PLEASE NOTE: I do not sell ScalpMed. I’ve been getting quite a few angry emails from people stating that they feel deceived by this product, that they want their money back, etc — but I have no relationship with ScalpMed’s manufacturers. I can’t help get your money back, nor can I offer much advice about this product. It is not FDA approved and I would not recommend it for that reason alone.


Let me begin by letting you know my situation. I am a 22-yr.-old female who has been diagnosed with both AGA and alopecia areata. My dermatologist tried steroid shots in one of the areata spots but they didn’t cause any growth.

That said: this morning I saw an infomercial for a product called “Scalpmed.” I don’t usually give infomercials a second thought, but I thought, what the hey, I’ll ask Dr. Rassman about this one. The product is *supposedly* for women and men, contains the highest FDA-approved dose of minoxidil, and does not cause sexual side effects or dry out the hair or scalp. The website admits that individual results will vary but offers a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling, of course) if one is not satisfied.

Just thought I’d ask if you’ve heard of this, and, more specifically, if you’ve heard of this scorching anyone’s scalp off or anything similar. Don’t worry, I don’t intend to make any rash phone calls :D

It took a bit of research and a call to a consultant for FDA issues to answer this question properly. I could not find Scalp Med or Vitadil in the FDA database. The website says, “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” If this product were FDA approved, the FDA would certainly evaluate the labeling for the product. The second statement is part of the FDA definition of a drug. The second part, “Affects the structure or any function of the body of man” is relevant to the use of this product. It is strange that the first part of the website says it is FDA approved while the second part says the FDA has not evaluated the labeling. This is clearly an inconsistency that indicates that you should take what is claimed here suspiciously.

The website says that “Vitadil-5A and Vitadil-2A are FDA-approved formulas for hair growth.” The company may be saying that they used a formula that had been approved for another company. This is possible. However, a company cannot just copy the formula of an FDA approved product. The company must submit an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) and may be required to do bioequivalence studies before the FDA will approve it for this company. The company also has to meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as well.

I always end such comments suggesting as a consumer you must ‘BEWARE’ and be your own protector. The government can not always enforce its regulations in a timely manner to protect you.

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  1. Rick H
    Rick H says:

    hi all. i have been using scalpmed for just around 6 months and have terrific results. its not just minoxidil or rogaine. i have no itch and only been using it at night. looks like i have about 40% more hair on the top and along the front too. most of the comments i have read are from people who have not tried the product so beware of that too.

    i thrilled. RH

  2. edgewater jerz
    edgewater jerz says:

    I am very skeptical about this product. Given the infomercial pictures are quite impressive, I still have reason to doubt the success of scalpmed due to a few factors:
    It seems that this may be another Avacor. Avacor is a scam, in plain english. Also, the controdictory statements on its (scalpmed) website says it’s FDA approved but at the end of the page, it firmly states it does not intend to cure, et al.
    Another thought that surfaces in my head is the probable fact that it’s a minoxidil/retin-A mixture. YES, minox/retin-A combo grows more hair, but that mixture DEEPLY IMFLAMES the scalp.
    I regret saying this, but this product may be another snake oil that is there to play on our vulnerability in our quest to find a hair loss treatment that truly works.

  3. Donna Temple
    Donna Temple says:

    Hi. I am 44, female and have been dealing with severe hair loss for several years. Its not alpecia, however, at this point there is no explanation for it. I have tried many things, nothing yet has worked. This product sounds amazing and on the infomercial you can try it free for several months. That says alot to me about how much they believe in their product.

    I have a real issue with people who post skepticism about a product they haven’t tried. It’s like the people who critique a movie on only the trailers, and have never seen the movie. That’s useless to everyone, because its not even a valid when they never used it.

  4. edgewater jerz
    edgewater jerz says:

    you are right Donna Temple. I apologize, I simply don’t want to be disapointed again, and by the way, i ordered SCALPMED yesterday, so i hope it works for me and you too.

  5. Dan B.
    Dan B. says:

    Hey Edgewater. I’m curious if you have tried the familiar 5% Rogaine (Minoxidil) treatment for 6 months? I’m assuming you have, and it did not work for you. Otherwise why would you go with the Scalpmed treatment?

    Please keep us posted. I’m going to start the Minoxidil program this week (using the Walgreens generic formula which is MUCH cheaper than Scalmed). I’m hoping to see results by the Spring, but if it doesn’t work, I may then try Scalpmed.

    Best of luck.

  6. John Nalber
    John Nalber says:

    Can’t find a listing for World Health Labs, Inc. in Culver City, CA. A PO Box is listed in the Scalpmed website. Does this give you a clue to validity of this organization.

  7. John Nalber
    John Nalber says:

    I meant Modern Health Labs, Inc in Culver City, CA. Checking with California business registration to get physical address rather than just a PO Box as listed in ScalpMed website.

  8. CJ
    CJ says:

    As a healthcare Professional working MANY years, I can tell you that common sense should make a difference. I know that a person tries everything or lots of things out there in hopes that they might obtain results for their problem. Look at all of these OTC vitamins, herbal formulas that state various results and always in the small print it clearly states “This product or claims has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat….”
    Medications are tested for years before being brought to the public and they still have problems in some cases. These types of products are not tested and in lots of times not regulated by the FDA so they can claim ANYTHING they want and get away with it! It is your choice as to where or how you spend your money, but remember that when something sounds or looks too good to be true—most times it IS. Monoxidil topically in any form/strength and NOT in all cases may produce some thin growth of hair that is temporary unless you keep using the product indefinitely. A while after not using the product, whatever growth you have obtained with be lost. Why would someone question the validity of Dr. Rassmans statements about this product or what the company has on the website. Why would they claim FDA approval and in another area almost say the exact opposite? If in doubt as to products/medical treatments you can always consult a Pharmacist or your Doctor. They are not making money on these products but would be happy to advise you further.

  9. SD
    SD says:

    The reason people question folks even Dr. Rassman is because no one has the answer. One Doctor can diagnose a patient and tell them one thing and other Doctor will say something different and both may put that same person on two different medications. So unless you have tried the product and it has failed for you I don’t trust anyone just telling folks that a product will not work. As has been posted on many blogs and BB over the years “what may work for one person may not for another” and until they finally come out with that sliver bullet for regrowing hair I for one am willing to look into any company that may have something that works. That said we all know there all out to make buck and the hairloss industry is a multi million dollar cash cow so as a consumer you do need to read ,read, and read some more to make sure your not on the receiving end of a scam. I have not read anything yet that would lead me to believe this product will not work for some people.

  10. Alex
    Alex says:

    Hi everyone, I´m from Mexico, and I see the infomercial of scalpmed in an american channel. The results that I see was so impressive for me, but I can´t find a website or store of this product for latin America. I don´t know if will be a distribution out of USA near, or if there is a way to send me te products. If someone of you know some info about this, I´d thank you. Thanx

  11. Peter Cammarata
    Peter Cammarata says:

    Do you have free literature on your product. I am interested but would like further information.



  12. steve
    steve says:

    $400 plus. If this product is bogus the people should be arrested. Ultimately the only thing that has proven to grow your original hair back is two things. #1 overcoming your medical issue such as cancer treatment etc. Or a hair transplant. They do work I have done done three surgeries over the last 15 years. And they have gotten better and much cheaper. Nevertheless if someone could prove to me this product works I would try it. Proof is the question. The infomercial/web site caused left me skeptical. Steve

  13. edgewater jerz
    edgewater jerz says:

    hey sorry for the late reply, i am actually a male, not a female. I have tried minoxidil on and off. However, being young at 22, i am a bit anxious and impatient, so I do want to see something fairly quick and I hope scalpmed does work. I’ve been losing my hair since i was 17 and it is really really really tough to the point where i would just seclude myself from normal activities that people my age do. I have tried avodart and that worked great but i was a little scared about the long term effects that they may give (drugs like vioxx, etc scared me)
    Anyway, i called the customer service line for scalpmed and they say one of the ingredients is retinol (retin-A) I’ve seen on the internet that minox and rentinol has mixed reviews. spencer kobren and his socially in-ept loser sidekick (God, this guy doesnt need hair, just more self esteem) say it’s not a good mix whereas others say it boosts the minoxidil and it’s great. I plan on having a hair transplant after 25 with hasson and wong in vancouver BC, so i hope scalpmed would do me a big favor till that day.

  14. Marc
    Marc says:

    After reading all your comments about hair loss/growth and scalpmed, I don’t think we’ve read enough positive comments about the product. Nor have we heard enough negitive comments about the product because the only people who comment are individuals who are dying to use the product but want to know if it really, really works. I’m definately one of those people. I want to order it but I’d like to hear more from people who have used the product, both negative and positive feedback.
    Or maybe I’ll just grow some cojones and by the product (of course taking it into consideration that I’ll get my money back if I’m not satisfied) and find out for myself. The thing that boggles me is that you can’t by the hair growth product by itself. It has to be the entire package. Do we really need all that crap?

    Take care–Hope to hear from ya’ll soon.


  15. Fred
    Fred says:

    Hey all,

    I’ve been using Scalpmed for about 3 weeks now, and so far I haven’t noticed any improvement. They have a 60 day gaurantee, so if I don’t see anything in a few more weeks, then I’m getting my money back.
    BTW, Costco has a generic form of Rogaine for about $20 for a 4 month supply. If Scalpmed doesn’t work, I’m going to try that out.

  16. S Spen
    S Spen says:

    I have been using Scalpmed for about a week and it is much better than generic Rogaine. My scalp is not flakey anymore, and my hair is starting to show new growth. Whether or not it will produce the results on the web site is yet to be determined. Thus far, I’m pretty happy with it.

  17. Mad Minotaur
    Mad Minotaur says:

    I must note that the before and after photos at the web sit represent two things. First, different lighting and exposures (Notice their skin color). Two, they both dyed their hair a darker color! I am new to this blog,but will wait for new postings of people who successfully used the product.

  18. Christine L
    Christine L says:

    I used Kevis and for the first year it worked great then it seemed to taper off…ran out of product, got lazy, hair got thin again. Then I heard about Regenix. Went for the free consult which was very indepth, was immpressed. Matthew McConnehey(actor)is a client! Nice before/after pics. Seemed credible but EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE! So I think I will try scalpmed which happens to be a little cheaper than Kevis. Desperate in CA

  19. Destardi
    Destardi says:

    It’s just minoxidil with a few added products.

    Notice they say “proven hair growth formula FDA approved”

    They go out of their way to not say MINOXIDIL.

    I’m going to be trying Avodart…the Dutasteride stuff…I was on it for about 2 months, and had good results, but lost my job so couldn’t pay the $85 a month.

  20. NYGiant
    NYGiant says:

    Rogaine, Minoxdil, transplants, scalpmed, etc. Forget abot it. You people need to accept fate and deal with hairloss as people deal with other losses such as blindness or something….until science and technology comes to a stage where they will have a cure and the time is not that off esp. with stem cell research because then hair loss will be trivial “disease” including blindness, diabetes, etc. By the way I have tried Rogaine and yes it works but it’s not worth the hassle of putting it on consistently and pay for it for some peachy fussy hair which will not last without drug dependency.

  21. E. Fudd
    E. Fudd says:

    Hello People….

    The Scam in Scalp Med is you have to buy two to three months worth of product. Then, they hope your so lazy that you will, either forget to send it back, take your lumps and losses or go out of your way to pack it up, call for a Return Authorization code while waiting on the telelphone for over 50 minutes and then get so frustrated you hang. Get my drift?

    It is what it is! If this stuff grew hair as good as they say it did, they wouln’t have to put all the disclaimers on, say at one point it’s authorized by the FDA then make several dislaimers.

    I too agree with the sites pictures….look very closely and you will see these people have either died thier hair, bleached thier hair or are stooges posing as real people.

    Like my dad use to say, “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is”!

  22. E. Fudd
    E. Fudd says:

    By the way…the lady crying doesn’t say why she lost her hair! These people portrayed on these site could have lost hair due to stree, non-functioning immune systems, medication / phramceuticals, an in adequate diet, a bad colorist or a blind barber.

    It’s plain and simple…there is no technology or medicine that can re-grow hair they way you use to have it when you were a kid.

    Here’s the facts:
    As oon as you are born to start to grow up, grow old and die.

    We shed millions of cells a day including hairs and thier follicles. There is absoutley no proof that science is even close to fixing this genetic code unless with the advent of stem cell research.

    Don’t throw your money down the tubes!

  23. Bklyn
    Bklyn says:

    anyone who says that this product is working (ie Rick H) should post before and after pics. that is the only way that we can know the validity their statements.

  24. JC
    JC says:

    I’m on my fourth week of using scalpmed. It feels like it’s working when I apply it, but when I look in the mirror, I appear to be losing hair more rapidly than I was before using the stuff. I’ll give the next four weeks and then probably ask for my money back.

  25. Mexican
    Mexican says:

    If any of this expensive drugs helped reduce hairloss there wouldn’t be any rich bald people. You know what i’m saying?? even with all the money in the world there is no cure for hairloss, there will be someday…but not for now.

  26. thomas
    thomas says:

    the old fashioned way to help your hair problem is to bend over from the waist, and massage your scalp with a thin kitchen or turkish towel to improve the circulation. the problem is that you have to do this for about 5 minutes each day, and be patient. you don’t want to rub your scalp raw, so be gentle. try this for at least for 30 days or more. most people are looking for miracle cure and are not willing to do this. also,if you are looking for prescription drug, check with your doctor about avodart (similar to proscar) which is coming on the market soon. good luck.

  27. Diana A.
    Diana A. says:

    Thank you all for your comments! It has made me feel better about not trying Scalpmed! (I couldn’t afford the EXORBITANT COST!) I am a young(ish) woman and have hardly any hair right in the front! It has gotten thinner and thinner as I’ve gotten older. Tried a $1500 hairpiece which felt like a helmet, tried Minoxodil which seemed to grow some hair, and have resorted to putting brown eyeshadow on my head (thank you, Oprah for the tip). I am going back to Minoxodil as of tonight! Good luck to you all and thanks.

  28. Sharon W.
    Sharon W. says:

    Anyone know if it causes hair shedding when you begin using this, and what are the ingredients that makes this one better?

  29. JC
    JC says:

    I must say that my hair shedding seemed to increase when I started using it. They say increased testosterone in the scalp is the cause of hair loss, so i’m gonna try abstaining from any testosterone raising activities (if you know what i’m saying) for a month and see if that does anything.

  30. Leo
    Leo says:

    Hello to all. I purchased a two-month supply of Scalp Med and have been using it for four days now. I keep neglecting to take a before photo but will do it soon. I will do my best to keep everyone here posted on my results. I have been skeptical about other products and procedures, in the past, but now have decided to stop the skepticism and give it a shot. I am 34 years old; I have mail-pattern-baldness (thinning in the crown area) I have been experiencing this for several years and, surprisingly, I still have all my hair but it is very very thin on the crown and getting thinner on the upper temple areas. Scalp Med claims to work in these areas, which is why I have decided to do this. I have elected to be BALDINGBLOG’S test subject for Scalp Med and will post about once a week. If anyone would like a before photo, I will email after I take it. Wish me luck.
    I have one bit of advice for everyone with my similar situation. If you still have your hair (but it is thin) increase the blood flow to the areas. I believe I have kept my existing hair due to the shampoo and conditioner I use. “Nioxin” Cleanser (shampoo) and Scalp Therapy (conditioner). The two cost approximately $40 total but last for nearly 6 months if used as directed. Your feels scalp minty clean after using Nioxin. It increases the blood flow and keeps the thin guys from dieing off completely. Try it and see.

  31. Mae
    Mae says:


    I just watched the infomercial and Googled “scalpmed” to find out more. After reading this blog, and viewing many other sites, I’ve decided not to order scalpmed. I have been told that once you begin using Minoxidil, you should not stop, otherwise the hair loss will begin again. I’m a 32 year old female and the last time I had beautiful thick hair was when I was 16! My problem is due mostly to perms and now that I’m older, I notice hair loss when I’m stressed. Over these many years, the quality and over all make up of my hair has changed for the worse. I recently began using a product line that has been on Oprah’s best products list, Phyto, as well as in every women’s magazine… not that I read them all, I saw it on the company’s website in which they have scanned copies of articles with varies celebreties saying that they use the product. In one of the mags, Jennifer Anniston was asked what she uses to keep her hair looking great and she said that she takes the capsule supplements. I am very skeptical about taking oral supplements to fix my hair problems, but I’ve ordered the product anyway becuase after calling their customer service number they informed me that it contains natural ingredients and is for hair and nail stregnth. They do not sell directly to consumers (I think) yiou can buy the products from your hair stylist or online. Their website doesn’t have much of a product description, but if you find any of the online merchants, the product description is listed in greater detail. I should receive it in two days and will let you all know my results. I basically have short patches in three spots on my head, and right now I “comb over” to hide them. I’m just looking for decent hair growth so that I can cut my hair short to one length (like Annie Lennox or the old Hallie Berry look) and maintain a shorter hairstyl until I get a stronger, fuller head fo hair that can actually grow to longer lengths. Wish me luck. I’ll post in a month (It’a a two month supply for $48).

  32. Tom McFaddy
    Tom McFaddy says:

    JC I am getting some hair shedding too and I have been told it is from excess testosterone. I want to make sure I understand what activity I should abstain from, i.e. what activity are you going to abstain from? masturbation?

  33. Rob Barry
    Rob Barry says:

    Tom M. I have not heard of abstinence (in all senses) as good for hair shedding but I was told that abstinence from m… is good for preventing blindness. A friend of mine who went to Catholic school and is now a doctor has confirmed this.

  34. Pamela Tucker
    Pamela Tucker says:

    I am a 28-yr old female with thinning hair in the front and middle of my scalp. I bought scalpmed after I saw an infomercial and have been using it for 3 weeks. So far no new hair growth and I am continuing to lose hair. I am about to give up. Wonder how difficult it is to get a refund. Will keep you posted.

  35. Geoff
    Geoff says:

    I almost bought this product but after reading all your comments, well, thanks. I tried just about everything, I even have an appointment with the new LHT laser hair care center. Does anyone have any comments on that treatment? The only thing I look forward to when I eventually lose my hair is the $30 I’ll save every six weeks for the stylist cost.

  36. Todd Morrissey
    Todd Morrissey says:

    Have been on scalpmed for a couple of months now. Woke up one morning to find ALL of my hair on the pillow. I intend to sue them.

  37. TWC
    TWC says:

    I’ll probably continue to do a comb-over like Donald Trump until the day that a product cures The Donald of his baldness. I might give Scalpmed a try to see if it really works. If not, I might build up enough courage to shave my head bald…….my female friends say men look good when they’re completely, clean-cut bald. I might just have to give that a try.

  38. keisha
    keisha says:

    I also saw the informercial for scalpmed, I am so tempted to buy but after reading the comment about hair being found on the pillow the next day I am discouraged maybe I’ll just buy rogaine and see what that does for me i already losing hair do not need to lose the little bit I have left right now im using nioxin not working at all

  39. Michael Z.
    Michael Z. says:

    I had a transplant when I was in my 20’s and I turn 53 this coming March. Unfortunately it was the area where I didn’t need the transplant that I then lost. I checked out the laser growth deal but was told most of the follicles couldn’t be revived. I have been using Scalpmed for almost two months and have seen some promising results. The top sides of my head are actually growing some pretty good hairs and the transplanted hairs appear to be thicker than before. Now I am wondering if I should try the laser with Scalpmed for serious results. ??? I tried other ‘cures’ like vitamins and shampoos and toupee which showed me why it is nicknamed ‘rug’. But so far only the transplant and now Scalpmed has given me decent results. When I asked my doctor he said it was worth a shot since it had money back offer. So all I can say is the same thing – who knows it might work for you! Good luck!

  40. Simon M
    Simon M says:

    I began to see my hairline diminish from being a straight, post-adolescent hairline to a light – “count dracula-ish” crown, with the corners of my crown pushed back, and lighter, thinner hairs on the top of my head. This took 4 years, from my 21st year of life to my 25th.

    I got on the product on my 25th birthday.
    My crown has since regained the “fullness” of hair, and appears straight. Before, I would ask people — compulsively — does it look as if I’m losing hair. I would receive the answer “a little bit” most frequently. Now I just get the answer “No–wait let me see–no, not at all.”

    When I went in for a check-up for hair thickness, the live monitor revealed a higher density of thick hairs than previously, and I even used the hair-camera myself to cover the areas I wished. Other products using monoxidil generally state NOT to use the product at your crown. I did with the scalped products, and it worked. I’m going to maintain treatments because I don’t want my hair to begin again to recede naturally.

  41. jay
    jay says:

    Huh? Minoxidil ONLY works on the crown. Which products tell you not to use it there?

    If any of these products really were the holy grail of hair loss treatments, you would be on a waiting list to receive it and you’d hear it mentioned more and more all over the media.

  42. Michael
    Michael says:

    Started losing hair at 27 yrs of age. To vain to accept at the time so I got a transplant. WAs told it would only take one. 35 years old now, out $7,500, scar across the back of my head and very little difference in overall hair density. If I could do it all over I would accept my baldness, shave my head and be proud of who I am.

  43. edgewater jerz
    edgewater jerz says:

    damn im sorry about that Michael. Yeah sometimes i think i should just shave my head and go with that c’est la vie attitude. It’s not like im ugly and i do have nice teeth and a nice smile. also a good body. Girls (or guys if that’s what ur into) don’t care so much- they care if you have a really cool attitude, funny/witty, a good body doesnt hurt, somewhat successful, etc.
    maybe this hairloss thing is all in our heads and maybe we should accept our fate as one poster put it. It could be alot worse- easier said than done, but i work at a hospital and i’d rather lose my hair than have cancer or HIV or whatever. i see it everyday, yknow what i mean.
    MICHAEL, if you are still into hair transplants, PLEASE visit they are excellent, they are located in Vacouver, BC. They are the only guys i would go see and i live in NJ- NYC doctors SUCKKKK. All the best of luck to you and hang in there.

  44. Michael
    Michael says:

    edgewater jerz, thank you for your reply. i wish you all the best in your future, its evident you do your research on the subject per past entries. personally i will not have further transplants, considering having my scar (which runs from ear to ear)softened with cosmetic lasers then shaving my head completely. following that i will never spend another cent on hair products. thanks again and happy holidays.

  45. Deepali
    Deepali says:

    TRY THIS, its really works and there are NO SIDE EFFECTS……………..JUST TO HELP EVERYBODY!

    This is an excellent remedy for dandruff, lifeless hair and even baldness and hair loss. Massage urine briskly (done quickly and energetically ) into the scalp, allow it to be absorbed for thirty minutes to an hour, and then wash it out with lukewarm water (do not use soap or shampoo). Hair becomes clean and lustrous. If you do not rinse out the urine, the effect is even more pow-erful. You can use both fresh and old urine for this. Your hair will, however, become more beauti-ful and vital. Those who apply urine therapy often do not turn grey but retain their original hair col-our at a later age. If intensively (if applied often) applied, hair might grow again on bald spots.

  46. Stephen
    Stephen says:

    One thing I’ve noticed in their commercials, the before and after shots use different parting and combing patterns to take side hair and cover the bald spots. The hair has been died darker, and from the background colors, the color balance in the photos has been changed. If you decide to give them a try, I would ask the following:

    1) What is their success to failure rate? In other words, what percentage of people does it help?
    2) If you stop using it, does your hair fall back out?
    3) What percentage of people continue to use it after 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc. Most Minoxidil generally looses its effectiveness over time, so I would expect that after 1 to 2 years, it stops working and you revert to your natural loss state. Do they have any before and after pictures separate by 1, 2 or 3 years?
    4) What are the before and after follicle densities over time (hair density) before and after. If they don’t have any, then they really are not a hair restoration produce but just away to make money.

    I am also not impressed by their founder. I work in a very technical field, and he is long on hype and short on honesty. They don’t tell you it’s a Minoxidil mix, and they play fast and loose with the FDA approval claim, which is not really honest. All of this adds up to a slightly more effective topical application of current hair stimulation chemicals, which do not regenerate dead follicles. I wish it were otherwise.

  47. bravado
    bravado says:

    Deepali–“If you do not rinse out the urine, the effect is even more pow-erful.” Yeah, I’ll bet it is.

    You say no side effects, but I can think of one: YOU’VE GOT FRIGGIN’ URINE IN YOUR HAIR!

    “Say Bob, you look great. Have you lost weight or something?”
    “No, I’ve been having my wife pee on my head. Don’t you notice that my hair is more beauti-ful and vital?”
    “Yes, now that you mention it. I’m going to give that a try!”
    [High five]

    Score another one in the Scalp Med column–it’s urine free.

  48. jay
    jay says:

    So Sherida – You say you have nothing to lose or gain, but that is a lie. Why does your entire post read like a big advertisement, and why on your page do you include a link to with your affiliate code rather than to the scalpmed page directly? This would show that you DO have something to gain, as you get paid for referring people to purchase the product. I would not be shocked at all if “Sherida” was actually “Scalp Med Marketing Dept”. This product is a joke and a waste of money. If you believe this “Sherida” person, you’re on your way to losing a lot more cash. I’m going to write to Dr. Rassman to see if he will pull your obvious and blatant spam from this site.

