How bald is too bald?

At what point of hair loss did you either decide to do a treatment or throw in the towel to shave it off?

Both sides of my family have the bald gene and I started balding super early (like 15-ish) so I owned it at 17 and was on Team Shaved. No one seemed to care, had a girlfriend that liked it, and life went on. Fast forward 9 years and I’m now finishing up second bachelor’s degree and going into job interviews. Had an interviewer ask me about my experience and I told him about all the projects and internships that I was involved with. He followed up with, “well what did you do with the other years before going back to school?” Hinting that I look much older than 26. That was my “too bald moment.” So now I’ve been on fin/minox/keto/dermaroll and a biotin supplement for four months.

Balding is something you either accept or don’t. If you don’t accept it, a smart guy will find a good doctor who can build a Personalized Master Plan to follow the balding and if the goal is to keep the hair there, he will work that out with that doctor. Here is a man I started seeing over 2 decades ago, he was balding in the worst pattern of balding you can get, he wouldn’t accept that he had the money and the obsessive compulsive personality to make sure he kept his hair. His father was completely bald and I put a full head of hair on his dad, so he followed with me, had a hair transplant every few years as he was losing more hair and eventually stopped losing hair. Here are his photos after 11,000 grafts:

To get there you don’t have to be as wealthy as he is but it will still cost you a few dollars to do this. Be smart about your balding if you want to stop it from happening or get a hair transplant, otherwise, it is less expensive to accept it

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