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I have been contracted by the author of the site: The author is a geneticist and believes that the genes present that are detected by the saliva tests performed through the 23&me website, may predict your hair loss pattern.  Of course, we have known that there is a clear genetic relationship in family lines, so this might be worth exploring for those of you with curious minds. I have use the 23&me website for years to look at my ancestry along with many members of my family.


“I thought I would share my hair story with you. I am sure you hear many stories like this one. After the hair transplant grew in, I felt different, more confident, more self-assured. People told this to me but, to my surprise, no one noticed my hair transplant. You know, you can tell if someone looks at your hairline – it didn’t happen. I felt that women were more receptive to me as they smiled at me more often. Then one day, I spoke with a woman on the train, during an afternoon commute going home. By coincidence, we both got off at the same stop. We passed by a Starbucks and sat for a cup of coffee. As I guess you can tell, it only gets better.  Now we are a couple.  I used to think that women discriminated against me because of my hairline, but Dr. Rassman said: ‘it was all in my head not on my head’. There is no doubt, nevertheless, that this hair transplant changed me both inside and out. A great decision!



I patient of mine, a very straight laced accountant, had two hair transplant procedures performed by me some years ago. He had been pushed to get into ‘working out’ by his kids, so he went to a gym and got a trainer. During their ‘get to know each other session’ she asked him if his father had hair as good as he did.  Maybe her boyfriend was having a bad hair day, who knows.  He told her that his father was balding and ‘”I guess I am lucky’.

When he want home and told his wife about this conversation, he told his wife that he felt guilty for having lied about his hair, His wife quickly responded:  “Well if a woman stuffed her bra, do you think she would tell anyone?”

They both laughed and I thought it was worth repeating the story here.


In a Denmark Study, people who “redeemed five or more antibiotic prescriptions over the course of a 15 year period were much more likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared with those who took antibiotics’ only noe or two times. Other diseases were also appearing that may be the result of altering the bacteria in our intestine finding associations with “obesity, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders and even depression”.

Since the 1940s with the discovery of antibiotics, the focus was to kill all of the bad ‘germs’ in our body, but maybe we just killed off the good ‘germs’ in the process and without these good ‘germs’, we found ourselves with many other diseases.  Children may have been over-treated causing more asthma and a tendency to obesity.

I have read much about the value of our ‘gut’ to help our immune system function properly. The learning curve is very steep at this time and it seems that in almost every medical journal now appearing, we are learning that our intestine is really a functioning part of our immune system, something I never learned in medical school.

I found myself being asked many times by patients to give them an antibiotic for a flu. I know it did not work against a virus, but the patients would demand antibiotics and although I may have been one of the few doctors who resisted such calls for antibiotics, I could not always stand my ground. So what I am telling you here is not to demand Antibiotics when you are not feeling well, as you might be harming yourself if you took them unnecessarily.

This was discussed in New Scientist, April 8-13, Pages 39-41.


This patient had a localized harvest of his donor area with FUE. The area extended outside the permanent zone of hair which means that the patient has had hair moved from areas which are not permanent and that the harvest with FUE may have been too great.  We see this complication of large FUE sessions, that some of these patients develop a ‘balding’ of the hair in the back of their head. I have spoken against over-harvesting for many years since I originally defined FUE



depleted donor picture


This patient had frontal grafts and is one day post-op. What amazes me is the awful appearance of the transplant. I can’t imagine being the patient and having to hide under a hat.  This type of look is totally unacceptable to me.  Also, if you look closely at the top photo, you will see that the grafts were put in as concentric rings, patterns that can be easily seen. This will show when the grafts become hair and assuming all of the grafts grown, the hair will be lined up with a distinct pattern, obvious to an observer. The two pictures shown here are shown for comparison. Our patient does not have the crusts (lower photo). The crusts on the upper photos will almost certainly last for 2-4 weeks.


post-op 1 day



I have seen men reach a full Class 7 balding pattern by the age of 21. Most men with advanced balding patterns get them by the time they are 26 years old.


Finasteride does change the entire testosterone metabolic pathway. We know, for example, that people taking finasteride often see a rise in their testosterone levels; however, the DHT hormone which is a metabolic product of testosterone metabolism, is a hormone that is 40 times as powerful an androgen as testosterone. Finasteride blocks the action of DHT at about 70% effectiveness. This is, as you say, ‘messing with hormones’ and for every benefit in life, there is often a down side. What each and everyone of us must know if we consider taking finasteride, is that this drug does ‘mess with your hormones’ maybe insignificantly, maybe not.


For those of us in the field of hair restoration, we have waited for the day when stems cells could be used to activate hair. In my previous post, I linked an article on Progenerator cells and their role in hair regeneration.  With the opening of this Stem Cell Bank in the UK, the access to stem cell lines may accelerate the development of solutions for hair loss.  Read here:


The ethics of plumbers, contractors, auto-mechanics, and many other have always been questioned. Because there are a few rotten apples in every bucket of apples, that does not mean that all apples in the bucket are rotten. This metaphor applies to plastic surgeons, all professionals including cosmetic dentists and hair restoration surgeons, as well of which I am one of them.  So here is the site I just mentioned:

Some of my quotes have been used to validate doctors who have been targeted by this website. I will not make any reference to particular doctors or groups of doctors nor endorse this website as a quality source of information. I do, however, hope that everyone researches the doctors that they choose and their research should include: industry bulletin boards, consumer driven websites, and the state medical boards which have records of doctors who have infractions on their medical license.  As a consumer, it is a ‘BUYER BEWARE” problem for everyone wanting to get cosmetic surgery of any type. I see, too often, patients who did not use their common sense when selecting doctors.  I always tell patients to ask the doctor to introduce you to a few of his/her patients so that you can see the quality of the work they do and also to understand something about their humanity.


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