  49. Mae
    Mae says:

    Hello Everyone,
    As I said in my earlier post (#37) regarding the pills that I planned on purchasing from Phyto and posting the results one month later. Well… I did purchase the pills, but I also did something drastic to my hair. I got sick and tired of the breakage and “patches” on my head and decided to go G.I. Jane on my head. I simply took my electric shaver to my head and got rid of it all. I suppose I was fed up with trying to comb over and was hoping the old wives tale of shaving a baby’s hair off to make it grow back thicker might be true.
    Being a woman, I needed hair and googled for human hair wigs – shockingly enough, there were several results of shops near my home. Don’t laugh, but I ultimately purchased two wigs from :) “Wig World” and “Wig Mart” I cannot believe those stores exist! I bought short hairstyles similar to my previous hairstyle so that nobody would notice, and not a single friend has noticed… I’ve only told two friend, who thought my hair just finally stopped breaking.
    So back to the pills from Phyto. I began taking the pills, which state they are for hair and nails (which makes sense scientifically). My nails are stronger and my hair is growing back at a quicker rate. Considering I was completely bald, I now have a quarter inch buzz cut in three weeks. This is probably the fastest my hair has grown. The pills are essentially vitamins, so I felt comfortable taking them. I have read that an imbalance of vitamins and nutirents can also contribute to hair loss, so I can’t say that taking ordinary vitamins might help in the same fashion as these pills focus more vitamins A & E. Or possibly if I ate meals according to the food pyramid I may have the same results. Who knows, but I will continue to take them for the recommended two months and am just happy that the damage hair has been shaved off of my head. I’ll be sure not to cause the same chemical damage to my hair, and hope heredity doesn’t factor into my hair loss. Best of luck & I’ll let you all know the status of my hair in another month. Here is a description from a site that sells the pills:

    B-Carotene – Provitamin A
    Grains and Carrot roots are a natural source of B-Carotene, also known as a Provitamin A, and helps produce vitamin A, an essential nutrient for the skin, hair and nails. This ingredient is extracted from Sunflower oil.

    Vitamin E – A-Tocopherol
    Wheat germ oil is a natural source of A-Tocopherol (vitamin E). Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant for essential fatty acids found in the body and protects vitamin A from oxidation.

    Rice Bran Oil -Y-Orizanol
    Rice bran oil, Y-Orizanol, is an active ingredient that works like Y-Tocopherol. It is a protective agent for both essential fatty acids and vitamins that are delicate as well as an antioxidant.

    Essential Fatty Acids
    Fatty acids are called “essential” because the human body does not produce them and they must be supplied by a balanced diet.

    Essential fatty acids in Phytophanre come from two sources:

    1. Borage oil extracted from seeds is a source of Linoleic and Y-Linolenic essential fatty acids. Borage seed oil is remarkable because it has a high Y-Linolenic acid content.

    2. Fish oil, extracted from cold water fish because of their particular metabolism, is rich in essential fatty acids such as Eicosapentaenoic acid and Docosahexaenoic acid, precursors of specific prostaglandines: Omega 3 and Omega 6. These ingredients balance and regulate the function of the skin.

    Brewer’s Yeast
    The Brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cere-visiae) is a major source of the different B vitamins.

    These different B vitamins, expecially Biotin (vitamin B8), Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) are essential for the production of sebum which is necessary for the beauty and suppleness of hair and nails. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is well known because it is vital for the production of energy. In addition, other specific components in Brewer’s yeast such as sulfured amino acids (Cysteine) are necessary for the natural balance and beauty of hair.

  50. Mae
    Mae says:

    Oh, and last but not least… there was something so invigorating about just taking control and shaving my hair off! I was just fed up with products not working and the quality of my hair was so poor (thin, brittle, and split ends) that there really was no saving the hair on my head. And my new growth just wasn’t growing fast enough. I really like my new human hair wigs, and know this way may not be for everyone out there, but this allows me to maintain my hair chemical free until it grows back and I can finally put the wigs away.

  51. NyGiant
    NyGiant says:

    By the way, has anyone checked out the site or this product that this person, Rex has mentioned, Just a little curious about this “natural” product.

  52. Anoop
    Anoop says:

    I am an endocrinologist( Hormone specialist, physcian) and we have been looking to the solution for hair loss for years.As far as I know, There is NO CLINICAL DATA ON THIS PRODUCT in any medical journal. Before any agent is prescribed for hair loss , why don’t the manufactureres of this product do controlled clinical trials and publish the results in a scientific journal. Just state clinically proven means not much unless the data is authentic and published in a peer reviewed medical journal. If this product really works than a scientific study needs to doen ASAP

  53. mazzy
    mazzy says:

    Mae– please keep us posted on the effectiveness of those Phyto vitamins! I’m thinking about purchasing them also and they seem to be working for you.

    I’m a 21 yr old female who started noticing thinning hair by the time I was 16. I’ve tried Rogaine for women and it didn’t work and just left me with an itchy scalp. My dermatologist says there’s nothing wrong with my hormones, and he even took a section of my scalp to be analyzed and there wasn’t anything wrong with it. My mom is the only person in my family with thinning hair and she’s almost 50 now and she’s pretty much given up.
    I saw that informercial for scalpmed and thought about trying it but I’m probably going to consult my dermotologist first and see what he thinks. I guess it’s just hard for me to accept hair loss because I’m young and female and it’s just a miserable feeling to know that there’s nothign I can do except grow older and watch my hair fall out. I try not to think about it so much because it really upsets me but at the same time, I don’t want to ignore the problem either.

  54. Michael
    Michael says:

    Has anyone heard of, researched, or tried the product “Procede”? They claim it’s a once every three month application. Just saw a commercial on it yesterday and looked at photos on their website. Any feedback on yhis product would be appreciated. Have a great new year.

  55. Insi83hdy7
    Insi83hdy7 says:

    My girlfriend has been using scalpmed for three and a half months, with no improvemnt in her thinning hair. THis product does not work and is a scam. Please stop watching the commercials, and call the cable compam=ny which airs them and demand that they shut down the offices of these people. The police might even help. Call everyone you know and warn them of this sinister evil which preys on the weak and stupid. Praise Jesus! Praise God! Praise the crying lady! holy! holy ! holy!

  56. Sherida
    Sherida says:

    All of the above,

    I understand your frustration as I was once there myself. I am not aware of Scalp Med stating they have a “cure for baldness.” I was never told that it would cure baldness. I was given the opportunity to try it and see how much hair regrowth I would get. I praise God that all my hair grew back.

    I sent the pictures from the clinic because there were people asking to see results. The pictures show the progress from the product. It took 10 months to grow back, but I thank God for the long process because it was worth the wait. If you look at the bottom corner it has the date the pictures were taken. Also take a look at the environment, other than lighting.

    As far as more pictures from before, I refused to let people know what I was going through. I made the mistake of telling a friend I trusted and she ran and told a couple of people she knew. That shut my mouth until I started seeking medical help. I am sorry but black women and their hair is something you would not understand unless you were black and female.

    As I said before I am a true testimony of my Scalp Med usage. By the way, when I eat at a good restraunt, I guess I advertise for them by word of mouth as well. Thai Bar-B-Que in Las Vegas is the BEST Thai restraunt in the city! You have to try it!

    Sherida Devine

  57. Dave
    Dave says:

    Have been using Scalpmed for a little over 2 months (started on November 1, 2005). I have noticed some small results that I am pleased with. The front of my hairline on the left side is filling in with about 25-30 new hairs. My “bald spot” has about 15-20 new hairs (with some “peach fuzz” coming in as my wife has told me). About every 3-4 days I have my wife check my progress for me. She is supportive but can also have a healthy does of skepticism…she was very surprised when she noticed the new hairs in the front of my hairline.

    In the past I tried brand name and over the counter versions of Rogaine/Minoxidol (both 2% and 5% versions) and would get an extremely itchy, flaky scalp. Worst of all I would get a pain in my chest, heart palpatations, and sometimes it seemed as if I could “taste” the product in my mouth (and yes I was using it externally).

    With Scalpmed I have not experienced any of this. Like Rogaine/Minoxidol though I still have a fair amount of difficulty in trying to make my hair not look greasy/oily after applying the product and then “styling” my hair.

    I have been most impressed with the level of customer service I received from the Scalpmed customer service center. On the Scalp Dextoxifer product it says, “Before washing hair, on dry scalp, spray 20 pumps, covering the entire scalp. Massage gently. Wait 2 minutes. Shampoo with Scalp Med Silk Protein “SLS FREE” Shampoo Cleanser.” Well, I took this to mean that this should be done before each and every shampooing. The bottle says it contains a 2 month supply. I could tell within about 2 weeks that this bottle would not last 2 weeks. I called customer service for an explanation. I was told that the labeling should have been more specific and that the new labeling will be more specific. The product should be used 1-2 a week OR as needed. For my time and trouble they not only replaced this particular product for free…they gave me the whole kit, including the shampoo and conditioner. I was very impressed.

    Here is my thought on the product…it has a risk free offer (less shipping and handling)…I was prepared to be one of those people who sent it back. I think the best advice I can give you is this (which works for more than just this product), Sometimes, not taking a risk can be the greatest risk of all. I hope this helps.

  58. Sherida
    Sherida says:

    Praise Jesus!

    Dave I am so happy to celebrate with you. Stay committed to your success. I tell the kids I work with everyday, that we may not see the results immediately, but if we stick to the process, we will reap the rewards.

    You are right on with taking risks. If it were not for a risk, we would not be were we are as a country or anything else these days. We take risks everyday unconsciously, but when it comes to a calculated risk, we step back and judge. I was determined to get out of wigs and away from weaves, so I took another risk.

    I had the luxury of going into the office during my treatment so I can’t talk on my experience with their customer service. It’s great you experienced pleasant customer service with them. We are really lacking that in today’s society. Maybe someone should start a blog on that.

    I’ll keep checking back for your results.

    Sherida Devine
    The smiling lady

  59. John
    John says:

    Their website sucks …be careful while ordeing ….u cannot add/delete items … I am a Software Engineer, I want to kick that person’s Butt who designed the web site for billing. It is so user unfriendly and non-intuitive

  60. Tony F
    Tony F says:

    I Have been a ScalpMed client for 1 year now. I am a 26 year old actor, originally from Las Vegas, now living In New York City. About 2 years ago I noticed that my hair had really begun to thin. I’d see hair coming out in the shower, on my hands, in the sink, my “bald-spot” becoming a “bald-patch”. I became infatuated with my hair-line. Checking in the mirror, feeling self conscious, and as an actor in his 20’s, I felt I needed to do something about my hair loss…and Thankfully I found ScalpMed!

    Sceptically at first, and worried about the sexual side effects, I began to use ScalpMed in January of 2005 to amazing results. ScalpMed not only slowed my hair loss, Scalpmed gave my hair strength, body and thickness. I still see my hair improving today and with NO sexual effects at all. In fact, I feel better and more confident now that I have my hair back… All thanks to ScalpMed.

  61. Don
    Don says:

    With all the people out there who have been using scalp med is this the best we can do regarding the reporting of results. I do not want to hear from people affiliated with the company, I want to see real results, with the same hair color simply-before and after pictures. I myself have returned to using Rogaine extra stength- for now, however, once I truly see a number of positive testimonials, then I will feel more comfortable in trying this product.


  62. Danny Noonan
    Danny Noonan says:

    When discussing Scalpmed, it is truly “buyer beware” due to their overpriced version of Minoxidil. Personally I prefer to pay $20. for a 4 month supply at Sam’s, add some MSM to the solution, and watch my hair grow. Scalpmed is great…for enriching the “smiling lady” and the owners of the company.

  63. Harry Nomore
    Harry Nomore says:

    I tried Scalpmed for 6 months and most of my hair fell out. Although I tried to get my money back per their “guarantee”, they refused to honor their policy.

  64. Eugene Fontaine
    Eugene Fontaine says:

    Dr.Rassman I was a early user of prescription rogaine 2% from Up John.
    Note,Three features I notice one the product was slightly sticky and yellowish to beige in color,my face reacted with a redding in color. I grew
    back 70% of my hair and have before after pictures to prove this. Once the rogaine went over the counter my regrowth all fell out using the otc product. Remember the side effect for prescription rogaine was a speeding up of your heart. My family doctor made sure I was in good health before trying this prescription. First I called the Up John customer service complaining about my hair regrowth falling out. I was told by a customer
    service person that many callers were complaining about the otc rogaine not working. She mention it did not have the same potency as the prescription rogaine. She would not give me her name at customer service. If the otc and prescription rogaine was the same what would happen
    If a person with a heart condition used
    rogaine.My opinion is Up John had to reduce the potency of rogaine from prescription to otc. Why because they would be sued for the side effect. I used prescription rogaine for 5 years and had great results. Did any one else have a simlar story.


  65. surewhynot
    surewhynot says:

    ummmmmm… used it for six months then tried to get your money back? I thought the trial period was only for two months. In any case, if you really did have all your hair fall out I would be consulting a lawyer or something.

  66. Diane
    Diane says:

    Hi Mae, Read your posts about Phyto. I also think that alot of my hair loss and breakage was due to perms and curling irons! I have been buying alot of hats and crochet beanies! I have always had blond baby fine hair, and thought it would look like alot more hair if I had perms. They just dry it out and cause breakage. My hair loss in a spot above my bangs started around 2 years ago. I thing that it may be also the thyroid medication that I was put on for borderline low thyroid,(Synthroid). This also causes hair loss & breakage I read! Good luck…and please post back about the Phyto! And no…I’m not puchasing Scalp Med, even though my doctor has me on minoxidil for a few months to stimulate the blood flow to the follicles.

  67. AK
    AK says:

    Hey Sceptical Guy!, You can say what you will about my post but I can tell you that I do not work, nor have ever worked for Scalpmed. What I have done is tried the product and seen results. If you, as your name implies, are so walled up from the outside world… hey, give optimism a shot, smile.

  68. Don
    Don says:

    Still no photos of happy users who would want to boast about their results. I contacted Dr. Garcia in Las Vegas and acording to him the people on the website are his patients and he reciomends his patients to purchase the product through his office and try it out before they have a hair transplant-which is his specialty as a plastic surgeon.

    I was so tired of waiting for you guys and ladies to comply-so I decided to order the scalpmed-and believe me you will definitely hear fom me whether it works. Currently taking GNC Nourish hair and started taking saw palmetto and 5% extra strength rogaine-however i am going tosee if this so called delivery system really works. I will tell you this I do not have my hair breaking anylonger nor much fall out. I am just a little nervous
    about having read today that some guy’s hair had all fallen out. I do not really believe it but what a claim to make. let’s see photos of that huh folks!

  69. vegtable seller
    vegtable seller says:

    I’ve had great success regrowing my hair by rubbing a half an onion into my scalp each night before bed. Some have said that it’s the onion’s sulpher content that works so well, but I don’t know. Previously I tried saw palmmetto but it made my hair fall out in clumps.

  70. Don
    Don says:

    OK vegetable seller-where did you get this idea? and how many nights had you done this-was it for the front or back of head that the loss was restored-how long did it take?

    I just started taking 2 tablets a day of saw palmetto-and the last thing i need are to lose clumps of hair. In fact it finally stopped coming out
    having started a regimen of rogaine and gnc nourishhair-I just ordered scalpmed-basd on a converston ihad with Dr. garcia-so lets see

  71. Leo Uribe
    Leo Uribe says:

    Hey vegetable seller!
    Do u use the same onion everyday or u chop it and use its water and then put it on ur head. And if u could tell me how long do u have to use that method to get ur hairs back.

  72. Leo Uribe
    Leo Uribe says:

    I have heard the same thing Vegetable seller. U chop the onions and put its juice or water on ur head. I am 23 and have been using Scalpmed myself for about 3 months now. I am a little dissappointed because the growth is not more than 5%. I do see some hair follicles (a sign for me to be optimist). Taking shower twice a day or washing ur head twice a day, then applying Scalpmed 2 times for 2 months straight and the result u get is some hair follicles on the front part of the head. Didn’t see any results on the crown part.Kinda makes me dissappointed. If anybody has used scalpmed on their crown part, please let me know.. Thanks :).

  73. busted
    busted says:

    You guys should be shot. I looked up the lady on the commercial, and called some of her collegues to see if she even existed. I even called her on her job. She didn’t know who I was, yet when I asked her about this product, she answered all my questions without hesitation. She works for a school you idiots! I could hear the school bell ringing and everything. This woman took a moment to answer all my questions before she asked me who I was. I felt so bad, and stupid. I had to tell her the truth. She just laughed and said she would pray for me. Hell, she made me think about going back to church.If I had the money I would get this stuff now, but I’ll just have to wait for my income tax.

    If you really wanted to know, you would do some research for yourself. People are not hard to find.

    I bet you guys have tried Viagra! Man you guys need to stop acting like a bunch of old tired miserable nagging housewives with a house full of wining babies.

  74. A.Kaempfer
    A.Kaempfer says:

    I use ScalpMed on the top of my head, crown included. I have been using ScalpMed for about a year, a though it has taken time, it’s been in these past 5 months or so that I have really seen a difference. I think that it is three fold:

    1. Strengthening the hair through nutrition and chemicals will take time and patience… and money.

    2. ALL of the hair on your head begins to thicken, so, at times it’ll making your “spot” seem larger or more pronounced because the thick healthy hairs around it are ALSO getting larger… a visual trick, in a way.

    3. For me, I think that I needed to slow the process of hair loss before I could start the process of hair re-growth. This took a lot of hard time. Yet, I am happy with the results so far and I continue to use the products with hope.

    As far as the Vegas, Dr. Garcia comments are concerned. I am a personal friend and patient of Dr. Garcia’s. He is a great Doctor and a cool guy. I now live in NYC but, since I was born in Vegas and my family is still there, I go back to LV consistently… and when I’m there I go to see him. Every time.

    I have, through my year working with the Dr., taken pictures of my hair growth through the process and I’m impressed… and I’m a cynical pessimist.

    So, in the end, Many things work for many different people, ScalpMed has worked for me.

    Never heard about the onion before though…

  75. vegtable seller
    vegtable seller says:

    I make my own formula with ground onions, garlic, and sunflower oil to rub on my head. It’s really done a good job but my wife makes me sleep on the couch cause of the smell. Sometimes if I have extra left over I brush it on toasted bread for a snak.

  76. Sceptical Guy
    Sceptical Guy says:

    Or you can buy generic minoxidil at Sam’s or Costco for $20. for a 4 month supply.

    Hmmm…$20. for a 4 month supply or $177. for a 2 month supply (but it has panthenol in it!!). No doubt when the Scalpmed CEO is sailing around on his 150 foot yacht he’s laughing at all the poor saps he bilked out of their money for what is basically a cheap commodity.

  77. Leo Uribe
    Leo Uribe says:

    Hey vegetable seller! U didn’t tell us how long it took for u to get ur desired results. Please let me know.. Thanks.

  78. Clarae
    Clarae says:

    Hi guys, I happen to stumble over this blog. I’m a 27 yr old female and my hair started thinning after the age of 14. I’ve been trying to look for a solution for the longest of time but have been so upset that the cure for thinning / balding seems to be taking forever. I saw the commercial for Scalpmed and thought i might as well start with something instead of just waiting for some genious to come up with some miracle drug. I started using scalpmed on the 9th of July and have been watching my scalp very carefully. I’ve also been taking high resolution pictures weekly so i could zoom in and see my scalp. At the moment I’ve noticed one thing. The hairloss count has dropped dramatically and i noticed this on the fifth day. It’s been about 3 weeks now and i’ve got my fingers crossed. I’ll keep you guys updated.

  79. Clarae
    Clarae says:

    Sorry guys…I’m 29 years old..oops…and i started the medication on the 9 of January…ok so it looks like the stuff weakens ur grey cells. just kidding…sorry about the mistake.

  80. Don
    Don says:

    Hi Alan,
    I understand and agree that the Minoxodil price is far less-however if it does not penetrate the scalp the way ScalpMed does-and it grows hair in the front as well-then IU have to ask you-who is the one really wasting their money?

    Honestly I am going to give this a shot-I oredered it despite the fact that have recently resumed using Rogaine extra strenght-I can tell you this between taking nourishhair vitamins from GNC and using the rogaine-my hair has stopped coming out and I see little hairs starting to break free-I am 44 and I have a colorist-and the hirs growing in are silver-so I know they are new.

  81. surewhynot
    surewhynot says:

    I ordered the product scalpmed and it has now been exactly one month to the day of when I first started using it. First I would like to say that there is no way in HELL that their product lasts for 2 months (each bottle is supposed to be a two month’s supply). I give it about three more days before I have to get into the second bottle. (I ordered a 6 month supply.) Second, they advertise it as being “non-greasy/oily”….or whatever…and that is bullshit too. It takes like 4 hours for the greasy-wet-look to diminish, not to mention the constant effort it takes to restyle your hair over and over again until it does. I still have 30 days to request my money back…so we will see what happens in the near future….oh and by the way, I have yet to see even the “first” hair start to come in yet. I can’t believe some of the claims I’ve read about “I’ve been using scalpmed for 1 WEEK and seeing dramatic results”……what a bunch of crap.

  82. Don
    Don says:

    Hi Clarae,

    As a guy I chose to manage my male patern baldness-proactively.
    Therefore I am going to start using ScalpMed-here is my
    I would love to see your high res before versus eventually the after photos. You or anyone else can feel free to contact me with results or lack of results.

  83. mypaljoey
    mypaljoey says:


    Your comment “however if it does not penetrate the scalp the way ScalpMed does-and it grows hair in the front as well-then IU have to ask you-who is the one really wasting their money?” is seriously lame. Points:

    1) Please explain your assertion that ScalpMed has some inherent magical penetration properties over and above a normal minoxidil solution. If you cannot, as I suspect, than kindly refrain from passing off your ill informed opinions as fact. You’re doing others a disservice.

    2) To answer your question of “who is really wasting their money?”, it’s you, dude, and anyone else who contributes to the ScalpMed executives kid’s college fund.

    3) Please post a link to the study which shows that ScalpMed grows frontal hair. No doubt you can’t because there hasn’t been one. Opinion stated as fact…lame.

    4) Sounds like Rogaine may be working for you. If so, why are you on here promoting ScalpMed, a product you have yet to try? Strange.

    5) Asking females who don’t know you to begin a dialogue is scary and Ted Bundy-esque. Creepy!!

  84. AKaempfer
    AKaempfer says:

    Hey surewhynot…

    I totally agree about the Scalpmed portion being small… One thing that I have found that really helps to cut the “greasy” feel is to rinse your hair (without soap). I use the spray before bed, then I only rinse my hair in the morning. I found that it helped to not wash out the formula totally everyday. But the Wet-formula-hair SUCKS!! I still have to deal with it during the day, but I try to use a total scalp application at night and then just a small spot app. during the day. It seems to help. Or maybe use it a lunch.

  85. Don
    Don says:

    Dear mypaljoey,

    I am not promoting scalpmed-I am just hopeful that it will work having seen Dr. Garcia’s patient on the web site who clearly had some results in the front and back as well.

    Regarding the Ted Bundy reference-I find that uncalled for and over dramatic-clearly it was addressd to anyone who had tried the product-not only women. So don’t be so paranoid- like you I would like it to work and hope it will. I by no means am supporting a product that I have not even tried yet. Don’t you find it funny that no one has proudly offered their photos of before and after-I am simply opening up a platform from which everyday users will be able to show me proof-I am willing to try it.
    Out of frustration-believeme-but ease up on the name calling OK?

  86. A.Kaempfer
    A.Kaempfer says:

    I’ve had results with ScalMed, on my entire scalp. It Worked for me, Now I’ve been using it for 1 year, it wasn’t perfect two weeks in, nothing is, but it worked. And I don’t need numbers on a longitudinal study to show me because I see the proof in the mirror.

  87. Don
    Don says:

    Dear A.Kaempfer,

    I am glad you have had results-and am also glad you have shared the
    frustration with the applicatin/portioning. Have you kept record-photo wise of before and after results-back and front of head?

    My email is listed above in an earlier blog-I would like to see some before and after photos of someone real-whoi is not affiliated with ScalpMed nor Dr. Garcia.

  88. llolla_s
    llolla_s says:

    Thank you Don,
    For insisting to all these people who are not affiliated with scalpmed to PLEASE SHOW us your results….

  89. A.Kaempfer
    A.Kaempfer says:


    I do have some pictures, and I will send them to you. I just took some new photos and when I develop them, I’ll send them. Pardon, I don’t have a digital camera, so I’m still riding the technology dinosaur.

    A side note to ALL:

    I believe that it’s good to be skeptical, but NOT cynical. I hate the fact that I have had to deal with losing my hair. IT SUCKS! BAD! It’s AWFUL and fills your thoughts daily.

    And I think that “The Answer” is right to try to make light of this whole thing and LOL. BUT when you end your replies with:

    “I can’t wait for the replies to this one”

    It seems to me that you are looking for applause and reaction, rather than trying to be productive. There ARE a lot of scams out there. A brand new gimmick everyday, just to take someone’s HARD earned money away, and trust me, I’ve been paying for ScalpMed for a year!! But in that year I’ve seen results and that’s NO gimmick.

    Now, I’ve been frustrated at times, felt angry and hated my stupid hair, and myself… but that’s because, you’re right, there is no quick fix pill, or Don Trump would have it and Hollywood stars wouldn’t be bald.

    And I think that it is important to call people to the floor and ask for proof such as photos to back their claims… and like I said I’ll have all my photos soon for viewing.

    That is not to say it’ll work for you. It may not. It may shrink your head like BEETLEJUICE. (kidding) But it worked for me. That I know.

    And it’s hard enough to admit that I’ve had this problem, let alone keep struggling and struggling to get it under control. Am I as Hairy as Robin Williams now? No. But what I am is satisfied with my results and willing to share my experience. That’s it.

    Take it or leave it.

  90. A.Kaempfer
    A.Kaempfer says:

    BTW: I’m sure that Rogaine wasn’t $25.00 when it first came over the counter in 1988. It’s had almost 20 years of sales, re-formulation and drop in price.

    So, you can’t expect the sience of a new product to bust out of the gate at $15.00, can you?

  91. A.Kaempfer
    A.Kaempfer says:

    To: “The Answer”,

    You are wise like tree.
    I found, through my struggle, similar thoughts as you. It is a hard road, one I’d rather not be on, but if I’m strapped to this car I might as well enjoy it.

    The one thing I will say is that I DO still look at my hair and obsess over it… BUT it isn’t as nasty as it was before, my thoughts I mean, its about your perspective.

    Example, One of my best friends shot himself in the chest on X-mas Eve, while his father was in the other room. His death ruined his family, our friend group… everything.

    Next to that, me obsessing about my hair is pretty silly.

    Keep laughing everybody. It’ll work out.

