typical Caucasian. Your doctor needs to build a Master Plan with you, measure your donor hair density and donor supply for the long term. This will determine not only what you need now but what you will need in the future as well.  I suspect the first surgery will take at least 2,000 grafts and further surgeries in the next few years may be required as you lose the rest of the hair on your head. I also suggest that you consider taking the drug Finasteride to protect the hair that you have left for both the short and long term.

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I have bumps on my hairline after the transplant, why is it there and what can I do about it? (photo)

These bumps may be caused by too much skin on the grafts or grafts may not have been placed flat and flush with the surrounding skin at the time of the transplant. A repeat transplant with single hair grafts that have the skin trimmed off and placed flush will overwhelm the problem and address much of it, but it will still be there.

hairline bumps

How long does transplanted hair last

When asked if transplanted hair will last, I always tell patients that transplanted hair will last as long as the hair in the back and sides of the head, which generally last a lifetime.  However, transplanted hair can undergo senile alopecia and I have occasionally seen people’s transplanted hair thin out many years after the transplant but this is very rare.  Generally, you can expect transplanted hair to last well into your senior years.

I am a 55 year old female who had two hair transplant and my hair continues to be thin

A hair transplant in women are often not a good idea because the donor hair is often miniaturized and these miniaturized hairs, when transplanted, will continue the miniaturization process. A better treatment for women with thinning hair is Scalp MicroPigmentation.

See here: https://scalpmicropigmentation.com/smp-for-women/