How do I tell my hair transplant surgeon that I’m not happy

Tomorrow I have a 1-year follow-up for a 1200 graft FUE. I’d say I’m 70% satisfied with my results, but my temples are not to the density I desire. With careful inspection you can still see my scalp. I’ve also been on fin for a year and have gotten pretty great results with density in my pre-existing hair (for those wondering: no sides).

I suspect the lack of temple density is due to him underestimating how many grafts I needed. I paid good money for this HT yet it’s not up to my expectations. What’s the best way to approach this issue with my doctor?

Remember, your surgeon works for you. If he was an employee, and you were not satisfied with his work, wouldn’t you tell him so. Any good doctor would want to know if his patient wasn’t happy and then take the steps to make his patient happy. Surgeons have the responsibility to set proper expectations during his consultation with you.  That is my biggest job, to teach someone who doesn’t know much about hair transplants, what to expect from what I plan to do so address their complaints about their hair during the initial consultation.

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