  92. Susan
    Susan says:

    Dear Pal joey-or whatever you assign your name to be next
    Don is right you are paranoid and very rude. He is just trying to document other people’s claims. Why do you have to be such a jerk? What are you 14?-grow up. I applaude him just as lola had said-he simply is trying to get to the bottom of all this. That Ted reference is hurtful and has no place on this site-so grow up.

  93. Sherida
    Sherida says:

    Well hello!

    I see the conversation continues. You know what is actually really good about all of this? Those of you who are skeptical seem to be seeking for something to give you faith in the product. Others are actually sharing experiences. Isn’t this what we do on an everyday basis? Share stories and debate information while we are gathering information?

    I really wish I had something magical, or scientific, to tell everyone, but all I can offer is my own personal experience.

    As far as the oily hair, I’m African American and I know oil. I didn’t have any hair, but my scalp was dry. Not excessively dry, but I did not feel any oil. My head actually felt lubricated. I had to wear wigs so styling was not an issue for me. If someone has a natural tendency for an oily scalp, it would seem only logical to me that a healthier scalp is going to produce more of what it would normally do.

    Anyway, I am happy that I am not the only one who has experienced success with the product.

    Oh, I give Jesus all the praise because of who and what He is in my life. My life is an open book, a testimony worth sharing. I was a woman in hiding, but thank God not any more. I know there are many hyprocrites in the world, and church, however there are a few of us who truly love and serve the Lord. I will not be ashame of glorifing Christ. After all that I have been through and delivered from, there is nothing that will stop me.

    I will not apologize if Praising God offends anyone.

    I have a question: Did or do people insult Proactive with Vanessa Williams? I remember it was an informercial too. My cousin had really bad acne and swears by it. I had awesome results with OBAGI.

    God Bless you all, and I agree with the man that got his clown on: I hope you all come to terms with whatever you choose in life. May God “grant you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference”.


  94. The Answer
    The Answer says:

    LOL…..I knew Sherida would come back and throw the serenity prayer at us…Nice assist…:)..That’s basically what i was getting to in my messages

    Also, To answer your question Sherida about the Vanessa Williams thing….I know people who have used Proactive and all it did was dry out there skin and cause more Acne….and they Bashed Vanessa…and Puffy (well they bashed puffy ..cause he sucks…LOL)..but they were bashing Proactive …like some people have bashed hair remedies on this site.

    The haters are everywhere….LOL

    And I know a little about the Proactive crap tooo….cause I started getting acne in my late 20’s…..Can you imagine that….thinning hair and acne in my late 20’s… wonder I was always so pissed….Thats right im a double threat guy…thin hair and pimples (well not as many now…LOL)

    Good luck all

  95. Del
    Del says:

    Sherida: Please state uncategorically whether you receive any payment from the makers or sellers of Scalp Med or you have any financial interest related to Scalp Med in any fashion.

  96. Don
    Don says:


    I too have a strong relationship with the Lord -I always have. In 2004, my mom and brother both died 2 weeks apart . Although I was shattered and challenged my faith, it made me stronger in my resolve toward the Lord, faith and the bigger picture.

    I do hope you have had the results depicted by the photos I am awaiting the arrival of the product and am hopeful. So far the Rogaine I use combined with the GNC Nourishhair vitamins and Megamen vitamins seem to be preventing the hair fall out/breaking. I just started experiencing the typical shedding phase that happens with Rogaine, but that is normal.

  97. Don
    Don says:

    For Tom McFaddy

    Shedding is caused by the old hair letting go and allowing for the new hair to replace it but thicker, healthier and stronger.

  98. Don
    Don says:

    Something i found when i Googled dr. Peter Helton about his claims toward ScalpMed.


    For Immediate Release Contact: Linda Bean

    ERSP Review Finds Support for Some Scalp Med Claims,
    But Recommends Other Claims be Modified, Discontinued

    New York, NY – January 25, 2005 – The Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program (ERSP) announced that Scalp Med Hair Restoration for Men and Women (“Scalp Med”), marketed by Modern Health Labs, Inc. (“MHL”), has provided a reasonable basis for establishment, safety, and performance claims. The marketer voluntarily discontinued some product claims and ERSP has recommended the marketer discontinue a specific comparative claim. The marketer’s advertising was reviewed pursuant to ERSP’s monitoring program.

    ERSP, the electronic direct-response industry’s self-regulatory forum, is administered by the Council of Better Business Bureaus and supervised by the National Advertising Review Council (NARC). ERSP reviewed core claims that include:

    ∑ “Prevent hair loss; reverse thinning hair; and even grow new hair.”
    ∑ “…results that I would get having surgery without having to have the surgery.”
    ∑ “Clinically proven to thicken and regrow your hair faster than a hair transplant.”
    ∑ “FDA has ruled that its growth agent is the most effective and safest topical formula that exists for regrowing hair.”

    ERSP determined that MHL provided a reasonable basis for the following performance claims:

    ∑ “Your hair will grow back thicker and fuller.”
    ∑ “[I]ncredibly effective for both men and women.”
    ∑ “…liquid actually gets sucked in, increased blood flow…stays on follicle.”
    ∑ “Thicken your hair the first time you use it.”

    ERSP further determined that Food and Drug Administration approval of the Vitadil formulations to “regrow hair” provided a reasonable basis for the claims that hair will “grow back thicker and fuller” and that Scalp Med will “prevent hair loss,” “reverse thinning hair” and “re-grow hair.” ERSP also noted that the marketer agreed to discontinue the claim “…start seeing results in weeks not months” in future advertising.

    With respect to its comparative claims against hair transplants, ERSP determined that MHL properly supported the statement “…works faster than a hair transplant.” ERSP further concluded that the claim “…results that I would get having surgery without having to have the surgery,” was not unreasonably communicated and would not be misinterpreted by consumers.
    However, ERSP recommended MHL discontinue in all advertising the claim that “…other formulas evaporate.”

    Finally, ERSP determined that Dr. Peter Helton’s statement that Scalp Med is the “best product for re-growing hair” communicated a measurable superiority claim that was not supported and it was recommended that the marketer modify the claim in future advertising.

    In response to ERSP’s findings, Modern Health Labs stated it “…strongly supports the Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program (“ERSP”) and welcomes this opportunity to participate in the process. The company is pleased with the findings that there is a reasonable basis supporting the vast majority of its core advertising claims, including claims relating to the safety and effectiveness of Scalp Med.™ Moreover, Modern Health Labs agrees to consider ERSP’s comments in all future advertising.”

  99. alison
    alison says:

    i subcmbed and ordered the scalpmed last night. i’ve tried the lasercomb for about a year and am waiting for my “hair system” from hairclub… i figure a last resort will be to try this product.
    i’m a women and it’s too devastating to have thinning hair.

    my question to sherida: you said that you tried everything. did you ever try rogaine or minoxidal before?

  100. anonymous
    anonymous says:

    here’s a google listing that points to a page that’s removed….
    it shows that avacor was marketed by the scalpmed people.
    i think that pretty much says it all about scalpmed’s validity

    heading: avacor by
    body: avacor – Vitadil-5A-SR® (for men and Vitadil-2A-SR®a for women) Rapid Growth formula is specially formulated for men using a patented delivery agent to bring …
    green link line: – 49k – Supplemental Result

    it’s worth seriously checking out scalpmed’s claims. simply:
    anything you have to buy in bulk over the web or an infomercial…
    anything that doesn’t clearly, matter-of-factly state, list, or even reveal its ingredients…
    …is SUSPECT. good and true has nothing to hide.

  101. Don
    Don says:

    Ok this stuff just arrived and I will give it a shot. However, I am very disappointed that they had something to do with Avacor-if that is indeed true, I am afraid that they are remarketing the same product under the name of ScalpMed this time.

    I will keep you all posted.

  102. Mike
    Mike says:

    This product is a joke and a rip-off, like any other product on info-commercials. I love how they have to have a busty blonde with her cleavage busting out in order to sell their product. I really hate companies like this and hope they go down hard!

  103. Don
    Don says:

    Mike have you tried the product and were disappointed? How long did you allow it to work?

    I will tell you this, today I went to see my hair stylist and she said do you realize that you have all new, small hairs growing in along your hairline? I said you noticed it too? she said yeah!-but how Don? I told her that I started taking hair vitamins and started using Rogaine Extra Strength for a month now- after I had stopped a couple years ago. She said Don keep using it-especially since the claim is to use for 1 year to see the full results. I had ordered ScalpMed before the hair was prominent-so i will give it a try-but i have to tell you the Rogaine is working-believe me! I am excited and cannot in any way attribute this to Scalped, since I did not even open the package yet.

    Good Luck everyone-wish me luck

  104. Mark
    Mark says:

    In 1990, after a lot of research of doctors, I decided to get a hair transplant. 16 years later, I can say I’m glad I did it. The key to a good transplant is the doctor. Mine was done by the late Dr. Constantine Chambers. For a good doctor today, I would recommend Dr. Thomas Tzikas in Boca Raton, FL. He was a colleague of Dr. Chambers.

    It’s true the hair will take some time to grow back, generally 3 to 6 months. But, I don’t have to put anything on my scalp that may or may not work.

  105. Don
    Don says:

    Hi Anita,

    I went to the GNC (general nutrition center) at the mall and spoke to the manager. She advised that I start taking Nourishhair vitamins made by GNC-2 a day to go along with my Mega men vitamin regimen. I truly see that I needed that.
    I used Scalpmed for the first time last night-and it seems just as oily as Rogaine-so right off the bat that was an un truth they claimed about the product not being as ily as Rogaine.

    I only hope this stuff is on the level. To be fair I will tell you my problem is attributed to male pattern baldness-my hairline has eroded and the top is thinning. The back looks great-no problem there-yet. I have hair covering most of my head. I am 44 years old and have a lot more hair than others-but compared to what I used to have it is disheartening to see the mass has declined so much.

    As I stated before scalpmed over a 1 month time frame of using the Rogaine extra strength combined with vitamins my hairline is sprouting smal hairs-many of them-my stylist was very impressed-as I am.

  106. Ned Thomas
    Ned Thomas says:

    The GNC Manager must really be knowledgeable about the causes of hairloss. Impressive!! Weird thing though, I searched Google for studies showing vitamins regrew hair and came up with nothing. Think the GNC lady was just trying to make a few extra bucks commission and not that knowledgeable after all? Heaven forbid!!!

  107. Don
    Don says:

    Hi Ned,

    The elements heavily found in the product are silica and biotin-
    proven elements for strenghtening hair and all I know is I see the how much stronger my hair is reacting-no breakage, no fall out-it works for me! And for $15.00 a bottle for a 1 month suppy-not much commision there.

  108. edgewater jerz
    edgewater jerz says:

    I really hope Sherida is telling the truth. Someone who uses God to mess with people’s head should be beheaded. I don’t kid around like that with God, Jesus, Angels, etc.

    Then again, just open your history books and you will see people who use God to acheieve a means end….oh wait a minute, 9/11? This world is really really sick.

    Anyway, hair transplants soon yay!

  109. Don
    Don says:

    Hey Ned,

    I am very fortunate compared to so many photos I have seen of younger guys than myself who have lost their hair. I have plenty along the sides, back and moderate on top-it still covers fine-only when it’s wet, do I feel self concious-you know like dancing and perspiring and leaving the floor with your scalp showing. Anyway my biggest problem is how my hairline has eroded. Believe me-hairs are actually growing in. I think it is from Rogaine/hair vitamins to make it stronger and preventing falll out. I have used ScalpMed for only 3 days-so that is not responsible for my small
    Well anyway good luck!

  110. PAT
    PAT says:

    TO ALL,


  111. PAT
    PAT says:


    I am a born again Christian and love the Lord as you do. I believe your testimony on using Scalpmed and that it has worked for you. You give great encouragement to all of us out there. It may not work for some but I know it is working for my son and I continue to pray that it works enough to make a difference in his life. It may be that prayer may just make the difference!!

  112. Sherida
    Sherida says:

    Del: I did not get paid to do the commercial, ScalpMed has not paid me a dime. I bought the product just like everyone else. Spending my time to tell others what worked for me, is on me. Could I get paid for this? Isn’t that called a pharmacy rep? I can say that this is one thing that I could sell, because I know for a fact that it works. Pre-paid legal, NO; Mary Kay, NO; vitamins, NO. They did not work for me. Folcalin XR works wonders for my ADHD twins, I can support that as well. Oh, I learned about that from a study I put them in. I guess that just makes a risk taker.

    Don: What does all that mean in that posting?

    Alison: I had never heard of minoxidal before. I did not try Rogaine. The only people that saw my head were my therapist, my children, and a friend that ran and told someone my secret. That kept me in hiding. The only thing I tried that required me to reveal my secret was the laser therapy. When that did not work, I went in for a hair transplant consultation, and was redirected to ScalpMed. Please forgive me for saying “everything”. The things I did try were things I could get from the stores.

    Answer: Jesus loves you. Try Him, it works.

    Edgewater: I a not a fool, I know that it is dangerous to play with the Lord. I am only speaking from my own experience. This is my testimony. I live a saved life, and strive on a daily basis to live according to the word of God.

    Dougie: Yes I have taken time on different occasions when surfing the net to share my testimony. Why? Because there are many people who are hurting like I was. In everyday life, this is called evangelism. If people can take their business online, then I can definately take my testimony online to reach those who are suffering. ScalpMed is something that truly produced great results for me. I can only relate it to God because it came after I sibmitted a prayer request at church. Who else should I thank?

    As for when that commercial aired, I don’t know when the thing even started. I know I had many people calling me asking about it, and stating that they did not know about my situation. I have a sister that suffers from the same problem, but will not go in. I can’t control anyone, or anything but me.

    I found out about the product after flipping through the yellow pages for a hair transplant clinic. My attention kept going back to this place. The yellow pages is also how I found Life Like Hair which is where I underwent laser treatments to try to grow back my hair. After going to the clinic for the consultation for a transplant, ScalpMed was suggested instead. I was told that he did not want to take my money on an expensive hair transplant that may not give me the results I wanted. He suggested that I try ScalpMed, and informed me that he used it as well. I was shown pictures of other users and their results. I was shown nothing but confidence and honesty.

    I have no idea who was chosen to market the product, nor why. All I know is that it worked a miracle for me, and I will always share what it has done for me.

    Pat: PRAISE THE LORD, there is another child of God out there. I am so glad I know who I am in Christ, because a weak Christian will get eaten alive. I am so happy your son is also experiencing great results. Do you think he would be willing to share his testimony?


  113. Stella
    Stella says:

    Hello everybody,
    I just wanted to stress one point. I know that Scalpmed claims that it will refund your money if you are not satisfied. Some people have already mentioned how hard it has been to get that refund, but there is one more thing to consider: often times, companies make these refund claims but later close their doors and disappear, making it impossible to get that promised refund. So be careful and do not treat the refund thing as a 100% safe security blanket. I read some of you trying to research and check with the California Business Registry about the company which is a great start. But even companies that have actual physical addresses rather than mere po boxes can one day be packed and gone when you knock on their doors seeking a refund. So please be careful. I got burned like this once (for a different product or company).

    You may also want to check the Better Business Bureau or the like to see if any complaints have been filed against the company.

    Good luck to all of you, and I hope you all find what you are looking for.

  114. Joe
    Joe says:

    There is too much judgemental religion in this country. Generic religious ideals are great (love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek, do not steal, etc) but when others, as they so often seem to do these days, use religion to judge, exclude, have morally superior attitudes, and so on, it all becomes a big, hypocritical, joke.

    It’s a hair growth potion…is there really any need to interject religion into the discussion? Live your life by the ideals…that’s great. However, when you throw references to religion around at every opportunity isn’t it just a little bit of somehow showing off that you are more “holy” than the next person?

    Do us all a favor and give it a rest.

  115. Baldwolf
    Baldwolf says:

    You all shouldnt be using this forum this way. Talk about the product; and the outcomes of its use. Talk about your progress. Talk about your concersn: …… About products; not about gods!

  116. Baldwolf
    Baldwolf says:

    I mean….. really… stop wasting space by talking about religion. If you are really a religious person, then shut up and stop arguing and defending it.

    Tell me more about Scalp-Med; and think before you type.

  117. Baldwolf
    Baldwolf says:

    I had someone ask me just yesterday “Why do you shave your head”? Its because I would look like Bozo the Clown if I didnt. Or George Castanza.

    Being bald sucks. The women dont like all of us baldies; and other men just like to mess with you.

    I’d like to re-grow hair; but i dont want a peach fuzz only. Also; do I have to use the product (Scalp-Med or Rogaine or whatever) forever?

  118. Napa
    Napa says:

    I’m 25 yr old female and have been loosing my hair at least for the last 7 years. When I went to the dermatologist 6 yrs ago, he said that I had more than enough hair to continue loosing. He told me that I was just paranoid and nothing else. He said that it was most likely stress and it would eventually stop. I have long black hair and don’t look like I’m balding. But whenever I take a shower, I have to make sure I don’t let my hair go down the drain because I know it will clog the drain. My hair is all over the house. Matter of fact, my expensive vaccuum stopped working because my hair has it all clogged. I see some new baby hair, but I have also begun to notice my part widen and my hair is thinning. I have never colored or permed my hair. I used to blow dry and use the curling iron every once a while, and I’ve stopped doing that all together now.

    I just recently went to see my dermatologist. He used to be in the business of transplanting hair before he took over his wife’s practice. He recommended to start using 2% Rogaine. He said that the extra strength formula didn’t make a significant difference in the studies conducted. He said that if I felt too conscious of my widening part, I should consider grafting. I asked him for a ball park on the procedure, he said no more than $3k. I think I’ll wait on the grafting a bit longer. As for Rogaine, I asked him if I could stop taking it once my hair grew back or was it a lifetime med. The example he gave me was that of a blood pressure med. He said, “If you stop taking the blood pressure medication, your blood pressure will rise. Similarly, if you stop applying Rogaine, your hair will begin to fall out again.” My husband and I are planning to have a baby soon, and I mentioned that too him. He said that I could still continue to use Rogaine during the pregnancy since it doesn’t affect the fetus. I told him that I would most likely stop. He informed me that my hair might fall out and regrow after the baby was delivered.

    I saw the commercial for scalpMed about a week ago. The money is not an issue if the product will at least stop my hair loss. I don’t care if it doesn’t grow any new hairs. I just want my hair loss to stop. I can live with the hair I have.

    The other alternative, is to shave off my head. In my culture, we shave the head of a new born baby so the hair grows back thicker and fuller. I know it’s true because my grandpa used to have a small balding patch when I was growing up.. and six years before he passed away he religiously shaved off his head at the beginning of every summer and winter. He also applied this herbal oil which I always thought used to stink. And he had the thickest head of hair.

    The only thing that supports this theory is that the hair on my head is falling, even my eyebrow hair is coming out.. I’m embarrased to say this, but even my pubic hair is falling out. The only place my hair isn’t falling out are my legs because I’ve been shaving them for about a decade now. So if I shave my head for two years straight I should have stronger and thicker hair.

    I consulted my family physician and she said that hair loss treatment is tricky. It requires time and patience. What works for one doesn’t work for the other. I mentioned scalpMed to her and also mentioned that the web site stated that the active ingredient was Minoxodil. She said that although she hadn’t heard of it, she would recommend Rogaine or if I wanted I could try Minoxodil. She has me going to another dermatologist for a second opinion and I’m going in for blood work as well.

    I think I am going to start using Rogaine next week. I tried the biotin line of shampoos and conditioners found at the Vitamin Shoppe. They worked well for one of my co-worker, but my hair never stopped falling out with biotin.

    Don, I am anxiously waiting to see what you have to say about ScalpMed.

  119. Don
    Don says:

    Hello Napa,

    Here are the facts so far:

    1-The product has been greasier than they claim-but not as bad as Rogaine.

    2-I am applying the product mostly to the front of my hairline-most problematic part of my loss-typical male pattern baldness.

    3-I have only been using it for 2 1/2 weeks at best-it is supposed to take a minimum of 2 months, so I cannot pre-judge.

    4-I am maintaining my vitamin (GNC multi and hair vitamins) every morning 2 each and believe it has helped with my hair breaking/and falling out.

    5-ScalpMed comes with a product that is supposed to be sprayed onto the hairloss area-I perceive this as being a thickener something that will mask the problem. Honestly I have no intention of using this cosmetic fixer upper. Maybe I will change my mind later but the way my hair loss is, it is not conducive to that treatment-better suited for a bald spot in the back or top. My hair in the front is very fine-it covers but does not cover from the side view nor when it is wet.

    6- I have not taken any photos of before-laziness on my part-but I will tell you honestly whether it works or not.

    7-As part of their plea for testimonials-ScalpMed offers monetary compensation to anyone who can prove their product works for them. No retouched photos just dated before and after photos. This is a flyer that is packaged with the product. I do not like that! I would be very loud and willing to offer those pictures free of charge based on being happy that the product works-hell I would tell everyone
    if it was true. Make no mistake, if it doesn’t work I will also be very vocal to save all the people who are considering the use of the product to save their money and not to bother. Time will tell.

    Napa-I am very concerned that your hairloss as dramatic as it is is from something having to do with perhaps your thyroid. I am not a doctor however I have often read that that is a likely culprit. It just not sound natural what you are experiencing. The Rogaine may be a bandaid
    masking a real problem. I wish you all the best and please keep me posted on your findings as I will also. Bless you.

  120. surewhynot
    surewhynot says:

    Well, my 60 day trial period is coming to a fast end…less than one week left. Unless a miracle happens in the next couple days, I will be making that inevitable phone call to get my money back. I have seen absolutely nothing happening what-so-ever….gee big surprise huh? I have a couple of earlier posts on here. I will keep you all informed of my “refund status” when and IF I get it…..I will be utterly shocked if there ISN’T some kind of catch to all of this. By the way Sherida, it sounds kinda “odd” (for lack of a better word) that you never heard of minoxidil before. After all, it’s the active ingredient in Scalpmed. Are you still paying out the (__o__) for Scalpmed? I suggest you try Rogain for women….you will save a fortune.

  121. Napa
    Napa says:

    Thank you for the update and your kind words. I forgot to add that my thyroid came back normal.. even my cholestrol is normal (I just doubted it would be because my younger sister and mother have high cholestrol and we all eat the same food). The doctor’s prescribed a blood test that checks for 4 things. One of them was DHEA (I think), and one of them was a testosterone check. I’ll keep you posted on the results. I’m really scared to try rogaine, but that is what I was told to try. I think I’ll wait till I get a second opinion. My husband’s all for the grafting because he saw this news broadcast that stated that that was the only sure procedure, but I am really scared of going under the knife.

  122. Don
    Don says:

    Hi Sure why not

    I am disappointed for you and probably myself too. That really stinks!
    I am not going to tr to get my money back but i may s silly as this may sound continue and hopethat through persistance it may work. I know I am probably pouring good money after bad-some people claim it took longer than 2 months-more like 6 to see results that is measurable. I wish you the best. Worst comes to worst I will return to the Rogaine extra strength-which definitely worked in the front hairline-a little so far-noticeable enough for myelf and my hairstylist to notice.

    Thanks for the heads up

  123. kannan
    kannan says:

    My advice to people. I’m not a promotor for any website but I like to tell a truth. The only natural way of regrowing hair completely and naturally is to follow the Luftek system. This is only one of its kind and 100 % genuine. It takes a daily commitment, but no medication, no surgery, no topicals. Believe me. Visit the website. I’m a bald guy following the Luftek technique and am sure I will regrow hair. You can contact me on

  124. Don
    Don says:

    A. Kaempfer,

    I am still waiting for your photos. Simply scan them and attach the jpeg version. I am genuinely interested. So far i am not impressed by this product-it has only been 2 weeks-but nothing so far, as opposed to Rogaine 5% which has caused hairs to sprout-lol at the front of the hairline.


    Tell me about the pain asociated with hair transplants. No one ever discusses that-ihear discomfort, slight swellin, etc.. however i ws speaking with a lady whose brother hd it done and se said it hurt like hell-he would not do it again but was glad he did it.-what is you honest experience with PAIN?

    Dave and S Spen,
    Hey guys,
    You claim you have noticed some results at first from using ScalpMed-cool I am happy for you. Now that another month has gone by how are you doing with the product-any photos?

    Rick H.

    let’s see some photos of the results-I am genuinely interested.

    I am anxiously awaiting your responses

  125. clarae
    clarae says:

    ok…it’s going to be 2 months on the 9th of March. I’ve been watching very closely. I was also told by a friend that while i’m using the product i’ve got to think positively; that my hair is going to grow and keep thinking that i can feel my hair growing so i kept doing that. Ofcourse at times i would think otherwise especially last week especially when you spray that stuff and your hair is oily making your scalp visible. Today I was looking into the mirror and trying to look really closely and I noticed very small growth. It’s there and it seems to be taking it’s time.

    This could be the product or the power of the mind but hey if it’s gonna work then i’m taking it all the way. Oh and i’ve also noticed a number of people saying that their two month supply didn’t last for two months. My supply looks like it would last till the 9th of next month.

    One final thing, I’m 29…don’t know if this is normal but i’ve also noticed one more thing. I’ve found 3 gray hair strands.

  126. surewhynot
    surewhynot says:

    Speaking of transplants….I had 2000+ graphs placed seven months ago at my hairline. I must say…..the first 4 to 5 months I was a little anxious to see results, but at this point in time I couldn’t be more pleased. Well, maybe a little…that is why I tried the product Scalpmed. I had my original hairline probably 90% restored with surgery and was hoping Scalpmed would help with the density on the top. My hair on top is “thinning” but doesn’t look so bad….At any rate, tonight I switched to Extra Strength Rogaine for Men and if you ask me…..I think I should have gone with this product before ordering Scalpmed. Yes, it’s greasy/oily…but so was Scalpmed (something they advertised as “non-oily”). At least I’m not paying 10 times the price. Getting back to the subject of transplants though…It is a lot to go through emotionally, but not as bad as most people would think. Yes there is swelling, redness, scabs and a host of other things. Basically the worst of it was the swelling but that is gone after a couple days. After the first 10 days the scabs are all gone, then the next few months it is just a waiting game. I think I had a good experience with hair transplantation, but my best advise to anyone out there who is considering one is…DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST.

  127. Don
    Don says:


    I am happy for you that you’re starting to see results-keep us posted.
    Best of Luck!


    Thank you for expressing your trials/tribulations with the hair transplant procedure. am still nervous about the pain and side effects-so i guess i am going to wait and see the results of scalpmed and or rogaine extra strength

  128. Leo C. Uribe
    Leo C. Uribe says:

    Hi everybody!

    I was away from this page for a while..I am 23 years old and have been using Scalpmed for almost 4 months. Frankly speaking, I am not impressed with the results at all. I have spent over $5000 in hair growing treatments. From shampoos, capsules, and all other crap. Even paid consulting fees to doctors. Travelled as much as I could (just inside the Houston, TX area). I go to University everyday. Wake up every morning at 6 am, take a shower, then use my hair growing medicine, go to school, stay there for almost 5 to 6 hrs, keep my self busy, always worried about my self esteem, come back at night, take a shower again and use the hair treatment.Everyday I saw my self in the mirror and thought that my hairs would be back. I did that for the last 5 years. 5 years I mean. Imagine doing that for 5 years and u get nothing but injury to the insult i.e. hairs didnt come back. Wouldn’t that make you angry, mad, pissed, and even cry. 5 years! 365 days times 5. Everytime u fail, u think about quiting but something from inside tells u that there is still some hope. You fail again, again and again till that crappy commercial “Scalpmed” shows up on your screen. You get some hope but it starts fading when u don’t see any results. I ask you Sherida Devine and all of those people who used Scalpmed and got good results. What if you had done same things I did for 5 years and didnt get anything? You can’t imagine how pissed and angry I am. In this age of advancement in technology and medicine, no body… I mean no body has cure for this problem. I can say that a miracle only might solve that problem.

    Sorry for my English! I am very good talking in person but my writing is horrible.

  129. Sherida
    Sherida says:

    Baldwolf: I respect your opinion about not bringing religion into the topic, however I have not once mentioned anything about religion. I have talked about how my faith and belief played a part in this process. I said it during my testimony for ScalpMed, and I will stand on it to this day.

    Leo: I am truly sorry you have not experienced the same results as myself. It took a LONG time for my crown to completely fill in, but at least the other hair had grew to a point where it was not as noticable. I DO understand your pain and frustration. Some people resort to verbal and physical attacks, some run to drugs and alcohol, and some of us run to GOD. Did you take pictures? If it were not for the pictures of progress with me, I probably would have given up as well. I didn’t believe the growth was that significant until they showed me where I started. That made a huge difference. It’s too late for me to take pictures at home, and now I really regret it. I’m trying to encourage others who simply have lost hope, faith, and trust due to much pain and frustration. Leo imagine being a woman suffering from baldness. Men love hair on women much more than women focus on hair on men. Can you imagine worrying about whether your wig is going to fall off in public? Or what about someone touching your head and feeling the wig? Try thinking about scratching your head and the wig moving with your finger. I can go on and on, so trust me I know your pain.

    But praise the Lord above I don’t suffer from that anymore. This is why I give Him all the glory. If you were delivered from the bondage I went through, you would praise Him too!

    Don: Have you taken any pictures from then and now? I would also like to see how things are working for you.

  130. Don
    Don says:

    Hi Leo,

    My heart goes out to you and I can empathise with your frustration. I am forging ahead despite some negative comments-because when I just used the Rogaine 5% extra strength, I noticed new hair along the hair line-something that is unusual. I had already ordered the scalpmed so since I paid for it I am using it till it is finished. I also take GNC Nourishhair vitamins with boitin and silica-principal ingredients.
    My hair seems to have gotten stronger -no breaking, less shedding from the vitamins-including a multi also called megamen from GNC.

    We all would all like to believe that ScalpMed is the solution and if they are bullshitting us they will pay-there is such a thing as Karma (what comes around goes around).

    I too check everyday on the results. I have my hair colored and see new gray hair sprouting-even my stylist noticed it. I am lucky so far. Remember these solutions claim that hair you have lost within 3 years has a chance of coming back, not hair that has been gone for a longer time-very upsetting I know. You would think that they would be able to clone hair by now. These invasive procedures such as hair transpalnts scare the shit out of me-so I am trying this as a last result.

    Stress is another factor to losing hair. I had lost much more when my mom and brother were dying from cancer-my life has settled down in a positive way by now and i am sure that one’s feelings toward life (optimism and less stress are directly linked to ones health and body overall.

    I do not what more to tell you-good luck.

  131. DRS
    DRS says:

    I did not end up trying the ScalpMed because yes , I agree w/others here, their site and info looks a little shady, but I did try regular over the counter Rogaine. My doctor advised me, after looking at the website and reading the “active ingredients” in ScalpMed , that basically this is what ScalpMed IS for all intents and purposes, with the possible exception that they include that “hair cleaner kit” or whatever it is. He advised me to save the money, and just try out Rogaine. Results were minor, no huge differences (and there never are w/these things), but no serious side effects.

    I also went in the interim to HairClub for Men. Let me advise you against this. It is very expensive, it is permanent ( you have to stay with them and are stuck using their hairstylists for every cut and restyle ,etc), & while it looked reasonably real it was terribly uncomfortable ~ particularly at night while trying to sleep and in the warm weather. Furthermore the front hairline edges of it peel up constantly and have to be “worked with” often with this “glue” and little brush they give you, and I did not like being able to see the somewhat “net-like” looking “base” which was occasionally visible. This made me even more self conscious. It does NOT feel like your real hair, trust me !! Beneath this toupee (this is what HairClub basically gives you , to put it simply), the crown of your head is shaved. As that hair starts to grow back, it itches under there like nothing you’ve ever had before.

    The most liberating thing for me was when, on a pleasant warm sunny morning, after not sleeping all night with that damn thing on my head, I got sick of it all and threw away my bottles of Rogaine (like I said, they didn’t really do much anyway), and forcefully peeled off that glorified rug which the HairClub had strapped on me, and took a set of clippers to my whole head. That day I returned the rug, told them I was now moving myself onto the ultimate “maintenance free” plan, as they could see, and I drove home with the top back and a cool breeze calming my previously tormented scalp.

    My advice (to all of the guys here at least) is: give this solution a try, men. Let’s be men again. Maybe watch the movie Fight Club if it helps get you in the “mindset”. This stuff is all essentially BS. With the exception of a full transplant, there really IS no “cure” for this problem; only varying degrees of “dealing” with it through these tedious methods such as Rogaine, ScalpMed, the myriad other topical “remedies” available, the HairClub, etc etc. I never felt so liberated as I did the day I buzzed it all off.

    Today it’s grown back some, and I now wear it in kind of a military style buzz cut, getting it buzzed short again about every 3 weeks, but it’s cool because it’s kind of ended up looking now like Brad Pitt’s in the movie Oceans Eleven (if not quite as “dense” as his was, lol). But really alot of guys wear their hair real short now, and trust me it looks masculine, it’s MUCH MUCH easier, and it’s overall WORLDS less stressful once you’ve “accepted” it.

    And if any female (or male) doesn’t like you as you look, then tell them to just keep stepping; you don’t want anything to do with that type anyway, trust me.

  132. Mark J
    Mark J says:

    I ordered the ScalpMed and then chose not to use it and wanted to get my full refund for the fully unused product. The customer service was a difficult experience and the employees seemed to me to be misleading and when pressed for identifying information and a physical address, I was given a major run around. Why is this company hiding behind a PO Box and so unwilling to say where they are located so that I can “Fedex” the product back to them. They also charged my credit card for almost 250.00 without my authorization or knowledge and I had to dispute the charges with my credit card company to get my money back on the second shipment that i did no order or approve and also never received. Scalp Med and Modern Health Labs seems very SHADY to me.

  133. Don
    Don says:

    Hi Mark J,

    I have not had any expreience with unauthorized billing yet-but will keep a look out. I would not even try to ask for my money back-after the horror stories I have read about returning the product. I consider it a lesson learned.

    However, I am still going to finish out the 2 month supply and see what happens. it has been a month for me so far and no fall out or breakage any longer. Also I am seeing some new hairs start to come up along the front of my hairline-where I concentrate on applying the product.

    May I ask why you chose not to give the product a try since you had gone to the trouble/expense of ordering it? I must admit my hair looks better than it did before and I chose not to use the cortex enlarger-just cosmetic-not for me. Either way I am a rogaine 5% user for life till they come up with a better product or procedure that does not entail surgery. I have decided not topursue surgery-i have been told that since my hair is not bad and that i am the only one who is noticing a problem-i would be foolish to follow through. I wish us all the bestand lets all keep each other posted if a product/procedure should arise.

  134. surewhynot
    surewhynot says:

    RE: Mark J / product return

    As I stated earlier in another post, I also was not satisfied and returned their product back to them. I did not get any hassle from the person whom I spoke with over the phone, but I must mention that they tried one last attempt to “scam” me. They advertise a 100% money back offer after a 2 month trial period. However over the phone I was told….”No, it’s not 2 months, it’s 6 months. Go ahead and use the product for 6 MONTHS, and if you are not satisfied, we will refund your money.” Every advertisement I have seen only states a 2 month trial offer, not a 6 month one……I think the implication there is pretty obvious. It’s still too early to know if I have received a credit yet, but I will say this: Had I waited a few days longer (let alone another 4 months), I would bet my life it would have become a “he said/she said” battle had I gone along with that. I just politely declined, received my return authorization number, and mailed it back. Oh, return receipt requested of course.

    To everyone else following these posts: Has ANYONE out there received their money back yet????… (I noticed an earlier post by someone who was told they missed the dead-line by a couple days.)

  135. Leo C. Uribe
    Leo C. Uribe says:

    Hi everybody!
    If you go to and search for hair loss treatments, plz dont pay any attention to them. I had used a medicine by the name of “Procerin”. They claim that hairs start to grow within 90 days whereas their claim is totally baseless and I am the living proof.. Took it for almost a year then threw the capsules away. They also have websites for hair transplants; we all know its Bosley Medical. Visited their Houston Center when I was 19 and was told that I am the “youngest patient in the history of Bosley” and that for hair transplant I needed to be 21. Ofcourse, I had tried the hair club by wearing that “carpet” on my head. DRS was 100% right about scalp itching.
    Somebody by the name of Vegetable Seller posted his comments about treatment of baldness by saying that he used half onion on his head. Would like to hear from him more.

  136. Drew G.
    Drew G. says:

    Dear Readers,
    From what I read, it looks like scalp med isn’t the way to go, (besides it’s way too expensive for a college kid). Anyways I was reading an article on FNS Follicular Nutrient Serum. It was researched by a dermatologists, and I have not yet found anything bad about it. Has anyone tried it?

  137. Don
    Don says:

    If they get rid of the mandatory expense of taking the cortex enlarger
    then the price would come down considerably. I do not know whether I am going to order another 2 month supply-but I do not need this cortex enlarger-that should be optional.

    I may continuse with scalpmed nd provided it does work then iam going to only use Rogain extra strength-much cheaper.

  138. dina
    dina says:

    well, I recently ordered it and I want it to work but I can’t say it’s working as fast as it appears to have on the ladies in the commercial – BUT I do have a millagram of a milligram hair growth and the new growth is soft [?] can’t explain it but the texture is coming out soft and managable which is a HUGE plus – mind you, like everyone else who hasn’t seen the results, I WILL be getting my money back, so I don’t think it’s such a loss – since I’ll end up paying less than I would have for any Rogain or anything else [still paying for shipping and handling] so if you look at it that way, why not and I guess it works just as good as the others … get it? :)

  139. Don
    Don says:

    The problem is Dina-are they really going to refund your money-keep us posted-they told one guy he was 2 days late-that is just rude.

  140. Drew G.
    Drew G. says:

    Dear Readers,
    From what I read, it looks like scalp med isn’t the way to go, (besides it’s way too expensive for a college kid). Anyways I was reading an article on FNS Follicular Nutrient Serum. It was researched by a dermatologists, and I have not yet found anything bad about it. Has anyone tried it?

  141. Dr Marie
    Dr Marie says:

    I am a 50 year old widow who has been through extreme stress for the last 11 years (due to my husband’s illness and death) and recently went through the “change of life” routine. I suspect that my hair loss has been due to these two factors and the thyroid medication I’ve been taking for about 8 years.

    I have read both the positive and negative comments about Scalpmed and the accusations that the positive comments come from Scalpmed employees which makes me wonder – how are we to know that the negative comments have not come from associates of this Dr Rassman?

    I have a PhD in Health Education and am also a Certified Health Education Specialist so I am just as sceptical as the next person about health and beauty products’ infomercial claims. I also have an MBA and teach marketing courses so I am familiar with the marketing ploys that companies use to sell their products. However, I am going to take a risk, I am going to try Scalpmed, if it’s the same medication as minoxydil then it should have the same results.

    I used my American Express card to make the purchase so I feel confident that if I need to ask for a refund that I will get it since AmEx helped me in the past to get a refund from an internet company whose product did not live up to their claims.

    I found the comments from men who gave up trying to grow hair and shaved their heads interesting -a shaved head for a man might be ok but I’ve never heard of “bald is beautiful” working for women.

    When I read here about the inexpensive products at Sam’s or Costco I considered cancelling my order with Scalpmed but I don’t think I want to experience the greasy products that make your scalp itch and flake, even if they are cheaper, I don’t need more problems to deal with.

    I will keep you informed of my experience with Scalpmed. I am going to take pictures, not only of my scalp but also of the amount of hair left in the tub and on my comb. One more thing, when I told the order taker on the phone that I couldn’t afford their price he kindly made me a better offer. I may or may not be making a mistake but so far I feel good about the experience. We shall see…wish me luck :)

  142. Bea
    Bea says:

    I don’t know the source of the miracle, but I used aloe vera frozed chunks into the drinking water and after tryed everything it worked for me 40% hair back in 5 months. It is not so bad. I think all the problem start from the digestive system.
    Select a fresh one, take out any white and green part, peeled with a plastic knife under running water, and put it into the drinking water. Replace it every 3-4 days.
    Oh!… and.. smokers… Quit!
    Side effects: really good digestions!

  143. Nick
    Nick says:

    I’m a 30 yr old male, have used ScalpMed for the past few months and overall can’t complain. Yes the oily part of it, is a bit of a problem, but it does seem to regrow some hair, I have to say. I’ve thickened out again, and I had been thinnned for some time now.

    Let me ask other friends and co-sufferers here, ever heard anything like this notion that Mediteranean / ‘Latin’ men , ex. Italian, Spaniard, etc, and also Greek, or Jewish, etc., can actually have slightly higher testosterone levels than , for example, ‘Anglo Saxon’ or northern European-descended men ?? Or is this all “old wives’ tales” , so to speak?? Some say that the higher Test.levels (in men of said ethnicities) is also what accounts for traits like ‘hotter tempers’ (sometimes) , higher sex drives (again, sometimes) , etc etc, amongst those types of men.

    Anyone else here heard of that idea ?

    As for ScalpMed the product I would say try it out. Think about it, many people might go some place like the casinos, or boats, and lose 200 bucks (which is MORE than this product costs anyway) , like nothing. I’m not saying it’s cheap, but it seems to work, their cust.serv. is not as bad as some have said (it’s slow that’s about it) and they seem overall on the level. You could blow your money in worst ways if you asked me. PLus you don’t have to stick w/it if you don’t like it.

  144. Jim
    Jim says:

    Ok, I’m a bit confused…People here are saying it won’t work, but since it contains minoxidil, doesn’t that mean it WILL work?

    My main interest in this product is that it doesn’t irritate the scalp. I tried Rogaine, and there are 2 problems with it…

    1. My scalp gets so dry and itchy I can’t stand it, and it flakes everywhere. Kind of gross, and I don’t want my scalp to be like that for the rest of my life.

    2. I can’t tell if it’s all in my head, but I think I get a raised pulse rate with Rogaine, rapid heartbeat…ugh, I really can’t tell if it’s just me being aware of my heartbeat now that i’m on Rogaine, or if it really is rapid…Same with a little bit of chest pain.

    If I got that from Rogaine, will I get a rapid pulse from ScalpMed? It has minoxidil in it, therefore would it be the same side effects as Rogaine? I’m not sure, because ScalpMed wouldn’t itch my scalp, and it’s not as oily, so therefore I wouldn’t react the same to it interally. Ugh…I have no idea. Any input?

  145. HL
    HL says:

    Dear Nic actually that is a true statement. meditrainian men have more testosterone and therefore are more prone to hair loss

  146. HL
    HL says:

    I do have a question for those WHO did use scalp med and rogain or minoxidil. is it as difficult to apply? do u do it 2 times a day? and is scalp med working for others. ive used everything on the market. the ontl things working now are my vitamins and nioxin but they are just slowing the process down. i need a little more hair im only 25. please let me know!!!

  147. HL
    HL says:

    Jim regarding your question on increased heart rate and chest pain:
    1. it may cause those side effects
    2. you should be checked out because if a rapid heart rate and chest pain are occuring you need to get your heart checked out!!

  148. HL
    HL says:

    one more blog
    JC started using this product in November and i havent seen any posting from him since. is it working??

  149. Don
    Don says:

    Jim-it too is oily like Rogaine
    no flaking
    no itching
    no heart or pulse racing
    too early to tell if it works

    Nick-you give me hope

  150. john
    john says:

    i had alopicea areata 7 years ago dermetoligist shot cortizone steroids in the bald spots after 3 weeks had great coverage i think scalpmed may work its just like yall say just more menoxidil im gonna go see about more cort shots for my thinning crown

  151. Don
    Don says:

    HL- I found it very easy to apply rogaine and or scalpmed.
    First-they both dripso watch out for your eyes.

    When Scalpmed arrives-you take the two smaller bottles and pour them into a pump spray bottle supplied . Then shake it up and simply pump a little at a time 9 small pumps total and after each pump smooth into the scalp. I use a circular motion with my fingertips. I have not seen any results yet-but to be fair I stopped using it for 2 days-resuming tonight.

    Rogaine extra strength 5%
    Ok this drips faster-and has shown hairs along the hairline-a little at a time but they are there.
    Applying this entails either pump or an eyedropper-supplied
    use the eyedropper-the spray tends to lay on the hair and not get to the scalp. I founsd that my vitamin regimen is helping as well-it is stengthening the hair-less likely to fall out-(silica, biotin, etc…)

    Both products are to be applied 2x a day
    I put a little more on at night before i go to bed
    and a little less after showering-hair must be dry first!

    I hope this helped you and keep me posted

  152. alison
    alison says:

    and in case any of you are wondering if i have any sort of affiliation with Spectral dnc?

    PUHLEEEEZZZ…. i’m just a gal who is depressed and sick of losing hair.

    i’ve tried lasercomb, procerin, now doing minoxidil 2% for 4 weeks now (NOT scalpmed), i buy all of the “good shampoos” and enzyme cleansers, now taking Advecia supplement, back to using the lasercomb again, also trying Mesohair (injections that utilize Avodart and other scalp nutrients), and now i’m going to try Spectral DNC, in place of the 2% minoxidil.


    it’s extreme but i’m trying whatever will work.

  153. Don
    Don says:

    Hi Alison,

    Thanks for the lead
    When I went to the web link you recommended I immediately noticed no testimonials nor photos-what’s up? I just spoke to Spectral DNC customer service.

    They claim that this product works in the front-actually anywhere.
    They do not spend a fortune on advertising-ultimately allowing them to keep up with orders and maintain quality
    They do not sell the product directly
    go to then type in spectral dnc in the search box

    I must admit I was impressed with the customer service rep
    very knowledgeable. Anyway, I may try this too.According to him-rogaine 5% over time is debilitating toward skin problems-so since this product does not use all that alcohol it makes sense.

  154. HL
    HL says:

    another Q it sounds like it has retinol in it like retina micro im wondering if it makes you extreemly sensitive to the Sun??

  155. Don
    Don says:

    Hi HL,

    I did read that it is a good idea to use a sunscreen-good point!

    I have not used this product yet-but it appears that the product goes on relatively light-not oily, odorless- compared to rogaine and scalpmed
    which is oily and takes a long time to dry.

    I do not in any way endorse a product I have not tried-just to be clear.

  156. HL
    HL says:

    Im wondering if it is going to be a problem to go out doors with it? i also wonder if i wait the three hours after application do i have to worry about it any way? i think ill orger some and call cust serv and see. my problem is im pretty active i run, ride a bike and swim. the other concern is i have all my hair still but it is thinning quick and u can start so see my scallp so putting sunscreen would be a task

  157. alison
    alison says:

    hi all-

    like don, i haven’t used it yet. I ordered it yesterday. i will let you all know if it indeed feels “like nothing” as i’ve read. because leaving for work in the morning with a greasy, shiny hair/scalp is unacceptable. it’s like a sign “LOOK AT ME, I”M THINNING!!!”. ugh.

    anyway, i’ll keep you all posted.

  158. PAT
    PAT says:


    Well I started using scalpmed March 8th and it is true that I have not experienced any itching as I had in the past with other minoxidil products, so I am happy about that. It is abit greasy though and I usually wear a hat whenever I can. I have not tried styling my hair with it yet. I was informed that I can use Toppik or Hair so Real with it as I have been using that for awhile now. So time will tell if I get any results. Will keep you posted.

  159. Ahmed Khan
    Ahmed Khan says:

    Hi there..
    I have recently stopped using scalpmed after 4 months with no results watsoever. I did take some pictures before and after using scalpmed.. How can I upload them? After looking at those pictures, u can see for ur self if using it is worth it..Peace.

  160. Nate
    Nate says:

    My gut reaction is that this is certainly a scam. There is nothing new in scaplmed, what is it that makes it supposedly so special? They don’t claim to be FDA approved, only that they have an FDA approved substance in their product, that is practically meaningless. If I was an attorney, I would love to get a bunch of people together and file a lawsuit against the company for punitive damages. Companies that feed off the desperation of balding people are low lifes as far as I am concerned. To take advantage of another persons misery is evil.

  161. J. Sanchez
    J. Sanchez says:

    I should be studying for final but instead I am pulling at my hair and making my loss of hair worse. I want to try scalp med but it is expensive. This guy mike wrote a comment regarding all infomercials and I just want to say that not all products are a scam. I have ordered a few things from informercials but I always check for the money back deal. Take for example the Revo-Styler, I bought it around 3yrs. ago the best purchase I have ever made. I would pay at least $20 for salon blow drying plus tip plus gas to get there and even more precious TIME not to mention the inconvience. Today I do my own hair with the revo-styler and I comes out great. I also do it for my friends and even their mom’s. Anyhow my point is sometimes you have take risk but it should be taken within your means. My means don’t allow me buy Scal Med just yet. But I will try it just like I tried Proactive ( liked it), gunner peterson ball ( like it but I am lazy), and this make up that is like bare minerals ( like it too)
    Real person (microbiology student at Cal Poly Pomona)

  162. Leo
    Leo says:

    Mr Sanchez

    I don’t know how long u have been using scalpmed but I did for 4 months and quite frankly didn’t get anything but a big a** pissoff.I have been using hair treatments for the past 5 years. From expensive shampoos to pills, nothing had an affect on my hairs watsoever. Plz look at post # 164. I am not that rich person but I spent over 5 grands on hair loss treatments and nothing worked out. Finally this crappy commercial “Scalpmed” comes at night time where people cry and pursuade (beg I should say) people (who are desperate to get their hairs back) to buy their products. Well! after seeing Sherida Devine cry and other people swearing on Scalpmed, I thought about giving it a try with the hope of getting some of my hairs back. Guess wat fellas! I am still at the same point where I started. Not to mention that I followed all the directions given in their brochure.

    I did take some picture before and after using Scalpmed. Please tell me where I can upload them . After u see the pictures, decide for ur self if u wanna use scalpmed or not….


  163. alison
    alison says:

    hi all.

    i posted on #197 regarding Spectral DNC before and just wanted to let you guys know how it feels. i got it in the mail the other day and i have to say the reviews i’ve read about it are right on. it feels like 98% better than Scalpmed. there is no greasy feel at all. it doesn’t take that long to dry either.

    It is a light orangey color and a few (not al) of the reviews from men that i’ve read on other sites have complained that it stains their scalp. I personally have had no problems with this. So far i’m satisfied.

    i’m going to return scalp med. no comparison in terms of feel. as for efficacy? only time will tell. the Spectral DNC company claims that it works faster due to its delivery system, etc. but i’ll let you guys know.

    As Leo did, i have spent thousands of dollars on shampoos, topicals, vitamins, got scammed recently at Hair club (DON’T GO THERE!!!), an was caught in a moment of weakness watching an infomercial at like 2am on a sat….i saw sherida cry and desperately wanted some hope.

    i ran not walked to my credit card. honestly, who knows if scalp med REALLY works. alls i know, is how can they say that IT ISN”T GREASY???!!!! it is oh so greasy, and i was using the 2% for women.

    So, now i’m trying Spectral that has 5% minox plus other stuff. hopefully it won’t irritate my scalp.

    anyway. good luck to all….and if there is interest, i’ll keep you posted on my Spectral DNC use..


  164. Nick
    Nick says:

    Alison is right about the ScalpMed being greasy. You might as well put olive oil in your hair. It is greasy and , maybe it’s just me, but it runs down your forehead and everything. Like I said before, I’m just finishingout this supply that I have, but definitely not sure about re-ordering again.

  165. Don
    Don says:

    Hi Nick,

    I know it is oily-not as much as Rogaine 5% but bad enough. But As I spray it each time onto my head-I do it in short pumps and smooth it into my scalp after each pump -with my fingertips in a circular motion. Believe me if I were having trouble with excessive dripping I would have said it a long time ago.

    I am concerned about Alison’s comment about the orange colored dye like effect on the scalp when using Spectral DNC. The last thing i need is an orange scalp and extreme sensitivity to the sun. I will wait for her comments over time.

    I am not claiming that ScalpMed is anyway a better solution-actually not sure whether I am going to order it again but I am definitely going to stick with Rogaine 5% otherwise-man it really has worked for me-Everyday I examine my scalp and see something or nothing for quite awhile. I look at a photo I took of myself with a camera phone in 2004 and by comparison my hair looks fuller-the stress level from losing 2 immediate family members, having stopped the rogaine application and the lack of vitamins took its toll on me.

    Now I can actually accept what I have, compared to others far younger than I am. I am 44 and am thankful that I had started to use Rogaine again. Imagine my stylists surprise as well as my own when all these little gray hairs started to sprout along my hairline. I would concentrate my sprays on the front and occassionally the top of my head-which whn it is wet shows my scalp.

    Believe what they say-when you stop your hair loss accelerates and takes away all the hair you prevented from falling out. I will never stop again until they come up with something better. I call this maintenance and still am hopeful there may be more hair to come.

  166. Cecil
    Cecil says:

    I lost all of my hair 10 years ago due to alopecia. I had cortizon shots from my doctor which didn’t do very well. Then I tried Chinese herbal treatment and ate sea kalps everyday for a whole year. After one year all of my hair came back with occasional hair lost in general and in small patches. Recently I started vitamine C 1000mg to 3000 mg per day treatment to prevent colds and flu. To my pleasant surprise, I found that I’ve stopped loosing hair in large quantity by accident. I’ve taken multi-vitamines in the past which never made any difference to my hair lost problem. However, I’ve never taken this large amount of quantity of vitamine C.

  167. Don
    Don says:

    I just wrote DR. Garcia -the Las Vegas doctor who treated Sherida and the others on the commercial-he swears that he cannot understand why so many people who have not even tried Scalpmed are knocking the product. He claims that marketing people as a general practice visit these unreliable blogs and dis their competitors. He also feels people have nothing to lose since their is a money back guarantee. He knows and respects Dr.
    Rassman-he used to sublet office space from Dr. Garcia-however he claims it has worked for many of his patients instead of getting a hair transplant.

  168. Leo
    Leo says:


    Let me tell u something.. I tried the product for 4 months.. Not 2 months, 4 months. Their website says that the growth is usually seen within 2 months.. The problem is that I haven’t seen any growth. Had I seen any “significant” growth, I would have kept using it. Yes! If 70% of my hairs are back then I am ready to pay whatever their charges are. But I know for a fact.. All hair “losers” will be scammed until somebody drag Hair Treatment companies asses in courts and win a big settlement. Then we wont see scammers like Shane Malek (inventor of Scalpmed), Kevin Trudeau and others……..

  169. Don
    Don says:

    Hi Leo,

    I admire your passion and share in your disappointment thus far.
    I am still not sure whether I want to renew my order. I will tell you this, if it is not ScalpMed -it will definitely be Rogaine 5%. Because that truly is working for me!

    Best of Luck!

  170. surewhynot
    surewhynot says:

    Refund status 4 weeks after sending product back: ……ZERO!!!!!

    …but I am in no hurry. I will wait a couple more weeks then there will be Hell to pay. After all, they wasted absolutely no time what so ever to charge my credit card (which was several weeks before I actually received their product). My USPS Delivery Confirmation verifys that it was delivered, so they can’t use the “we never received it” excuse.

  171. Leo
    Leo says:

    Hi everybody!
    I called Scalpmed today to get my refund and they said that they will credit my account and that i should check it within 3 to 5 business days. I will see if they came upto their promise or not.

    Surewhynot! call Scalpmed again and tell them that u want to talk to the supervisor. He may be able to do something.

  172. mt
    mt says:

    I have been using Scalp Med for 2 months on and off. On at bedtime, off during the day. It’s so greasy looking that you don’t want to leave the house! But you can’t return it for looking greasy and you can’t get a refund if you don’t use as directed! So, walk around like a grease ball or save your money. I have been using NIOXIN and although I haven’t seen any new hair growth, I am keeping what it there. The Nioxin is a detox shampoo & conditioner that is supposed to remove DHT in hair follicles. So far (2months) I really like it.

  173. B_B
    B_B says:

    Hello, this forum is very interesting to read. I am 25 year old and started to lose hair on the front and sides. Went to the dermatologist and he said, there is nothing he can do to help. well, there went my appointment money for nothing. Anyways,

    I still have alot of hair on top, which can cover front, but I am expecting that in another couple of years the front will be visible and it would look weird. If I won’t be able to find solution, I would probably shave it off and stick to being bald.
    Until then, can anyone recommend anything for the frontal baldness or for the frontal receding hairline?

    Something that worked or didn’t work, I like to read these posts anyway…

    thank you for reading…

  174. Don
    Don says:

    B_B listen up!

    Male pattern baldness starts from the front and works its way back forming a horse shoe. DHT (Deoxyhydrotestosterone) attacks the follicle thinning it specifically in the front where the hair is most vulnerable to DHT. The hair on the back of your head is more resilient and repels the DHT maintaining a thicker rim of dense hair along the back of the head. That is why when men have their hair transplanted from the back to the front- the genetic coding attatched to the hair bulb-follicle is convinced it is still growing from the back-therefore the DHT is repelled from the new hair transpalnted to the front.
    I learned all this researching, reading and asking the right questions. I suggest you take Rogain extra strength and vitamins suitable for hair strength-it does work-not wonders -but maintains the hair you do have and most times Rogain re-grows hair lost within 3 years. Do not stop ever!-otherwise it will start aggressively to lose the hair you gained and maintained. Believe me it happened to me-you must make a life time commitment to minoxodil(the main ingredient to Rogaine and ScalpMed. I will not recommend ScalpMed-I have not noticed a lot of hair growing from ScalpMed. Rogaine extra strength has been a winner for me.

  175. Sherida
    Sherida says:

    Good evening everyone. I just wanted to stop in and see what’s going on. I have read the posts and I want to respond to some of you. Please don’t take offense if I don’t address everyone.

    DRS – I really want to say I love your confidence and ability to find a solution that works for you. I love bald men. They are really masculine in my opinion. I must say that ScalpMed really worked for me.

    SUREWHYNOT – I wish I had an answer for your dilema. Have you tried the supervisor, as someone just mentioned? I never had to order anything because I am here with them, so I can’t comment one way or another.

    DR. MARIE – Thanks for the research and information. That’s why you have a doctorate. I’m still trying to find the time to complete my Master’s.

    DR. RASSMAN – Are you allowed to comment about any other responses? After reading the attacks on me it might be safe not too. :o)

    NICK – Hit some really good points, especially about gambling.

    JIM – My scalp never was dry. I think it’s obvious dryness is not an issue. I’m Black and I need oil. My hair and scalp is very dry. ScalpMed did not provide the oil I needed, but I don’t have flakes anymore. Oh, I do have hair. :o)

    JOHN – What is the cost of cortisone shots?

    J. SANCHEZ – Thanks, my point exactly. Oh, Proactive did not work for me. I saw that on an
    early morning infomercial, but I don’t go around slandering it. Everything does not work for everyone, regardless of how great it is. Some people are allergic to antibiotics and others don’t get results from the same ones, but does it mean they don’t work?

    LEO – I understand your pain, but please be careful with naming individuals and making false comments about them. Have you met Shane? I have and his honesty is what helped my decision. If ScalpMed had not work, I would have moved on to something else. When Proactive did not work for me and my daughters, I did not go bashing Vanessa Williams or the developer, I found something that did work for me (Obagi). I wish you would have experienced my blessing, but because you did not does not discredit my testimony, nor the developer. Read J. Sanchez statement. Find what works for you, but ultimately I pray you will find peace.

    DON – GREAT research! I did not get a chance to really meet Dr. Garcia, but he seemed delighted with my progress. I’m glad you got a chance to talk to someone. Are you the guy that called me at work? I do have a question for you. I am not clear on what product you use every day. Is it ScalpMed or Rogaine? I read earlier that you were going to start ScalpMed, but it seems like you are using Rogaine. Oh, please don’t be like me and don’t take pictures. I didn’t think I would ever need pictures outside the clinic, but I see it would have helped.

    EVERYONE: It’s been a pleasure again. God bless you all.


  176. Don
    Don says:

    No Sherida I did not call you at work-I was only using Rogaine at first with good results along with my vitamin regimen. However, ScalpMed has been my substitute until I empty the bottle. I may just go back to the affordable effective Rogaine exra strength.

  177. surewhynot
    surewhynot says:

    The refund issue should be resolved soon if it hasnt been already. If not, Discover will take that battle on for me. I did call Scalpmed though, and its very interesting what they mentioned: “Our warehouse is backed up and it will take time to process…….”

    Kinda makes you wonder about things. The first thing that came to my mind was that they are back-logged with returns from unsatisfied customers. Still we have posters on this forum who tend to ignore all the red flags concerning all these issues with Scalpmed “the product”, and Scalpmed “the company”. The biggest red flag comes right from their own advertising. I think instead of using the words “results not typical”, they should say “results not likely”.

    I had to laugh at post #158 when Don stated that he has no interest in getting a refund regardless of the results. Perhaps he has money to toss around and maybe he dont. Either way, the money is not the issue for me. I requested my refund based on principle. Scalpmed did not meet my expectations…period.

    I still havent seen any responses yet to a post I had about the money back trial period. Which is it…2 months? 4 months? six months? I say they advertise a 2 month trial. When calling to get my refund confirmation number they tried telling me to use it for 6 months, then ask for a refund if not satisfied.

    The following is directly from their website under the FAQ section: “Of course, individual results will vary. All we ask is that you use Scalp Med as directed for 60 days, and if you aren’t completely thrilled with your new hair growth, we will give you a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling). Even if you return the Scalp Med bottles to us totally empty!”

  178. Nick
    Nick says:

    I’m also thinking about buzzing it off now , quitting ScalpMed, etc, especially with the warmer weather coming up soon. I”m sick of playing games and am definitely feeling what another poster here said about that whole angle or perspective of things. When you look on tv, even in the movies nowadays, sure many or most of the big stars or ‘heartthrob’ type guys have nice heads of hair, but some either buzz it off (Brad Pitt, sometimes at least), or do not have it. And yet they’re still considered cool or masculine by the ladies. I mean, I can’t picture guys like Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Tony Soprano, sitting there with there heads practically inside the mirror every night, and morning, etc, applying oils and looking around under bright light for any milligram of ‘new growth’. I think in a way I’ve been becoming too much of a mirror freak myself lately, and it all has to do with this hair thing basically.

  179. Don
    Don says:

    Hi Leo,

    yes that is me who posts on this site and commented on the gacia site as well.

    Hi Surewhynot,
    it’s not like I have money to burn- regarding seeking or choosing not to seek a refund. It is just so aggravating that someone missed it by 2 days and that kind of loop hole tells me that I would have a snow balls chance in Hell of recieving the refund. However I applaude you on going after them on pricipal-good for you.

  180. surewhynot
    surewhynot says:


    I went to Dr. Garcia’s website and read the comments there….of course your post was removed….My God…every response from him was…”oh yes, try scalp med, yes scalp med will help you, YES scalp med THIS and YES scalp med THAT”……not ONE criticism about the product…..well duh.

    For someone who claims he is not directly affiliated with the product or the company he sure is PUSHING IT!!!!! My favorites are the testimonials from the ones who have only been on the stuff for a couple weeks, and Presto…HAIR BE THERE! Hahahahahahah

  181. surewhynot
    surewhynot says:

    Oh yeah, and his comment about how blogs like this basically contain negative reviews by people being paid by competitors…..THAT IS THE BIGGEST LAUGH OF ALL.

    Let the buyer beware.

  182. Drew G.
    Drew G. says:

    Ok, everbody
    Let’s confess for a second here… We are all victims of hair loss right now or else we wouldn’t be looking at this webpage…Am I wrong? It’s understandable why we are angry about this, because with less hair, you lose beauty. But, taking your problems out on other people will not get us anywhere.
    When I read these blogs I hope to read personal expierences with products and hope to learn from people’s actions.
    It’s bad enough we have thousands of products out there to scam us of our money and more importantly our time. If you please we are all very vulnerable to products that say they will rejuvinate hair, So if you don’t mind, any person here trying to sell products are not welcome.
    Sherida – I’ve noticed that your name is on many other websites, stating the same thing you stated on this one almost word-for-word. It seems to me you spend a lot of time persuading other people to get this product. This tells me that your opinion is not valid whats-so-ever. Sorry, but if you can, leave this blog ASAP and never post anything again because your wasting our time. You are no longer a credible opinion source.
    For the others, I was wondering..Do you think Spectral DNC is better then rogaine?
    Please respond soon.

  183. Drew G.
    Drew G. says:

    I appreciate the effort for looking up the information, but it doesn’t answer the question, or I must have missed lead you. I meant to say do you think in regards to efficiency, and overall, could spectral DNC provide better results than rogaine?

  184. Don
    Don says:

    Look at # 214
    Alison is the one to ask-how about it.

    Alison how do you like using Spectral DNC?
    Discoloration of scalp?
    sensitivity to the sun?-well when it gets hotter will be the true test of that question.

    Any hair growth?
    Any side effects?

  185. Don
    Don says:

    hey Leo,

    I just saw that link of Sherida devine’s-thanks-boy even robert the moderator kicked her off. How can people be so cruel?

    I am sorry Sherida your credibility has been compromised. I assure you that if you had experienced this kind of results from scalpmed alone it would have been on the news. It would have been used as a human interest story at the very least.

    Bottom line-since scalpmed has minoxodil in it I ammaintining my hair-but i coulds have gooten that ame results by using rogaine extra strength for far less money-i am going to finish using the product
    then think long and hard whether iu choose to re-order. I am going to give a true shot.

    All the best to evryone going through losing their hair

  186. John
    John says:

    Hey, everybody. I’ve been taking avacor for a few years now. When running out of the formula, I’d notice I’d lose a lot more hair before I’d order some more, which was a bad idea to do. Anyway, I saw the scalpmed commercial, for the first time, lastnight. In reading all the comments in this site, I’m convinced not to buy the product. I spoke with my sister and her husband is taking a pill called procerin, and says that it’s working really well. I’m thinking about not ordering avacor, because lately I’ve noticed some more hairloss, and I’m thinking about getting procerin. I looked at different ratings and reviews on all hairloss suppliments and procerin ranked number 1. avacor is ranked like 4 or something. scalpmed is not ranking that high. I’ll let you know how the procerin works out.

  187. Leo
    Leo says:

    Hey there !

    Don! I don’t have anything against Sherida or anybody. I am simply trying to get a freaking solution for my balding problem .. thats it. I have tried everything I could and got nothing but a piss off. Sorry man u don’t.. I mean; U don’t even know what I have to go through everyday by wearing a cap on my head. I have seen a number of doctors too and took their prescribed medicines but no results watsoever. Anybody in my shoes can imagine how frustrating it is when u are doing everything u can and at the end don’t get anything. Why do you think a lot of people, especially me are against Sherida? Just think for a moment… Think. People who care about their looks see different celebrities swearing on the product. But what actually persuades them to buy is the doctors testimonials and finally Sherida (a regular person) who crys and testifies that Scalpmed worked wonders for her. People are attracted because they are desperate to get their hairs back ASAP. And so the story goes on….
    I am not talking about the money here. I am basically talking about the aggravation people go through when they don’t see the results. That aggravation alone is more than $177 (Price of Scalpmed Package). Thats why they hate Sherida and/or the developers.
    If you go to Dr Garcia’s website (in his qanda section), he has posted questions and comments that are praising Scalpmed. I asked him a question about 5 days ago that scalpmed had done nothing for me and that i was desperate for some help. Guess what! my question was removed from his website. That gives me the idea that Scalpmed is nothing but a big ass scam and a lot of us fell for it…


    Good luck with procerin man.. I used it about 3 years ago for 6months. It cost be back then about a $100 (shipping included). But nothing happened except me having an upset stomach..

    Good luck..

  188. John
    John says:

    hey leo, hopefully it’ll work. seems like avacor is atleast buying me some time. it certainly slows down the process of my hairloss to almost stabilizing it, but it is a little pricey. don’t get me wrong. i’d give anything to be where i was 5 years ago but time is running out and i wanna find something that works better than avacor. i’m hoping the procerin will atleast stop it completely until there’s a better answer. sorry to hear it gave you stomach problems. i hope it works better with my anatomy. i’ll definatly keep you posted. this is the coolest blog ever. oh, by the way, i’m 26 and i’m going bald, my dad is in his 50’s and he has the head of hair i had when i was 15! i never thought this would happen to me. i don’t want to lose this battle, but it’s kicking my ass!

  189. Don
    Don says:


    Do yourself a favor-Rogaine extra strength-once you start you cannot stop otherwise all the hair you prevent rom losin catches up and is lost quickly, take vitamins for the hair.

    Do not brush hair when wet, do not blow dry, use Nioxin shampoo
    trust me i wish someone told me this when i first started to show balding.
    Actually I used toi use Rogaine exra strenght-then stopped-big mistake!

  190. Edgar
    Edgar says:

    Just wanted to post up (*I’m a buddy of a guy who has posted here before, Nick, and he turned me onto this blog*) about my own experience with ScalpMed.

    I ordered, got it, tried it, and didn’t like it , basically because of the greasiness. Like other guys here have said you leave the house in the AM looking very very greasy with this stuff on your head, and particularly if you’re thin (which everybody here is I assume) it looks like you’ve got a wet head or something basically. And I DON’T like to sleep with stuff like this on my head. Furthermore, it did cause ‘scalp acne’ for me . Quite frankly.

    So I returned it. Within the waiting period to get my money back.

    That took like a month , three (very long ; be prepared to be on hold for a long time each time you call) phone calls, and two emails later. I DID get a full credit back to my CC. So I have to give them that. Just FYI, for anybody here who’s thinking of ordering it. I do believe it is possible to get your 178.41 back because I was able to, although I’d about given up on it for awhile there.

  191. alison
    alison says:

    hey guys-

    Don- been using Spectral DNC for 3-4 weeks now. Still really love it (i mean as much as anyone can “love” applying a topical 2x daily). Not greasy at all. Just spray it on, wait about 4-5 minutes till it dries, comb or brush through hair, and you are good to go. it’s like you never put anything in the hair.

    no discoloration for me. No sun sensitivity and i live in southern california. I think i recall reading something about the retinol levels in Spectral DNC being so minimal that sun exposure wasn’t an issue.

    as for your posting of the side effects of Spectral DNC- those are the SAME side effects that regular minoxidil and rogaine have. Spectral DNC is just saying that these could be enhanced in some people…because apparently, the delivery system of spectral dnc is such that 5% minoxidil acts more like a 10% in efficacy. check out their website. it talks about that.

    Another interesting thing that i’ve learned in researching minox,etc….. they say that if you apply minox or rogaine on WET HAIR (as scalp med and other tell you NOT to do), it actually increases the absorption rate of the minox. I guess they strongly advise you not to do it because of the potential for increased side effects (dizziness, chest pains,etc).

    anyway. i digress. obviously it is too soon to tell if Spectral DNC is working (3-4 weeks). I have only used minox 2% for 5 weeks before i started Spectral….not to mention 1-2 pathetic days of trying Scalpmed.

    Soo….i’ll have to wait a couple more months to say definitively yay or nay. but what i can say is that thus far spectral dnc is quite user friendly.

    hope this helps.

  192. Zet
    Zet says:

    Thanks Don.

    But a question to those of you on proscor. How were you able to get doc to write a prescription for it? And even if one does write a prescription, wouldn’t you need to keep going to that doc to re-new it. I mean heair transplant docs may give it to you once, but how would you get it again? I doubt I’d be able to pull off a quickie saying I have problems with a prostate being in my 20s. And something is telling me a dermatologist isn’t gonna be very interested in writing me prescriptions for random drugs.

    Any secrets on how to get it? It’s a huge different between paying $12/mo and $60/mo for an identical drug.

  193. delsey7
    delsey7 says:

    I ordered some scalpmed and the stuff better work! readers beware of this, when i ordered the stuff they told me it would arrive in about 21 business days, so i gave an additional $10.00 for rush shipping! the fools told me i would get it in 7-10 business days, it has been three weeks today and they failed to tell me that it is really 10-14 days after it is processed which is 4 days after the initial order! I may have an answer for the 60 day free trial period! lets say that millions of people are using this product and they’re revenue is sky high, all they have to do is put our money into a savings account and let it gain interest! after your not satisfied with your product, you return it and they give your money back like they said they would and they also made some interst in that two months! do this with millions of people and wah-la you’ve made some money legally! just a thought tho! I actually hope it works good luck everyone!!

  194. LORENZO
    LORENZO says:

    Hello everyone !

    My name is LORENZO , an italian guy from Los Angeles .
    I wanna tell you that i’m very depressed because of my hair loss problem.
    I tried natural remedies especially because i was told that you can achieve results without side effects at all but didn’t work for me.
    I dont want a hair transplant or a hair piece system because they are expensive , and dangerous (hair transplant ) for your health .
    I want something that can grow my OWN NATURAL HAIR BACK.
    I heard about SCALPMED from a Tv comercial and i wanna tell you that i tried some other medications like SCALPMED in the past with no results.
    I have read all your comments and i noticed some of them .

    Some people say that they bought SCALPMED and they tried for 2 or 4 months with results over 40 %.
    I’m very impressed ! Amazing !

    Others say that they are not satisfied and want their money back.
    I wanna know if this company ( Modern Health Labs, Inc.) whos responsible for selling SCALPMED is honest with you guys and returning your money back as they said in the tv comercial .

    P.S. : I intend to buy SCALPMED but before i do that i want to know real facts .

  195. delsey7
    delsey7 says:

    whats up lorenzo? i’m not a doc. but all i can say is there is nothing out there that will completly restore your hair! I think scalpmed could work based on some of the testimonials on t.v. (sherida devine) for example! she had put in a prayer request and i hope that her testimony is a prayer answered. I must say that i too prayed for my hair to be restored and the next day i saw scalpmed and sherida on t.v.! I do believe in jesus and i hope he wants me to have my hair! If not, scalpmed won’t work for me and i’ll shave my head and live with it! I will keep you in formed with progress with scalpmed! I will be getting it tomorrow sat apr 1st and i’ll let you know how it goes!

  196. Brandon
    Brandon says:

    Hey all. I am 21 and still have a lot of hair, but it is thinning and or receeding along the temples. I have used Scalpmed since Jan. 24, 2006 until the two month supply ran out a week or so ago. I have not seen ANY new growth, but having said that, I think it may have slowed down my hairloss because I am not losing as much as I was before using the product. I think I want the refund though. Frankly I can’t tell if it slowed down hairloss but I sure as hell can tell I have not grown any new hair. It may work for you, but it didn’t really for me.

  197. Edgar
    Edgar says:

    Brandon, You can’t get the refund I don’t believe unless it’s within the 60 day “trial period”. You’d have to wait and see what other posters here say, but I believe that was the stipulation ScalpMed put forth. I remember reading from some other posters here who said that when they returned the product, even within the 60 day period, but having used some of it, they had a really hard time getting that money credited back to them. It’s worth a call to their cust.service line, but I’m not sure they’ll do much right now considering the “60 day rule”.

  198. Don's Nemesis
    Don's Nemesis says:


    Your points are wacky at best…comparing a sweetener to a prostate drug…very insightful!

    Congrats on your “gut” being such a great prognosticator. Does it pick stocks too? How bout a few tips?

    Your Nemesis

  199. Don
    Don says:

    Hi Clari (alias being don’s nemesis)
    Are you flirting with me? Sorry I have a girlfriend.

    So am I to asume that other drugs that I personally feel are suspect and have patterns that are similar-I should not compare the two based on their use. That is just ridiculous, my sister who is a nurse who is in the medical profession also advises against that-but as always Clari-you forgot to mention a pertinent part .

    As I have told you before and apparently other’s who read your comments-you need to grow up, if you do not like what i say then ignoe me. But your comments have no place here. GROW UP!

  200. Don's Nemesis
    Don's Nemesis says:

    Thanks, Don, for your fine analysis. You make unsubstantiated claims about products you know nothing about and pass them off as informed opinions…now THAT’s what I’d call ridiculous.

    Given that you’ve tried Scalpmed as well as who knows what other snake oil for your shiny head, you have no credibility here.

  201. Don
    Don says:


    You hide behind several aliases-real ethical huh?
    You must be one bitter woman-I feel sorry for you.
    And incidentally you cannot see my scalp at all if you bothered to read my prior posts I am thinning-full coverage but still self conscious about my thinning, however I have a heck of a lot of hair for a 44 year old.

    As you can see Zet and other’s have posted that you are hostile and really do not have any right to tell someone that they have no credibility.
    I never said they were facts just feeling about products that I am genuinely suspect of. I never claimed to say that I was right and that I can back it up with facts-not about this anyway-but as usual you have twisted my words to fit nicely into your own little diatribe that you like to go off on when you see fit.

    lets just not comment to one another any longer-lets both be mature and let it go -from now on.

  202. Donchuco
    Donchuco says:

    Something is really funny about this “Scalp Med” product. Wanna know what it is? How come sherida is the only person that keeps on talking about that the product had worked for her? what about all the other people who were in the infomercial? Why haven’t they said anything about the product? I have gone to numerous website and the first thing that popped in my face is her name. What the hell is this? Just to show this is a scam. Try to type her name on the website such as yahoo…then you will see something. it will automatically send you to scalp med website or you will see her name. She even has her own website talking about the product. Yeah right…If god trully blessed you by making your hair grow back, I hope he makes you go bald again for lying to these innocents people out there. Why haven’t no body else said anything about their results? I guess it worked for her better. Am out…peace.

  203. Vinny
    Vinny says:

    I did a Google search and found this thread in the hope of learning something worthwhile about ScalpMed. Instead I read flame wars, bullshit advice (ie: rubbing piss or onions on your head), and self righteous, know-it-all comments from all sides of the hairloss issue.

    And yet, through all 273 posts, and over a year since the product has been introduced, NOBODY has posted a link to SHOW the results THEY have achieved (or have not) with the use of this product.

    Now, is there anybody here who can PROVE or DISPROVE the effectiveness of this product?

  204. Vinny
    Vinny says:

    Thanks Don’s Nemesis. (For adding to what isn’t the least bit helpful here that is)

    Why don’t you two get a room and get it over with?

  205. Don
    Don says:

    hi Vinny,

    I agree this is getting out of hand however in my defense
    If you look at all my previous posts you will see that I have answered and asked questions that are very much relevant. It’s this lady-(Clari, Don’s Nemesis and whatever pseudonym she goes by ) who is creating a negative vibe-I am trying to be a gentleman about it-she just will not let up.

  206. Vinny
    Vinny says:


    I will agree that you have taken the high road in your posts here. However, I guess I’m not understanding WHY Clari feels the need to combat you here? Moreover, how do you know this person is Clari?

    I’ve gone though all the posts on this blog. No “Clari” makes/signs a post. There is a Clarae in posts #100, 101 & 161, to which you respond CORDIALLY in posts #104 & 163. Now, if this is the same person to which you are referring, clearly somewhere off site things went bad, and got personal between you two. Thus my statement. Otherwise somthing isn’t adding up here.

  207. JJ
    JJ says:

    People you got to Understand that Companies do this for SelfGain nothing more.Scalpmed looks like a Scam just like Any Other Formula in todays modern World.Til you Actually Try it then you can base the fact if it does work or not.

    I believe in the advancement of a Cure for baldness but it takes research and Development.It is a Business therefore people will try to be profitable with there products and its a shame.Like I said Will there ever be a cure?I dunnot but Since Half of the Mens population is bald it makes me wonder What really causes baldness?

    I think people have to live with the fact wabout Hair Loss but damn it is a Self concious World and Image is what gets you throught the Door so Not being Confident is what Hurts the most.

    Just do your research people Scam or no Scam there is always a Answer to a problem.

  208. Don
    Don says:


    Clarae-was beligerant when I had asked anyone who had some reults to send me a photo of before and after to my personal email so I can see for myself-she being a lady took it as if i was asking her personally communicate-since we do not know each other she started calling me Ted Bundy highly offensive and cruel she was inferring that it was creepy of me to ask her for her photo-meanwhile as I pointed out it was a general request to men or women-not gender specific. No harm-but apparently Clarae took it personal-clearly a problem case.

  209. Vinny
    Vinny says:


    That explains it. Off site communication as I presumed. If your account is the whole story then yeah, she’s got issues.

    Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

  210. Don
    Don says:

    Hi Vinny,

    yes here are the posts that are relevant

    By the way Clarae also goes btu another alias-my pal Joey
    Don- #’s 66,77,87,90,

    Allen -#97

    clarae 100, 101,

    Don- #’s102, 104

    my pal joey (clarae) *118

    susan’s remarks 120

    I rest my case

  211. Brandon
    Brandon says:

    I’ve just turned 18 And I’ve been losing my hair for two years now.
    I’m grateful that I don’t have a full out bald spot before i graduate but it’s close.
    Now I’m giong out with a girl a year younger than me and I’m coming back an extra year of highschool. But I feel bad that she’ll be dating a balding guy at such a young age.
    I could probably get over going bald. However I don’t want her to have to be ashamed of me.
    If anyone has anything that has helped them email me at
    I appreciate your help.
    Thank you.

  212. truthful rep
    truthful rep says:

    I am a customer service rep for scalp med. I came across this website while looking for another company calling themselves Scalp Meds. I have read almost all of the entries here for Scalp Med. First i would like to say that not everything works for everyone, and that is why we have the 60 day and 6 month money back guarantee. We will be the first to tell you that nothing is 100% in this world. Also, there is NO CURE for hair loss. What there is though is a way to minipulate the folicile into producing hair for people. That is where we come in. Also, I see that Mr. Uribe says that he called and requested his money back and they denied his request because he was 2 days late???? I would have to question this because we are not a stickler to the 60 days, we are pretty leanient about the guarantee. Now if you call us 4 months down the line and you have a 60 day guarantee you may not be issued an RMA number. But i have given people from December return authorizations personally (note we are in the middle of April). Also note that is from the rec’d date not the ship date. Also You will get a refund if you use all the product because we want you to use it to see if it works. Normally we tell the customer to empty the bottles before returning so leakage dosent occur. I don’t know where some of these answers come from on this site. Maybe some people are mad because we don’t return the shipping and handeling??? i don’t know. Also it does take 3 weeks from the day you send the product back to recieve your credit. Unless you request a tracking confirmation number from the postoffice and call us back with it, then we will credit you the same day. Anyhow, I know that sometimes when things are on T.V. they may be decieving but i can tell you that we try to provide the most acurate information possible to the customer before they purchase the product in Scalp Med customer service department. I know many people will be skeptical and say that i have to say these things but i don’t…i am doing this on my own time. I was just a little upset with some of the misinformation that was posted and felt i needed to get the correct info to the public. If scalp med didn’t work we still wouldn’t be in business and i definately wouldn’t have a job. I speak to people everyday about there results and the ones with no results. This product does realy work. Some people do take a little longer then others. It can take anywhere from 45 days to 4 months to see results. People also have to keep in mind that it took time for there hair to fall out so it will take time for there hair to grow. For VINNY i hope this helped you at least a little bit. Just remember if anyone tells you that you will get 100 % results they are lying…Nothing in life is 100%…There is always room for error in everything. I say try it out and see how you like it. If it don’t work your only out the 18.61 shipping and handeling fees. I have so much i want to say but i think i am just babbling so i will go for now…call customer service we will answer all your questions…

  213. truthful rep
    truthful rep says:

    Hello Vinny,

    I am going to answer the questions you asked to the best of my knowledge.

    !. Yes, 1 of the proven ingredients in Scalp Med is Minoxidle ( not sure how to spell sorry). The reason you spend more for Scalp Med is the combination of the minoxidle and other ingredients actually make the hair grow (call customer service they will happily give you the ingredients of all products) it not a secret. You see people who have only used minoxidle alone don’t get the desired results, then theyt ry Scalp Med. Scalp Med has other ingredients that not only help grow hair but also strenthen the new hair, and moisturize the scalp so you keep your new hair.

    Now just so you know, to me it doesn’t matter weather you purchase scalp med or not. My whole reason for ever posting in the first place was all the lies about our policies that i knew for a fact were not true. So i hope this does help, but my question to you is, have any of you that haven’t ordered or used scalp med ever called customer service and asked any questions to get your own answers instead of a bunch of second hand info and a bunch of probablies.

    I have no problem answering but just so you know, i don’t know the scientific side hair growth but what i do know is if it doesn’t work you can get your money back…

    Well Vinny i hope i was some help and oh and sorry it took about 24 hours to get to you.

    2. Well, i’m not a scientist so i don’t know the technical reasons, but i will try to answer with what i do know. What i’ve been told is that the product stimulates the the follicle and blood flow to produce hair. This is why when you stop using the product your hair goes back to the original state it was in before it was used.

  214. Thatbalddudeyoualwaysee
    Thatbalddudeyoualwaysee says:

    I’ve been bald since I was 20..and I’ve accepted the fact. I buy yearly supplies of Mach 3 razors and let er’ rip….my baldness has grown in me and I don’t let it get in the way of my life…I hope you guys have the same courage………………waiting for a cure.

  215. edgewater jerz
    edgewater jerz says:


    Scalpmed is expensive minoxidil. Yes, it has retinol in it, however, like i previously stated on the 2nd or 3rd message here, it DEEPLY INFLAMES your scalp. SCALPMED is a big SNAKEOIL.

    What do you guys think about Tricomin/Copper Peptides? Please let me know, it seems pretty interesting and legit.

  216. Vinny
    Vinny says:

    I see it’s taking more than “24 hours” for Truthful Rep to get back to me on my follow up response. Somehow I’m not surprised.

  217. Diane
    Diane says:

    Hey guys & gals, I thought I’d let you know that I’ve been using Spectral DNC also for two weeks now. I noticed that there was another female on this blog, and I went ahead and ordered. It’s not greasy, and it dries fast. I have a few gray hairs (probably from the stress of hair loss!), and it leaves a tint of yellow on them, but I’m blond anyway! I was borderline hypothyroid awhile back, and I was put on Synthroid, (which probably also caused some hair loss) I have some thinning on top above my bangs which started a year and a half ago. I’ll let you know how I make out…I believe I have to use it for around 2 to 3 months!?

  218. Diane
    Diane says:

    P.S. I also posted #83 and #84. And no…I haven’t seen any new hair growth from a transplant that I had done back on 12/7/05! Just some of the “shocked” hair trying to grow back! I have less hair now, than when I went in! Even the donor area is growing back sparse! It’ll be five months next week! It was a bad move!!! But maybe it was just a bad doctor, and a lousy procedure! That’s why I’m trying minoxidil, which I should of tried in the first place.

  219. Angela
    Angela says:

    Wow. Lots of information here, lots to digest. Wish I had seen this blog-thing before I ordered the ScalpMed. But – live and learn, I guess. Don, thanks for the unbiased information you impart and thanks to the rest of you for your comments good and bad. I hate to think that I got “suckered” and will be extremely on top of any progress (or lack thereof). I will take pictures and keep you posted. I’m thinking of using the ScalpMed exclusively for the 2 months for purposes of getting a pure “test” of the product’s effectiveness. I have never used anything like this on my hair before so have nothing to compare it to. I have just used volumizing shampoos, etc. If this works, I’ll let you all know. If it doesn’t, well . . . you’ll be hearing from me about that as well. If it works, but seems to need a little “boost,” perhaps I will incorporate some of the things some of you use (vitamins, that Spectral DNC, etc., but am gonna stay away from the onions and urine concoctions for now) that have been working for you thusfar.

    Just a bit about me: I am a 50 yr. old woman and I have been losing my hair noticeably since I am 16. Just recently (about 5 years ago), I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian disease which is pretty much just what the name implies – however, there’s a lot of other stuff that comes with it and apparently I got ’em all. Hair loss, weight issues, infertility, bad skin, (get this) inappropriate facial hair (my all-time favorite), and the promise of more issues in the future – diabetes, heart disease, etc. I sound real attractive, no?? lol (Actually, I’m quite cute and don’t look 50 . . .) The only reason I thought to go to an endocrinologist was because my mom was reading a magazine in the dentist’s office and saw a photo of an overweight, balding woman in an article (with an advertisement for milk w/Christie Brinkly opposite) and rather than look at that milk photo and say, “Gee, I should call my Angela,” she read the article about the fat, bald woman and thought of me. So . . . I went to the dr. to check it out and he confirmed what I suspected (after doing some research) to be true. He was really surprised when I told him that I had a child (at that time 4, now he’s 9), given that I tried to get pregnant for about 10 yrs. prior with no luck. He never mentioned that I could do anything about the hair loss, but helped me with regulating my sugar, etc.

    I’d be happy if the ScalpMed kept the hair from falling out. When I was pregnant and taking those maternity vitamins, my hair was thick and full and gorgeous. That, and my son, were the only good things about being pregnant, though. Anyone look into taking pregnancy vitamins for their hair?

    Anyhow – thanks again for all your comments and research and sharing your thoughts. I’ll keep you posted. Good luck to all of you.

  220. Vinny
    Vinny says:

    Seems my last “24 hour” response from Truthful Rep has now turned into a week (and counting). Given my 2 follow up questions, perhaps Truthful Rep has run out of truthful information to share here.

  221. edgewater jerz
    edgewater jerz says:


    have you seen that product “headblade” it’s small and specifically made or guys who shave their heads completely. I think the razor is 10 bucks and you can replace the razors with any ordinary razor- i think a 2 or 3 blade, not sure ,but walgreens has it. They have these other products that protect the scalp and stuff. Let me know if you have looked into and like it. (no i don’t work for headblade, just figured headblade would be easier on ya).


  222. James Le Mieux
    James Le Mieux says:

    Been using the product for two months now with no emmediate results. Giving it one more monyh before asking for a refund.

    This is only what I have found with the product. There are those who claim better results tahn those I got.

  223. bobbym
    bobbym says:

    im 32, male, was in a band during my college years, i sport a long thick hair, during my 21-25 years, then i started to notice my hair falling off, when i was 26, it started as an itchy scalp, so i scratched it and scrathed it, and i was noticing the floor and my drawer to be filled up with my hair. so i cut my long hair to the normal good boy cut, then the barber told me, that i may be balding in this spot. that made me so consious about going bald, and i think the “placebo effect” took its toll, and i always fear of going bald, because i previously sport this thick hair, that people actually envy. by the time i was 26, i started putting minoxidil on my scalp, and i think that worked, so i stopped using it. i was happy to have the fullness of hair i once enjoyed, then it started to fall off again, so i took some vitamins ( super hair , chinese kinda of vitamins ) it has inositol, bla bla bla, and every kind of vitamin that i researched to suppposed to grow the hair back, and so it did again, i was happy and stopped using it, then again, my hair started to fall off, this time, i was really tired, but i still dont want to be a bald dude, i do comb overs, and no one can notice it, its only me and the mirror, and my gf. im scared of high winds, i fear rain, coz that would show my bald spot, so i use gel during those times to keep my hair steady, i tried, those sebum intoxifiers bla bla. then finally , i decide on having a hair transplant, so i did, now my hair is thick on top, and i can see without those transplants, my crown could be shiny as crystal ball, but then again, my transplants was a bit early, so the other spots that did not have transplants starts to fall off now, and im tired of hiding my bald spot, and im actully thinking of going to some transplants again, i dont want to shave my head, becuase i have a scar on back of my head from ear to ear, kinda hard to explain that back feature, to some concerning minds. so i tried scalpmed, so far, im with scalpmed for only a week. only one comment i can say, i’ll take the weekly pictures on top of my head, so i’ll get the 5,000 $ , i think its working, placebo or not, i can see dramatic difference, and small baby hairs are starting to accumulate.

    peace out.

  224. bobbym
    bobbym says:

    i also took finastiride, sebum inhibitors, minoxidil, some worked, some not. worked for a while.

    im thinking of experimenting.

    since hair loss is genetical, due to poor blood flow, how about if someone is willing to take bumble bee stings to the scalp, that might wake up the follicles and start growing like crazy, if someone will experiment on that, pls. let us know about the progress.

    peace out,

  225. JJ
    JJ says:

    Comment on #285: It does not appear to be possible to make an informed decision to return the Scalpmed product after 60 days because it admittedly takes up to 4 months to see results.
    Comment on #287: Thanks for the LA Times link

  226. Jasmine P
    Jasmine P says:

    Hi sherida Devine, Ijust want to say your love for God and inspirational testomony cnvience me to get the scalpmed. I have been using it for two months and have seen a big difference. I give all honor and praise to God for making this possible.


  227. Brad
    Brad says:

    I have just started to use ScalpMed for a week now. I will post in when I am done with the product in 7 weeks and tell everyone if it worked for me. I hope it works. If anyone used it and it worked then post, we all would like to know!

  228. Vinny
    Vinny says:

    You’re kidding, right Jasmine? You don’t seriously think God has anything to do with infomercials, or ScalpMed and charging people $80 for $10 worth of Rogaine do you? Last I checked the God I read about isn’t in the selling miracles business, regardless of what you might hear from your favorite TV evangelist.

  229. Max
    Max says:

    The only way to scientifically prove that a product is working just as its manufacturer claims is a double blind clinical trial. There are enough volunteers out there for a product like this one, and it shouldn’t be hard to do it at all. Unless ScalpMed can offer such proof, consider it a hoax.

  230. Drew G.
    Drew G. says:

    hey bobbyM,

    If you want to increase blood flow to your head, then hang your head upside down for a week or 2. tell me how it goes.

  231. Frank
    Frank says:

    hieee guys!!! i had hair transplanted front side. before under go operation i studied and gather information about hair growth. Hair needs juicy fats to keep wet its root. its all should come from inside (internal) body. if u apply some thing outside of the (external) body, It won’t be effective on hair growth. In these days only advanced technology is hair transplantation. But its very painful operation. “beauty is painful”. its like open heart surgery “stitches”, back side of the head called donor area. head swells like hell it becomes chineese face for two weeks. need to sleep only sides not even think good sleep for a month with pleasure. Your Hands tries to touch transplanted hair, some times blood comes out with gentle touch. its like hell, total 2%anestetia 32 injections on my head for 1000 grafts. contract for 1000, but they did only 750, can’t even able to count.If u ask them that they didn’t put total grafts, they tell u count urself its 1000 grafts, it seems u r foolish guy infront of intelligence. then u think u don’t know mathematics to count. F**K man!! every where “fraud” ,”Fraud” and
    “*ULL_*HIT” in this baldness cure.

    I think in future! people gonna discover curing AIDS and CANCER But not ” BALDNESS”…LOL

    my suggestion is go for tonsure, eat vegitables, Fruits, good fitness and to show people “u r handsome”.

    baldhead with good physic is sexiest and sexualy powerfull, cuz , have good reasons in science .
    thin Physic guys have good hair , extra pounds guys don’t. take examples u will known it.

    one more thing ” smoking also make u hairfall 100% more ” cuz it contain nicotine.

    my opinion ” to have good hair growth, needed good medicine from inside the (internal) body, not from outside (external) applyings.

    hmm!!! guys !! any thing lack of knowledge in my review, TAKE IT EASY.

  232. Leo
    Leo says:

    Hey everybody..
    Sorry for not being on the forum. Its just I have been busy studying for my finals.
    I went through a number of posts. Now I see another woman, Jasmine claiming that Scalpmed worked on her. Scalpmed, as we all know is different for men and women, it seems that its working for a few women. Haven’t heard anything from males yet.

  233. hash
    hash says:

    hey guys… try the onions juice or water and put it on ur head at night time. it works. don’t worry guys it want kill you. wash your head before you put it on! do it at lest for 2 to 3 weeks. if it didnt work then try the scalpmed.

  234. Max
    Max says:

    Leo, when will this guessing game nonsense stop? Working? Not working? This is the 21st century man! Have you ever heard of a scientific method? Clinical trials? That is where the evidence will be found, not in anecdotal working-nonworking cases.

    If manufacturers of this and other “cures” were honest, they would have undertaken clinical trials long time ago. It is NOT, however, in their be$$$t interest to do so. I have personally approached several companies that sell all sorts of cures for this and that asking them about double blind clinical trials to support their claims an guess what? NEVER, EVER GOT A RESPONSE FROM ANYONE!

  235. jim
    jim says:

    How do these infomercials keep running if these are all scams? i have tried everything and nothing worked, so i went and had a transplant (hair graphs) it’s the only thing that worked, i used Rogaine,avacor and this scam scalpmed. Why does the Federal Trade Commission let these hair scams stay in business? If this isn’t the fleecing of America what is? ugh!!

  236. Don
    Don says:

    Hey guys,

    I was away on vacation and just now have had a chance to catch up. Having read your comments and having tested the product giving it a real chance-I have concluded that for me Rogaine is the only way to go. I will not be renewing my order with ScalpMed. As a matter of fact the reason these people on the infomercial’s hair looks thicker is because of a spray that thickens your hair temporarilly-I chose not to use it. I wanted to see if the proiduct couldwork on its own merit.

    So for a couple of you who may have suspected that I had ties to the product – you were clearly wrong. Because the product does have minoxodil- I was able to maintain the growth and had achieved some noticeable hair growth along my hairline using purely Rogaine extra strength and nutrihair vitamins. however i cannot justify the expense when i can go out and buy the extra rogaine for a great deal less.
    I believe someone said you can even get it cheaper in Costco.
    I have made my decision-ScalpMed did not work for me.

  237. jim
    jim says:

    Well i wasn’t gullable enough to believe it would take a Qball and turn into a carpet full of hair, so i had transplants done a few years ago which turned out great, my forehead was turning into a 5 head lol, but 80% of your look is your hairline, so i had my hairline restored, now that i am getting older my hair is thinning in the back, so i was atleast hoping ScalpScam would give me some hair cover in the back, because Rogaine sure hasn’t. But what makes the hair look thinner is the scalp gleaming in the light lol, so i purchased some toppik and use it very liberal and it helps cover the balding spots, actually the toppik with hair transplants makes for a good look. But at the end of the day we just have to accept getting older, and the older we get the more we have to find ways to cover our bald spots which turns into combovers and other embarrasing methods lol ugh

  238. B-man
    B-man says:

    Hello, everyone!

    I was browsing through online and came across Aminexil, some new solution that claims to regrow hair.

    Anyone tried it?

    There are numerous products that contain Aminexil, and reading other forums, many claim that it helped their hair regrowth.

    Anyone had any experience with it?

  239. Eddie L.
    Eddie L. says:


    I am also a child of God, and would like to thank you for your comments. I am researching this product for my mother and you helped me make the decision to recommend it to her. I know that it may not work for everyone, because your blessing may not be for her. But if God used it once, that’s all I need to know.

    Eddie L.

  240. Vinny
    Vinny says:

    Eddie L. I hope you’re kidding because I’m LMAO!

    If not, reference my post #304. The same God that created and controls the heavens, earth, and affairs of man needs ScalpMed to grow hair. Yeah, sure.

  241. Pathan
    Pathan says:

    A question for you Sherida….

    I have been using Scalpmed, its been around a month or a few days up and down. I have started to see new hair growing in the receeding hairline area. I cannot see the back of my head thus i cant tell if i am growing anything in my vertex.

    Now the question is, since i am seeing new hair, i am excited, but they seem to be thin and far apart from each other. Should i wait a little longer and see.. Would i be noticing more hair or is it goign to be looking like just a few hair growing left and right rather than some good improvement.. By far i know its been only a month and the rests are pretty good..

    Just for the readers to know.. I do have a very healthy life style lately. I eat a lot of fruits, i eat 5 to 6 times a day, i workout, i am 26. I haevnt lost all my hair but got thin in my vertex and my receding area, dont know what type that is called. I do see results with small hair growing all around but do not buy the product yet untill you hear some astonishing results in the next month or two from me..

    Sherida, There are a few pics on Scalpmed website which are kinda confusing.. this one guy says he grew his hair in 5 week. No seriouly, Even if this guy grew his hair then how did he manage to grow it like 2 inches in 5 weeks or so.. Is there something else to grow hair.. hahaha.. Just kidding!!! The product does have promising results but some of the pictures on the site just might be too much to swallow…

  242. John
    John says:

    Hey Everyone!

    How’s it going? I just saw an informercial for ScalpMed and everytime I see it, I’m always tempted to dial in or go online and purchase it. However, I’m trying to fight it. I’m 21, Male, and is thinning really bad. I still have hair; it’s just really thin and embarrassing to walk out in the sun as you can see the scalp right through. I started using Rogaine 5% extra strength about two months ago (after I completely shaved my head) and ever since using it, my hair loss has COMPLETELY stopped. I use to shower and see stands of hair as I was shampooing. I don’t see that anymore, which is good and I’m seeing strands of hair popping out along the hairline.

    I really want to give ScalpMed a try and was wondering what other alternatives do I have? Should I stick with just Rogaine 5%?

  243. Pathan
    Pathan says:

    JOhn dude,

    Today one of my co-workers told me that my head looks fuller which is pretty tight man. Scalpmed is kinda working for me. i am 26 thus not that far apart man.. but dude, when i was 21 bro, that is when my hair was getting really thin and i shaved my head till date and finally started growing it out and Wallaaaaaa.. i see the damn thing has got some hair popping on the vertex and crown.. But one thing is there, the hair is thin, maybe after a while it would grow more in number and thickness.. Never used MInoxidoil 5 %, Not sure if both of these things are alike and work the same but from what i hvae heard is that Mioxidil got itching and stuff and it works mainly in the crown. Is that true????? I got one more month to go before the scalp med thing ends.. Wish me luck.. will keep you uptodate..

  244. John
    John says:


    Hey man, thanks for the input. Yeah, I’m thinking about shaving my head again, and just little a little fuzz on all around. Minoxidoil 5% has stopped my hair loss completely. But now that you mentioned you, yeah, my scalp has been getting really itchy the last few days and it’s annoying. I don’t know what to do. I want to stop using it, but I know my hair will start falling out again. Do you have a before and current photo of your head by any chance?

  245. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Good to hear abt your results , I am using scalpmed from last 4 days, lets see if it works for me. I am 28 and have got my hair thining all over my head.
    would appreciate if you could share yr before and after snaps.
    Will keep you guys posted about my results.

  246. Fine Blonde Hair
    Fine Blonde Hair says:

    I’ve been using ScalpMed since March 2006 & have been VERY pleased with the results. I’ve got very fine straight hair, receding in the front and a “skull cap” on top. The rest is growing like it did “back in the day”. Anyway, since March I’ve seen fuller thicker hair, “fill in” hair along my hairline, and new growth on the skull cap. For those who said it’s “greasy”, all you need to do is massage it in better. I’ve noticed that as my hair has gotten thicker, it takes less time to dry and not be greasy after an application.

    Overall I’m real pleased with the product & will continue to refill my order.


  247. Pathan
    Pathan says:


    Yoo! SO, i think i have my before pictures on my PC. I am not taking the after pictures yet. Well, iw as thinking of taking it after a month but man, i rather wait the whole 2 months before taking the second snap shot.. Just today, i looked into my head again(i mean i look everyday :)) It seems to me that i am seeing more and more hair bro.. I am really not sure about the crown area thou but hopefully that is filling up too..

    I can send you the before pictures, just send me a black email at and i will be more than happy to send you the before pictures and probably after i get the after one, i will send you that.. I am going to tell you this Man, I am pleased by the reasult, the thought of any hair growing back is kinda fun to know.. I just hope its not like empty empty and it fills up my head…

    I will keep you posted..

  248. Pathan
    Pathan says:

    Fine Blond Hair dude, one question, Okay, my side lines are filling up and and my hair is getting thicker, But tell me something, Did your crown fill up too? Nice, i need mine to fill up. :).. Great. My friends uncle got most of his hair back using it and i hope the same happens for me.. Keepin my fingers crossed.. and yah about the greasy thing, dudesss, just massage it in real well and it will do the trick.. Lazy folks who complain about it..

  249. Fine Blonde Hair
    Fine Blonde Hair says:


    My crown is taking the longest. I’m seeing progress though on the outer edge of the crown (rough description of the area) and it looks like it’s closing in (making the crown spot smaller). It’s still necessary to use Toppik to cover it up but I’m needing less now. I honestly can’t wait to see what it’ll be by the end of the summer & then end of the year.


  250. literally
    literally says:

    stand on your head while drinking iced aloe water with a nice application of chopped onions garlic and sunflower oil and wash out with buckuct of your own urine then message yourself to sleep

  251. Pathan
    Pathan says:

    Literally, are u really crazy, My freakin Urine.. are u Mad? I know about the garlic remedy, but dont know about the whole Urine rememdy.. i tried the garlic remedy before but without standing upside down. i will try it if my scalpmed dont worry.. Besides, i am getting tired of apllying it twice a day… Gosh, is there a miracle drug to take once and get it over with :(

  252. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    The onion juice on scalp does work!

    I’m 33 and have been losing hair since around puberty. I’ve been trying to get the hair loss to lessen/stop with no success (Rogain, supplements). No reason for the hair loss. My hair stylist said there was an indian woman with hair loss who tried onion juice on her scalp and it worked. So I tried it. My mother who has excess hair shedding tried it as well.

    What we did was juice about 1/2 an onion (it produces a lot of juice), and rub it into your scalp. Rub it in well, this is important. Then wrap your hair in bag (I use a grocery bag since I have tons of them). Let it stay on for about 45 minutes. Then shampoo and condition like usual. Do this about 2 or 3 times a week. Don’t save any left over juice. Always make it fresh. My mom did it alost every day. Smell is pretty bad and lingers for a few days, so I don’t recommend doing it every day. Within one week my hair loss went from about 250 hairs a day to about 50. I was in shock. I haven’t been doing this long, maybe about 2 weeks, but I can’t believe my hair loss has slowed down SO FAST. My mother as well has noticed the same results.

    I highly recommend giving it a shot. You don’t even need to do it that long to see it really working. I know I haven’t been doing it for very long, but I’m a believer in it and will continue to do it.

  253. mira
    mira says:

    There is a rememdy but it needs to be honed. Onions and cayenne tincture! I tried pure onion on my head several times. Smells awful but what a tingle I felt. Not just a tingle like a sting, but it felt like I could actually feel a hair pushing up through the scalp. It’s hard to believe, but absolutely true. I never felt anything like it from any product. I felt it twice. If someone can come up with a way to de-scent onions I think we’ll have an amazing remedy. If it didn’t smell so bad, I’d do it every other day.

  254. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Hey, I guess let me try the onions thing, when i am done with scalp med, Which onions are better Red or White ?

  255. jim
    jim says:

    Onion Juice?? LOL!!!!! Oh my Fkn God i heard it all now!! after i rub onion on my head i will cook some eggs and potatos up there to LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  256. Bygon
    Bygon says:

    After going through this blog, I’m tempted to go ahead and take the Scalpmed challenge. I’m 32 and thinning on top. I’ve been using Nixon for about 10 years now. Maintenance seems to be fine, but I’m looking for some more growth. I tried Proscar for about 6 months and saw no results, so I stopped taking it. I’ll try and keep you updated on my progress. Thanks to all the posters, this is an excellent resource.

  257. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    I am using the white onions, but I believe both would work. Also if you add cayanne pepper…what a tingle you’ll get!

  258. Fine Blonde Hair
    Fine Blonde Hair says:


    I think if you follow the instructions you should be happy with the results. I’ve been thinning on top for roughly 5 years… and I’ve been using Scalpmed for 3 months. Nobody can realistically expect the hair to grow back in just a few months. I’m seeing improvements though already(thicker hair, areas filling in,etc) and think that eventually I won’t need to cover it up anymore.

    Good luck!

  259. Bygon
    Bygon says:

    kstar – You really can’t. Sometimes you just have to role the dice. If it works, it works, if it doesn’t, I’ll send it back. Hopefully I can get the refund if things don’t work out.

  260. Pathan
    Pathan says:

    Guys, here is a trick question. It sounds stupid. I work in the IT world and been using this Scalpmed thing.Lately i am experiencing Heavy memory loss. I am forgetting words as simple as “Required”. Does memory loss have anything to do with these hair products??

  261. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Pathan……..are u kidding, I am also working in IT from last 8 years and I am also using the same product “Scalpmed” and I dont think it has anything to do with memory loss.
    I have also used minoxdil before.

  262. Fine Blonde Hair
    Fine Blonde Hair says:


    15 DAYS??? LOL, I’d say you have to give it more time than that. Like I’ve said before, I’ve been losing hair over the last 5 years and finally after 3 months I’m seeing positive results.

  263. jim
    jim says:

    They want to keep charging me $18 for shipping and handling (Scalpmed)and it takes over 10days for shipping, i told them if they can’t get it to me quicker than 10days for charging me $18 shipping i will pass, they didn’t even care, so they can take there scam-med and stick it

  264. Pretty Girl J
    Pretty Girl J says:

    I have been using scalpmed for about four months, my hair started growing back very full and think and I was loving it, eventually I started to notice my face was becoming very hairy I grew side burns ladies,my legs beacame hairy with thick hair growing on it. My arms became very hairy too, I had to stop using it and let God.

  265. seekingthetruth
    seekingthetruth says:

    Scalpmed is a product sold by Modern Health Laboratories, Inc. a California corporation with its principal place of business located in the L.A. area in Culver City, California. Modern Health Labs is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has an “average” rating from the Better Business Bureau. A company called Harmony Labs did receive an approved Abbreviated New Drug Application from the FDA for its proprietary formulation of Theroxidil, which is the Minoxidil-based formula used in Scalpmed. The cosmetic and pharmaceutical company Harmony Labs is a North Carolina corporation owned by Dogwood Equity, which is a North Carolina investment company. Harmony labs is a product development company, and it seems they licensed (or perhaps sold) the Theroxidil formulation to Modern Health Laboratories to use in that company’s Scalpmed product.
    I can conclude from my research that Modern Health Laboratories is a legitimate company and that Scalpmed is at least a safe product and should work at least as well as plain Minoxidil (since its active ingredient is minoxidil and the FDA approved this specific formulation).

    However, I cannot yet determine the veracity of the company’s advertising claims which suggest that Scalpmed is better than plain minoxidil. I purchased Scalped and I have been using it for a couple of months. I tried using Rogaine in the past for a period of about six months, but it really irritated my scalp and dried it out. I have experienced no irritation with Scalpmed.


  266. Pathan
    Pathan says:

    Hey Guys,

    So i feel my hair growth has sort of slowed down. Or maybe since i am letting my hair grow thus i am not seeing a whole lot of small hair growing. Uhmm, Guys who are using it, whats your review till date. I know end of this month will be my 2 months. I have been facing one problem thou. My eyes itch.. When i apply it and go to bed.. I believe the medicine sort of sticks to the pillow and if my eyes rub on it, they itch..

    The results are good. lets just see if things get any better.. Will keep posting

  267. The Ultimate Cure
    The Ultimate Cure says:

    Hi all.

    As you will soon know, I have invented the only true hair growth product in the known world. As a result of testing many thousands of bald people, in cluding Yul Brenner and Telly Savalas, the world will soon know I alone can save you from baldness.

    Ok.. Step one. Send me $399.95 for a 1 month supply of my famous Hair Juice® Formula. What a bargain. You’ll see hair in hours.

    After you wait months, you’ll get a few bottles in the mail.. Ignore the fact the labels say Prell that’s been written over with a magic marker, as the printer made a mistake.

    Now, you must take a shower and scrub your scalp with a brush, similar to those you use to clean your grill, you know the ones.. made of brass bristles? Ok.. Assuming you don’t go to the ER because your head is bleeding profusely, you can move on to the next step.

    Take our Hair Juice® Formula (like the Registered Trademark thing? Makes it look more authentic, huh?) and pour it liberally on your head. Ignore the stinging, burning and smell of scalp melting. This is normal for a month or 2.

    After you’ve soaked your head, get a pile of Wisconsin soil, ONLY wisconsin soil will work, and make a mud-pack on your head that will need to sit there for about 2 hours. If you can’t find any wisconsin soil, we can sell you 100# for $345.99 plus $204.99 shipping.

    Ignore any worms that might be in the soil.. They’re just protein. After 3-4 hours, crack the mudpack and remove it gently. if any hair ripped out from this, simply use super glue to put them back on your head.

    Now, the truely amazing part. Limberger cheese is my ultimate extra ingredient. After all the other stuff, melt limberger cheese in the microwave til it’s liquid. Pour it immediately on your scalp. It may likely be quite hot, but you must endure pain if you want hair. The smell of flesh burning is normal. The scars will barely be noticiable in a year or 2.. So don’t panic.

    Once the cheese is hard and cool, remove it and add it to your next salad.. This is critical as all the nutrients in the cheese needs to be kept in your body.

    Once you’ve done these steps, you’re almost on your way to hair growth. Next you need a screw driver to jam the switch in the door to the microwave. Leaving the door open, turn the microwave on for 42 minutes, and put your head about 4″ into the microwave. With the screwdriver jamming the switch, it will run with the door open. Although it’s imperitive you don’t put your head inside more than 4″ as otherwise it could explode, and honestly, if your head explodes, where will all your beautiful new hair go?

    Ok, well, if you’re still reading this, it means you’re probably burned but alive and your head didn’t explode, so congrats.

    Now, call George Bush and tell him you need a neutron bomb dropped over your house to complete the hair regrowth plan. This will truely make your hair grow in an hour. Your neighbors may all be dead, but you have hair so who cares?

    I hope this made ya all laugh. People think an infomercial will have a way to make hair grow no one’s ever thought of before? Why would these infomercials air at 2-3-4 am???

    Now, lets be real here. ScalpMed is simply minoxidil, regardless of how it’s packaged, you will have to use it for eternity or your hair will simply fall out. The truth is, there is no ‘cure’ for hair loss, just as The Hair Club for Men sells TOUPEES they call hair systems, at 20-30 times the price, they are still CHEAP toupees. Geeze.. Don’t you people think when a REAL product emerges and has proven hair growth claims, it’ll be published and on the news??

    Well, this was fun..! Time to go to bed..

  268. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    Regarding the onion juicing:

    Ok…it’s been 3 or 4 weeks since I starting putting the onion juice on my scalp and it’s still working! My hair loss is actually slowing down…from 250 hairs a day to now around 70. Today actually seemed even less, but I’m not counting because it looks so little. My hair loss might actually be almost normal. I dont’ want to believe it yet because it seems to good to be true and I’ve had excess hair loss for so long. I have lots of small hairs all over. Now I just need to see if they all stay and keep growing. I’ll keep you all posted.

  269. Kenny
    Kenny says:

    Does it matter what type juicer I use to make my onion hair formula? I have a Jack Lalanne premium juicer which makes excellent carrot and avocado juice, but is it suitable for making cosmeceutical products?

  270. Len
    Len says:


    The unfortunate truth is that if you’re losing mega hair at 16 you most likely are going to be slick bald by 21.

  271. Vinny
    Vinny says:

    This blog is turning into as much of a joke as Scalpmed is. Hey, that’s fine with me, I’ll gladly help with the sarcasm. However those coming here for actual insight and information are sure to be disappointed.

    Anyway, no, the Jack LaLanne juicer is not approved for cosmetic onion juice remedies, only the Juice Man juicer is, since it doesn’t remove as much pulp. Don’t forget to put the first stream of your daily urine in the mix though. Otherwise the onion juice is ineffective.

  272. Cindy
    Cindy says:


    I doesn’t matter what type of juicer you use. I just massage the onion juice onto the scalp and then cover it with a plastic cap for about 45 minutes and then shampoo/condition as usual. I do it every 2 or 3 days. Both me and my mother are having the same results. And she is in her late 50’s and I’m in my early 30’s.

    This remedy is not a joke. I heard this remedy from a woman in the middle east who it worked for. So I did a little research on the internet to see what was said about this. And decided to try it. What did I have to lose. It’s inexpensive and if it works…great! And so far I am seeing positive results so good for me. It’s work a shot! I mainly wanted to try this because I don’t want to use chemicals which can have negative side effects. This is all natural.

    Good luck!

  273. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    I know it sounds insane. My husband thinks I’m nuts too. But it’s working for me so who am I to question it.

    It’s an old folk remedy too. My mother bought this home remedy book for all sorts of cures. So I looked up for hair loss (after I started to do the onion juice thing. It had a bunch of home remedies, but more than half of them included something related to onion juice on the scalp or actually rubbing the onion itself on the balding area.

    It does sound crazy and I can’t even believe it is working. I’m waiting for my hair to start falling like crazy again (I hope it doesn’t of course). I mean I’ve only been doing it a few weeks and already my hair loss has been drastically reduced by more than half and getting even less this week.

    It’s definately not for everyone. If I were single I don’t think I could do this because the smell is aweful…but I’m married now and a stay at home mom so a stinky head isn’t an issue…for the most part. But if you want to spend lots of money on all sorts of chemicals with god knows what kind of side effects go right ahead. But if nothing works, maybe you’ll remeber what I’ve tried and give it a shot.

  274. jim
    jim says:

    Dear idiots……….

    Putting onion juice on your scalp doesn’t make you hair grow, thats the stupidest thing i ever heard. ScalpScam doesn’t make your hair grow either, this is nothing but a scam and the fleecing of America. ScalpMedScam charges $18 for shipping and ships it by stork, i could walk it faster to new York then they ship it from wherever they do, no one ever answers there 800# and when they do they put you on hold for 30 minutes, this whole thing stinks, the attorney general needs to shut this scam down.

  275. Cindy
    Cindy says:


    I don’t appreciate being called an idiot. I was under the impression that this message board was for sharing information/experience with other people with hair loss. That is just what I’m doing.

    All I’m saying is that I heard about this remedy from another woman of middle eastern decent (I never met her myself…just through hear-say from my hair stylist). She had excess hair loss and did this and it worked. So I did it too. And guess what…it’s working for me too. That’s it! I went from losing over 250 hairs EVERY DAY to, as of this moring, I counted about 50 or less. My hair always grew back, but it was just falling out at a very fast rate. Now it seems more normal.

    Try it…don’t try it…I really don’t care. It’s working for me and that’s all I care about! I’m not trying to sell anything or scam anyone, just sharing what I heard, tried and my results.

  276. Wang
    Wang says:

    This is a warning to all onion formula users! I has been using my own mixture of onion juice with some extra garlic and chili powder thrown in. My dog must have smelled it and while i was taking a nap he decided to try and eat what was left of my hair as a snack. Now I have no hair left.

  277. Chef
    Chef says:

    I tried the ‘onion formula’ last evening on some toasted bread baked for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. Delicious!!

  278. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    I have first hand experience that scalp-med works. I’m using it now and I’ve seen results. No Joke! I’ve never tried the onion thing though. I’ve posted before and if anyone is truly interested in an open dialogue, I’d be happy to share.

  279. Vinny
    Vinny says:

    For you guys out there, let me give you a word of advice…

    All these products are a waste of money. As someone below said, if they really did work, there wouldn’t be any rich bald guys. Save your hard earned money and accept fate.

    I started to go bald in my early 20s, and I just shaved my head clean bald. Instead of letting it get me down, I have embraced it. Do yourselves a favor, stop sweating the small stuff, take a razor, and stop trying to hold onto the rest of your hair.

  280. jim
    jim says:

    Andrew i have to admit i am seeing results from Scalpmed myself now, i have been using for 14 weeks, i have had hair transplants in the front and the crown of my head was going bald, and the Scalpmed is starting to cover the bald spot, i thought it was just another scam, but i think there is something to this now.

  281. Vinny
    Vinny says:

    Ok Andrew, what is it about the minoxidil in $80 ScalpMed that’s any different than the same minoxidil that’s in $15 Rogaine?

  282. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    I have been using scalpmed from last 3 weeks, I see more hairfall in the morning, is this normal ? , as I heard monoxdil sheds the old hair first and then new hair starts growing, though havent seen any new growth yet. Has anyone faced a similar thing with the product

  283. davey
    davey says:

    makes me laugh when people say.. I was losing 250 hairs now its down to 70 LOL.. like do you sit there counting everyone of the hairs that fell out of your head LOL.. get over it and shave it off.. scalmed should be called scammed and for that mad cow who is using onion juice on your hair.. you need a pychiatrist lol

  284. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Jim – Glad to hear that you’ve had some success. It took me a while to see results as well. Which was disheartning at first I must say. I almost stopped using the product because of it. But I’m so glad I didn’t.

    Sandy – I’ve asked around myself, and from what I’ve heard from dr.’s is that you WILL still have hair loss because when a new hair grows in, the folicile has to shed the older hair for the new one to take it’s place. Hence the continued loss. I still, to this day notice hair loss. It sucks but I do notice that the hair I lose is thicker and darker than before. Hang in there.

    Vinny – I’m not a doctor. I couldn’t begin to tell you the differences and chemical breakdown of minoxidil in the two. I’ve never used Rogaine. I’ve used Scalpmed for over a year, and I’ve seen results. That’s all I can say.

  285. Vinny
    Vinny says:

    Andrew: Perhaps you should give Rogaine a try. If it works you’d be at least $720 richer in a year. The proven growth agent in ScalpMed IS minoxidil. The rest is unproven and most likely snake oil.

  286. Mike
    Mike says:

    I’m coming out with a new product called “OnionMed”. It contains highly concentrated onion juice and some of Scalpmed’s secret ingredients. Look for it in stores near you.

  287. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    I am using this scalpmed from last one month now, and as i said i was still seeing my hair fall, Andrew said this is normal as they will still grow thick when new hair come in. From last week I started using Distilled water to wash my hair (Got some cans from Wallmart from 64 cents each) and my hair fall is reduced drastically almost stopped. Has any one tried distilled water before ?
    Now i use distilled water + scalpmed will keep you updated with my results

  288. Joe S.
    Joe S. says:

    They started running these scamming ScalpMed infomercials here in Canada. Trying to sucker another country to buying your overpriced snake oil, SM? Anything that is being sold on TV is BS!!!!!

  289. nam cigam
    nam cigam says:

    Tried bee stings, I almost died , I will never do such a thing again. I am partially blind in one eye. I cannot see a difference in growth because my good eye is not working. Will keep u updated as soon as my good eye comes back. I hope it was worth it.

  290. Pathan
    Pathan says:

    Guys, i have been using scalpmed uhmmm.. From almost 3 months now… Breakdown of things it has done for me

    My hair is thicker

    MY receding hairline really does not have the hair i was expecting and honestly, not much at all, just a few Tiny hair pops but not growing

    I think my crown area has started to cover up with hair
    My friends are saying that my hair seems to have increased but not to the point where i want to see increase but then again, its only damn 2.5 months.. Lets see..

    I have been keeping a track on hair growth and all.. If you want pictures, just ask, i will send em to you..

    I want a full head of Hair, or atleast enough that i can grow it long and feel it when i rush my hand thru it.. If scalpmed cannot get me to that point after 1 year of Use, i am going to quit using it! I mean honestly, who wants just some hair on his head that he can rush a comb thru seeing bald spots.. That aint the goal we start off with when we start taking these things!!

  291. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    I have had similar results with Scalpmed. I’ve used it for 1 1/2 years though, but I didn’t start to see a measured difference (color, thickness, quantity, density) till almost a year in. Don’t know if that is common or not but it was discouraging at first, so I think for you it’s probable. But I still use it now and I’m glad I kept on.

  292. Hesitant
    Hesitant says:

    I’ve tried scalpmed on two separate occasion each for two week trials and had to stop because I noticed more hair in the drain. Minoxidil is said to shed hair before regrowing it, however the retinol contained in the product is what scares me. Combining Retinol, or vitamin a derivatives, with minoxidil has had positive effects for some and negative effects for others. Retinol is often used for acne because it clears away the sebum (mostly by drying it out) so logic would dictate that it would help clear out the hair follicles as well. But the problem is that it can inflame the skin, and drying out your skin isn’t entirely great for the scalp I imagine. The amount of retinol used in scalpmed could be so minimal that it doesn’t matter but I don’t know. I’ve also tried using just the shampoo products and drugstore-bought minoxidil with not a lot of success. But only time would tell with said trials. Bottom line is I’m not willing to take a risk which would cause irreperable damages ie losing and not being able to regain it as a result of a largely untested product. I’ve been on finasteride for quite some time. Hope this information helps some out there.

  293. Hesitant
    Hesitant says:

    Stephen (or anyone) have you noticed any regrowth at the hairline? I know the scalpmed website shows that but I’d like to hear other accounts. Thanx.

  294. Pathan
    Pathan says:

    Okay Guys, here is the deal. I went for a hair Cut… Cut my hair short to the point where i started using Scalpmed.. Now that i see, my hair is actually thicker, i was like WOw!! This damn thing actually works.. My recedding area still have small hair and it seems to have started growing.. I think the bogus stuff is that it wont work in 1 year but it will work in the long run.. I Am happy.. I like this thing

  295. Christian
    Christian says:

    I have been using Scalpmed for almost two months, and I definitely re-grew hair. My hair is definitely thicker on top and I see new hairs sprouting by my hairline. I am extrememly excited as this is the first product that has worked for me. I am 29 years old and have a slightly receding hairline and have noticed some thinning on the top and crown of my head. This started very gradually around 18-20 years of age. I would suggest that someone interested in this product should just try it. The customer service is very good, but I’ve only dealt with them once when I received my order. They answered some questions about the product and their return policy. It is expensive, but it works. The main ingredients listed on the informational booklet that comes with the product are minoxidil 5%, saw palmetto, beta sitosterol, and retinol. My scalp has not been dry or red at all. In the beginning, I did experience some itching, but it subsided after a month of use and was minimal. I was so satisfied, that I ordered a second 60-day supply. You would need to use this product for an extended period of time to see results, at least 60 days. Continued use should grow even more hair. And yes, you would need to keep using it keep your new hair growth. Otherwise, you will eventually lose your new hair, I would think. Actually, I don’t care about that though… I just care that my hair is thicker!

  296. herozero
    herozero says:


    You seem like a good person who has a grasp on what is truly worthwhile as we walk this dirt covered sphere we call home. And that is something that money can’t buy. Most of the people on this site are vain and so full of themself that they can’t see that they are like the cart pulling horse chasing the carrot. They think that if they get the carrot then all will be so gosh darn swell…for a while until they feel that void again, and the insecurities come pouring back over them. Then they will be haunted by weight issues, or facial feature flaws that scream out at them when they look in the mirror, or maybe bad breath, then the eyesight fades and they cant be tortured with the burden of having to wear glasses or contacts…so lasik is the answer, but then they notice that their car is just not classy, hip, or as cool as someone elses, and when they’re beaten and against the ropes they looks down and notice the horrors of all horrors…nail fungus…dear God not nail fungus. And while this person is driving south down Main fixated on what while make them whole and complete they completely ignored the small child with no shoes on his feet and a rumble in his belly because the he or she hasn’t eaten a healthy meal in a few days, or the man or woman on the corner who just needs a few bucks, a job, or a meal only because they haven’t had things go their way in years. Or the numerous elderly who are so alone and just want to talk to someone, and not be seen as a hinderance or a burden of society, and the numerous others who have so many problems that we all just ignore in hopes that someone else will deal with “those people”… because they have so much more to worry about- like nail fungus and pearly whites, or ofcourse the most amazingly wonderful thing of all…hair growth!

    No you hit it on the head, and I was glad that I scrolled down all of these posts to reach yours, because I was encouraged to see that people like you are still out there…take care and thanks

  297. Christian
    Christian says:

    To herozero,
    You sure are quick to judge people based on a one paragraph opinion about a hair regrowth product. Perhaps we should all re-evaluate our lives and aspire to your high moral stature. Your irreproachable character will certainly earn you sainthood someday.

  298. Vinny
    Vinny says:

    To Herozero:

    While I actually agree in principal with your thesis, I have two issues with it…

    1) For all your issues with vanity, unfortunately this mud ball we live on works largely because of it. Particularly in the civilized world. Why do women wear makeup? Why do business men wear suits? Because we ARE judged by our appearence in this world, and in order to attract a companion, keep food on your table, and a roof over your head you’d best understand that concept and adhere to it. Not my opinion, that’s a fact.

    2) Why come HERE, to a hair loss product forum to preach from your soapbox? Shouldn’t you be spending your short time on Earth with those lonely elderly people, or feeding the hungry, or helping the unemployed to find a job?

  299. Michael
    Michael says:

    Even if this product actually works beyond peach fuzz, it would be a pain to continue for the rest of one’s life.
    After trying many useless products including curetage, I have had 3 folicular transplants and I am very pleased with the results. Yes there was discomfort, but I have had worse dental treatment. They are the only way to go. I waited over five years to do it because I wanted the most up to date techniques. I had seen some of the old plugs on people and that was not good. I also went for a consultation at Bosley and did not get a good feeling about them. Yes I spent $17,000 over three years but it was definitely worth it, its permanent and looks very good. No one ever noticed, which is suprising because there has been a great change. Also I have stopped obsessing about my hair and my confidence has improved greatly. I wish it were that simple for people to shave their head or just accept the thinning that becomes baldness but it affects you to the core, it feels awful. I don’t think it is purely a vanity issue. My hair is half gray and I don’t plan on dying it. My surgeon was Dr. Bernstein in NYC, he and his team were great, he has integrity and skill.

  300. Pathan
    Pathan says:

    3 months up, 4th month in.. I have started to see hair fall. I mean, when i am applying scalpmed on my head, i see atleast 20 to 30 hair on my hand while applying it. I do have less hair on my head. Not sure what all this means? does it mean the product is not working or does it mean tht old hair is falling and new is replacing it. My receding lines had small hair comming out in it but, it seems like they have stopped growing or something, Its not growing. My hair is thicker thou? but but but, does this medicine only get your hair thicker or does it actually grow new hair… I am sort of getting worried about the falling hair..

  301. John B
    John B says:

    I am just repeating whats already been said on here. From my research (am a pharmacist) I do not believe that there is any single product that will reverse alopecia related hairloss problem. I have had that problem over the last 6 years and I am 28 now. A couple of years ago I decided (after trying out Rogaine and a bunch of other products) to just accept my problem and shave off my hair. I have been much happier since, and have not looked back. There is too much energy that is spent in the worrying about balding and how we look (of course I am not denying that it is a very important problem given that how we look directly relates to our self-concept), but I still strongly believe that the best thing to do is to accept the problem and the lack of cure at this point and deal with it accordingly. I wish you all good luck, and I hope that my two piece will help at least someone along this process and decrease the emotional turmoil that comes with having to deal with hairloss. Take care. JB

  302. Al Newman
    Al Newman says:

    My grandfather used to swear by goat’s urine! He said it “tingled like hell” when he rubbed it into his scalp — probably got the blood circulation going and thus nourished those starving hair follicles. The only downside (according to grandfather) was that if you weren’t carefull the goat’s urine would get in your eyes and cause temporary blindness. Dr. Maxim Schnatz of The Planck Institute in Germany claims that the uric acid concentrate in the piss was “zee actif agent.”

  303. carlos
    carlos says:

    Hey, I have been using Scalpmed…they said the first week hair might fall because it is getting rid of unhealthy hair first….This didnt happen to me. In fact, i noticed that less hair was falling out then the usual…This was in the first two weeks………After using it for about a month and a half, I noticed that peachy fuzz or w/e…I am about to order an extra 2 month supply because I did grow hair back!!! I seem to be recovering all the hair I lost, but not growing hair I never had…I hope you uderstand what I mean by that…. It is expensive and about $90 dollars a month, but I think its worth it…I am satisfied with what its done for me so far!!!!. If the next 2 month supply helps me grow new hair, I’ll be more than happy….I’ll let you guys know.

  304. Vinny
    Vinny says:

    Q: What is it with God, salvation, and the spirituality continually being preached and posted here in connection with ScalpMed? Seriously, what is the tie-in with God, minoxidil, and balding? Someone please explain this to me. Given the staggering number of people who have posted here that fit that criteria, I expect to see a reply on this from someone.


  305. Vinny
    Vinny says:

    Two days later and the God Squad isn’t speaking up? Where oh where are ye men and women of faith?

    For the record I’m a Christian, so it’s not the faith or the spirituality I have a problem with…it’s the continual referencing of it here with ScalpMed. As if God is the least bit concerned or involved with balding and overpriced minoxidil.

  306. Bill
    Bill says:

    The onion / garlic spread really works to slow down / stop baldness. If nothing else it makes for a tasty snak when spread on bread and toasted!!

  307. jim
    jim says:

    I have been using Scalpmed and it is working, but i had hair transplants 8 years ago to give me a hairline, which came out great, and i use scalpmed on my crown, and it’s been 3.5 months and the hair is growing, but there is no doubt in my mind Scalpmed would not work in the hairline area. Then i use that product Toppik which gives it a thicker look, but i am anal about my hair, i try not to be but i can’t help it.

  308. HP
    HP says:

    I’ve noticed various responses about scalpmed. It works on some people and it doesn’t work on others. What i hate about scalpmed deal is that I think they overcharge their product and poor offering of deal. I haven’t bought scalpmed yet, but I tried some hair growth formulas before. Why don’t they sell it for $20 a piece for just one time trial deal? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a product which may or may not work, spending only $20 for one time 3 month trial is lot better. In that way, we don’t have to waste money and time on their ridculous customer service for return. We don’t have to fret about losing only $20 if product don’t work. If the product works on some people, then they’ll become loyal customers.

  309. jim
    jim says:

    HP they got me hooked, it brought back alot of coverage for me, especially in the thinning area of my crown, and all over the top where i had hair transplants a few years ago. I used just Rogaine for years with no success at all, i know Scalpmend has the 2 bottles of Rogaine, but whatever else is in Scalpmend is doing the trick for me. I know feathered back hair is out of style, but it feathers like a bitch now LOL!!! and i wear it like that LOL!! And i don’t have to use as much Toppik anymore, it seems every day now more and more hair is growing, but it doesn’t take much hair to cover troubled areas.

  310. HP
    HP says:

    My point is Scalpmed sellers should offer better deal. Here is a product costs almost $200 and it may or may not work on everyone. I rather pay $100 for 6 month trial without obligation. If it works, they got themselves a very loyal customer. If it doesn’t work I will be disappointed, but I wouldn’t call it snake oil or scam.
    I’ll wait few years and see if they still advertise the product. I remember seeing one of those hair thickening spray which is like black spray paint on TV. People realized that it was a scam and later it became a joke. If Scalpmed is a good product as it claims, it’ll gain loyal customers and they can air more informercial with well known celebrities.

  311. Pathan2
    Pathan2 says:

    Hi and salam.
    Ok first of all none of this works…wouldn’t it have been in the News? And why do we have Bald rich dudes?? Anyways..the best thing to do is shave your head, let the hair grow out, and massage oil into it…mustard or jasmine oil and even black seed oil works. These are cheaper, effective, natural, and they strengthen hair. If they do not cause hair growth, they do make hair more stronger, thus less likely to fall out when a hand is brushed through it..:) Anywas eating lots of mint is good, fresh mint helps the hair..(real mint, not breath savers..) Also stick to one shampoo and don’t use it often, only like 2 a week, water is great alone..oh and don’t put conditioner on the roots, cause it just makes it so soft that it rubs off, best on the tips. Egg yokes help alot to retain shine and strength, you can buy shampoos with egg yokes in them..well see yas..oh and I use Nizoral for now..not doint much..:( And I use I see hair..NOPE..:)


    P.S.: i hate these money grubbers… they don’t want to help you, they just want to stick their hands in your pockets.
    massage your hair 2 or 3 times a week. use less shampoo. trim ur hair often to strengthen your hair.. even if its a qaurter of an inch in 20 days… it worked for me..

    byezzzzzzzzzzzzzz and be freee

  312. Erica
    Erica says:

    I just stumbled on this blog today and I’ve been enjoying scanning through the entries. I wanted to add, to those of you having the ScalpMed debate – yes, it is totally overpriced. I am an infomercial freak, and when I saw it I thought, ‘ok, why not?’. Until I found out the freakin’ price. But, I tried it anyway.

    Let me back up here, first-off: I’m 27, a woman (obviously) and my hair started thinning when I was about 21 (although at the time I figured I was just shedding a lot). My mother has extremely THIN hair and my sister’s hair has dramatically thinned out (she’s 8 yrs older than me). I didn’t start to freak out about my hair thinning until a coworker mentioned to me that it looked like I had a bald spot and to fix the part in my hair. That was in 2001. Suddenly, reality came crashing in on me and I think it was that same day I went out and bought Rogaine for the first time.

    Well, I’ve been using it pretty faithfully all of these years, but it really dries my scalp out – BAD. To the point where the only shampoo I can use is Head ‘N Shoulders and that doesn’t even work so well.

    oK, bringing us back to the point where I saw the ScalpMed ad on TV and I ordered it. So now I’ve been using it since November 2005, and while I can’t say for certain that it’s regrowing hair, I’m generally happy with it. Like the Rogaine, I haven’t noticed regrowth, but it has stopped my hair from thinning & falling out. I’m still young enough to where, if my hair stays like this for the rest of my life, I’m happy with that.

    Actually, I had figured out that it was just generic rogaine with an additive, and it is the additive I’m addicted to. The reason I like the ScalpMed is b/c it doesn’t dry my scalp out like the Rogaine (b/c plain rogaine is basically like rubbing alcohol). I actually called the ScalpMed people to see if they would just sell me this concoction called Nutrisol-RM, but they wouldn’t. I’m hoping the Rogaine people will develop something like this on their own – to combat the horrible dry-itchy-flakiness the product causes.

    Also, worthy of note, I recently started Regenix. I’m finishing up the first phase of treatment and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my scalp. I’m going to use both the ScalpMed and Regenix products together to see how I do. I would love it if the Regenix would stimulate thickening & re-growth after I complete the initial steps of treatment. I have actually noticed some shedding in the first phase, but I’m pretty sure that’s normal.

    Anyway, I’m spending a fortune on this crap and I hope it’s worth it. If anyone has anything to share on the Regenix topic, that’d be great.

    – Erica, SoCal.

  313. jessica r
    jessica r says:

    hey y’all

    on ebay i got a 2-month supply
    for about $120 shipped
    instead of the $178.41 that
    you’d pay on the scalpmed site.


    only bad thing is you can’t
    get a refund, but! i’m terrible
    at demanding those anyway.

    so here’s hoping.

    i’ll post pics and stuff
    as soon as i get started,
    and then after it (hope
    fully) starts working.

    good luck, everyone!

    -jessica r

  314. steve o
    steve o says:

    hey listen up people, I sympathize with anyone experiencing hair loss IT SUCKS MORE THAN WORDS CAN DESCRIBE. BUT the bottom line is NONE OF THESE PRODUCTS WORK!!!!!!!!!!! If anything actually did work there would be no bald celebrities, right? I understand that we all HOPE something will come along, besides a transplant, that actually works. However until that time comes we need to own our hair loss and accept it. Confidence outshines the top of your head any day, it’s true. Look at any bald charismatic individual, you notice the baldness, but it doesn’t affect how you think of them because their personality is so cool. BE CONFIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t let these companies scam you PLEASE. Avorcor has been around for years and it’s as effective as rubbing egg yolks on your head for re-growth. The only reason this company is in business is because of legal loopholes that allow it to make it’s bogus claims AND desperate misled consumers. Let’s face it, any company that hires Rush Limbaugh to advertise it’s product (like avocor)can’t have any integrity, who would believe ANYTHING that man says anyway????????????? DON”T BE DUPED BY THESE SNAKE OIL SALESMEN PEOPLE…. OWN YOUR BALDNESS AND MOVE AHEAD IN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  315. jim
    jim says:

    Hey SteveO i have been using Scalpmed for 4 months now but also had hair transplants 7-8 years ago, and i am the biggest skeptic there is, and i have to say this stuff is really working in my trouble areas, i am sure it wouldn’t give me a new hairline or make me look like i was 20 again, but the growth i have gotton has been great, between the transplants, Scalpmend and this stuff called Toppik my hair is rockin and i’m 42 years old, i was using rogaine for 3 years WASTE, so anyways it’s working for me, i hate spending the $175, but i would rather have hair than eat LOL!!

  316. MJ Moore
    MJ Moore says:

    I’m a 23 year old woman and I’ve recently noticed thinning and excessive shedding. I’ve lost considerable ammounts of hair twice before (I was in the Air Force and lost hair in basic training and while deployed to the Middle East) but it grew back both times due to the fact that the hair loss was stress-related. Problem is, my hair is growing back baby-fine, and I’m losing an average of 120-200 hairs a day (yes, on a nurse’s advice, I literally counted the hairs that fell out during brushing and showering over a 2-week time period.)

    I refuse to spend any ammount of money on ANY topical “regrowth” potion on the market today. I’ve seen no evidence (aside from paid promotors and doctored photos) that anything currently on the market works, and I also refuse to rub ONIONS or PISS on my head. So there.

    Here’s my question: if hair loss is due to a hormone imbalance, would hormone treatment cause the hair to grow back or am I basically just waiting for enough hair to fall out that I have to purchase a wig? Speaking of wigs, are there any convincing wigs/hairpieces out there? I’d hate to walk around wearing a gigantic “I’m Bald!” sign on my head for which I’d have to pay several hundred dollars.

    Why on Earth a 23-year old woman has to lose her hair is beyond me. If there really is a god, as Sherida claims there is, I am most certainly being punished for something. I only hope we someday find a PERMANENT cure for hairloss.

  317. MJ Moore
    MJ Moore says:

    The hair peices they have at Hair Club for men, or places like Hair Club for Men look really good, before i got hair transplants i was considering getting one, there was a lady i worked with who had cancer who lost her hair who got one at National Hair Center in Phx Az and it looked great, you couldn’t tell in a million years she had one, and it made her feel like a million dollars. When i got transplants 7-8 years ago mostly to fill in my hairline, over the last few years the rest of my hair started thinning in the back, and i ordered Scalpmend about 4 months ago, and i gotta say it has filled in my hair pretty good, i am really happy with Scalpmend, i hate payin the 175$ every couple months, but i am really anal about my hair, i would starve before i would go bald, but thats just me. But whatever you do goodluck to you (-:

  318. ruth
    ruth says:

    hi sandy…
    how is you hair now?? is your hair still sheding after the use of scalpmed?? Do you see any improvment in your hair (like new hair growth)??
    Please provide me with some info….

  319. Dominic
    Dominic says:

    Hey guys my name is Dominic and im a 22 year old male who has a little bit of a receding hairline … i have researched everything out there name it. there are a couple things that i came across that actually seem very impressive to me. like #1 there is this one website where this guy tom hagerty talks about scalp exersizes and regrew ALL of his hair within 12 months he teaches his scalp exersize on his website, simply do a search for my approach. Also there are plenty of Dr’s out there who do hair implants .. the most impressive ive seen yet is Dr avliarmani .. the main office is in canada .. his before and after pictures blowww me awayyy
    his patients look so attractive after the treatments. i think that balding patients look like they have cancer it makes us look sick .. and to be fully attractive you must have vibrant hair.. some people say that guys look attractive with shaved heads but come on.. there are more attractive guys out there with lots of hair .. this scalpmed thing is a total joke like all the others out there … the pictures truly are done to make it look like more hair. They are selling a product, not changing the world people … in one of the pictures i saw this guys hair was combed over… combed over… then brushed flat in the after picture … everyones hair is died in the after pics .. the lighting is different the angels are different … all of theses things contribute to a better picture with fuller hair … believeeeee me i have done it aswell .. i have pictures where you would think i was a model with beautiful hair.. then when you actully look from the top of my hair or when i bend over or when i wake up . you can tell its balding … anyway .. the approach for hair transformation starts in a proper died , proper medication, and exersize .. check it out ..

  320. jim
    jim says:

    Dominic this scalpmend thing is no joke, i use it, and have been using it for 4-5months now, and it has done a nice job filling in my bald spots, but i also had hair transplants to give me a good hairline, but i find it funny that people like you bash things without even trying it. The only joke here is people running there mouths without trying something first.

  321. Pyrrhonist
    Pyrrhonist says:

    To summarize all the comments in this thread:

    1.ScalpMed works for the few people who mentions Jesus at least several times at each occasion.
    It has not been determined why they needed to use this liquid, why the prayers alone did not work.
    Perhaps because it is harder to charge for the prayers alone.
    Also could seem a bit suspicious to guarantee a full refund if you return the prayers…

    2. Those that pooh-pooh the urine solution, should better check what ScalpMed is made off!
    It certainly smells, but perhaps it is just the smell of fraud.


  322. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Hi Ruth, No Improvement Hair/New hair growth, only good thing is they are still the same, though having hairfall my density still looks the same from last 3-4 months.

  323. wmc9
    wmc9 says:

    I’ve been using scalpmed for about 4 weeks now and it looks like my hair is getting thinner. The first week I thought I saw some improvement but over the last two I think it’s gotten a lot worse. I had strong looking hair in the front and was just loosing a little on top, but now it looks like I’m losing it from the top down to the front. I may keep trying it to see if it gets better but I would not recommend it to anyone.

  324. Jolei
    Jolei says:

    I have been using scalpmed for 3 months now. I do see an improvement in the quality of my hair. I also see less shedding and more new hair peeking out. I will continue to use it for the 6 month trial and write again to let you all know the progress. Most important for anyone trying to solve hair loss problems is to find out the reason. If your health is good and you have had all the testing, including hormone testing done and haven’t found any health problems, chances are it alopecia and scalpmed could work. The good thing about it is I have not scalp irritation that I had with regular rogaine. The itchy painful red scalp just wasn’t worth it so I was about to give up on finding a solution until I decided to try it. It looks like its working.

  325. monmon
    monmon says:

    i’m new to this website glad i found it and will keep on posting, the deal is that im young very young and losing my hair fast, i have seen this scalpmed on tv about 4 weeks ago, so i bought it to try it out, 1st week i havent been losing any hair, but second week it beagan falling off slowing like 20 or 30 a day, im in my 3 1/2 week and will post results if this dont work i will be force to shave my head. i will post the good/bad of it soon

  326. jazzman
    jazzman says:

    I just want to know who the female host is on the ScalpMed infomercial. She (they) kept my attention more than the hair growing hype.

  327. monmon
    monmon says:

    ok this stuff is working but very slow, after the 1st week you will begin losing your hair, but if you take time a notice that smaller ones are growing out is a good sign, on the front of my head it seems like small hairs are growing out, but am still losing hair, what i plan to see for the next month is that the small hair i notic growingaround my forehead will grow from the sides towrads the middle, i have taken pictures and such, in a month or two i will link them to you if you wanna see the diff., i still give this a 60/100 its, growing but at smae time im losing some but less then before, also i think it just takes time for the hair to grow

  328. jim
    jim says:

    Like anything different things work for different people, i work from home and use it religously twice a day, when i used rogaine i only used it once a day, but over the last 4-5months i have seen some nice improvement in my hair growth from Scalpmend, who knows if i used Rogaine as religously as i used this stuff maybe i would have seen the same results.

  329. D00fy
    D00fy says:

    i been using scalpmed since july 2006, before that i experimented with rogaine, dutasteride but this time im stickin with scalpmed, i read the instructions and everything has to offer, like any product in the market give it time, i have been on scalpmed for 4months and im now noticing the true benefits of the product, all around my hair has got thicker than before, as far as my battle goes its fighting the temporal area, I want regrowth!, noticing some hair growing slowing working its way around but i guess to see the real benefits of the product continue usage upto a year should achieve these goals thats if the product holds up to what it claims, so far 4months in 8months to go but so far so good i cant complain, Only time will tell and patience,

    Also i have just thrown in dutasteride, since hopefully that should maybe jumpstart temporal recession, if not one of these days il get a temporal hair transplant lol

  330. Ash
    Ash says:

    The onion-juice idea sounds stinky and weird, but I did a quick search and found the following abstract published in the Journal of Dermatology in 2002. Apparently it’s been clinically proven to work. “Re-growth of terminal coarse hairs started after two weeks of treatment with crude onion juice. At four weeks, hair re-growth was seen in 17 patients (73.9%), and, at six weeks, the hair re-growth was observed in 20 patients” out of 23. That’s pretty impressive. (Is this the point where I praise Jesus?) I’m going to try it; what have I got to lose besides more hair?

    J Dermatol. 2002 Jun;29(6):343-6.
    Onion juice (Allium cepa L.), a new topical treatment for alopecia areata.
    Sharquie KE, Al-Obaidi HK.
    Department of Dermatology and Venereology, Baghdad Teaching Hospital, Iraq.

    Alopecia areata is a patchy, non-scarring hair loss condition. Any hair-bearing surface may be involved, and different modalities of treatment have been used to induce hair regrowth. This study was designed to test the effectiveness of topical crude onion juice in the treatment of patchy alopecia areata in comparison with tap water. The patients were divided into two groups. The first group [onion juice treated] consisted of 23 patients, 16 males (69.5%) and 7 females (30.5%). Their ages ranged between 5-42 years with a mean of 22.7 years. The second group [control; tap-water-treated] consisted of 15 patients, 8 males (53.3%) and 7 females (46.6%). Their ages ranged between 3-35 years with a mean of 18.3 years. The two groups were advised to apply the treatment twice daily for two months. Re-growth of terminal coarse hairs started after two weeks of treatment with crude onion juice. At four weeks, hair re-growth was seen in 17 patients (73.9%), and, at six weeks, the hair re-growth was observed in 20 patients (86.9%) and was significantly higher among males (93.7%) compared to females (71.4%) P

  331. B-Man
    B-Man says:

    I wonder what onion juice contains that makes the hair grow. I would do it if it didn’t have that awful smell….

  332. Jim
    Jim says:

    I am terribly disappointed you as a doctor would endorse this product. According to r. garcia you are afiliated with this product somehow. Although he claims he fervently recommends the use of this product he in no way denied your endorsement. I am so disappointed.

  333. William Rassman, MD
    William Rassman, MD says:

    I do not know who you are referring to, but just to clarify, I am in no way affiliated with ScalpMed or any other hair product. I also do not endorse using ScalpMed. I hope this clears up any confusion if people assume that because I answered a ScalpMed question that I am somehow advocating using it.

  334. Juan
    Juan says:

    I’m 26 and im losing excessive amounts of hair every day, i still have a lot of it and its almost unnoticeable; my dad and two older brothers are almost completely bald now, so i know i’ll have the same problem eventually. How can I stop losing all that hair, and how can i re-grow all the hair i’ve lost in the frontal area? That’s the only place you can tell i’m starting to have an issue. Is scalp-med the solution to my problem?

  335. Brian
    Brian says:

    Here is a list of the ingredients in Scaplpmed.
    Like Avacore..get a good dandruff shampoo, a provitamin conditioner, and spray generic rogain..You can save 100s on the same fomulation this way..Also a healthy diet and good water always helps.


    Vitadil-5A:Active Ingredient: Minoxodil 5%
    Inactive Ingredient : Alcohol 30%, Propylene 50%, Purified water

    Expeditor/Nutrisol – Rm:
    Deionized water, Glycerol, Polysorbate-80, Retinol
    Sabal Serrulata, Beta-sitosterol, Panthenol, Cystine, Biotin, DMDM Hydantoin, Methylparaben


    Vitadil-2A:Active Ingredient: Minoxodil 2%
    Inactive Ingredient: Alcohol 60%, Propylene 20%, Purified water.

    Expeditor/Nutrisol – Rf:
    Deionized water, Glycerol, Polysorbate-80, Retinol
    Sabal Serrulata, Beta-sitosterol, Panthenol, Cystine, Biotin, DMDM Hydantoin, Methylparaben

  336. Victor V
    Victor V says:

    I wonder… has anyone tried Provillus. It sounds like another Procerin, but it looks really promising.

    BTW, hi all. I’m 19 years old. Hispanic. Baldness runs in my family… on the paternal side. My father is bald, and a couple of uncles are bald too.

    But I will defeat this. I know I will.

  337. Dave
    Dave says:

    Ok i used it twice a day for 6 months (Scalpmed) it helped a little on the top of my head, but in the crown areas where most of my hairloss was NUTTIN!! waste of money, another infomerical scam

  338. Dave
    Dave says:

    Yeah Doctor Rasman,
    Jim is right that Dr. Garcia saidthe ame thing to me that while you deny rthe use of this product you yourself cannot deny its results-well thats a bunch or crap- you either believe in the product or not/ huh which is it. You kow i am tired of seeing hypocrites who benefit from endorsing or implicating other’s in their scam. damn whatever happened to the hippocratic oath?
    I am disgusted and find it reprehensible that you would use this platform to deny the effects of the product one minute then tell other’s that you can see that it does truly help other’s.
    Please make up your mind,

  339. William Rassman, MD
    William Rassman, MD says:

    I do not use ScalpMed, nor have I have ever claimed to have used ScalpMed. What are you going on about? I find it disgusting and reprehensible (to use your words) that you would try to apply information to me that does not belong. Next time you have a question, feel free to ask — not accuse. It says VERY CLEARLY at the top of this page (and in BOLD, no less) that ScalpMed “is not FDA approved and I would not recommend it for that reason alone.” Check your facts, Dave.

  340. Sam
    Sam says:

    Dave…you are one intelligent dude!!! People like you are the poster children for not sniffing glue during the younger years.

  341. Anna
    Anna says:

    Reading 2 years of this blog was kind of like watching a soap opera. :) The characters, the plotlines, the cliifhangers. I noticed that the “old-timers” dont seem to be posting anymore, and I hope it’s cuz they found something that really worked for them.

    I found this blog by googling “ScalpMed” and “reviews”, and boy did I get what was requested. My main reason in posting is to comment to a couple things people have repeatedly said. I havent tried ScalpMeds, and I havent decided if I will.. probably not, because I’m lazy.. but..

    In response to the very common “It’s an infomercial, of course it cant be true!” statement – while it’s true that most infomercials are junk, there are several infomercial products that broke the glass ceiling to mainstream. The reason these products start as infomercials is because it’s a cheap (relatively speaking), easy (again.. relatively), and surprisingly effective form of marketing. Such products as: ProActive, George Forman Grill, Bare Minerals makeup, the IonicBreeze (I’m sure there are more, those are just the ones I can immediately think of) all capitolized on this form of media, and now established and mainstream. This isnt to say you should necessarily believe the claims of anything.. just dont dismiss it completely out of hand because it’s an infomercial.

    With regards to the rubbing onion juice on your head thing – people do crazy things. However, there are LEGIT herbal and natural remedies for a host of things. For instance, honey on a cut or burn will help it heal faster. Avocado makes an incredible mask for your hair. Beer poured over your hair will make it incredibly shiny, as will a raw egg hair-mask. Raw granulated sugar in your facial soap or body cleanser will act as an effective exfolient. So again – dont dismiss something out of hand just cuz it sounds a little kooky. On the flip side, if it sounds a LOT kooky (standing bent over with your head in a bowl of urine?) feel free not to make it a personal trial. :)


  342. MadMaxScalp
    MadMaxScalp says:

    i have tried scalpmed but it does not work. i tried for 4 weeks.. i gave up ! screw all these scams .. i will wait for a decade for some new lazer treatment or transplant miracle.. but maybe i will be old by then and have my girl already so i wouldnt need it . so screw it.. live natural

  343. Mike R
    Mike R says:

    Pardon My Error In Post #457

    To “The Answer”. Post #117

    Thanks, pal, for a great post. I, too, allowed hair loss to take over my life but after reading your own thoughts about the matter I’ve spent a bit of time examining relationships in my life. Especially with regard to “So-Called Friends” who you think really give a hoot about you but, in retrospect, are simply tagging you along with that occasional glance up to your cranium. My ex-wife, even as events seemed to suggest that we might again re-unite, recently made a thinly (No pun intended) disguised remark about my hair loss that left me feeling quite hurt and disgusted with myself for ever having had anything to do with such a vane woman….. Well, so much for that “BIMBO”. I’ve also begun to isolate others who I feel have also been “Tagging Me Along”…

    After all is said and done, though, their “Are” quite a few friends and family out there who accept me for who I am and, thanks to your fine post, I can now recognize them.

    Anyway, you “Did” reach at least one guy and my hope is that you’ve reached many others….. Thanks

    Would just like to add that, one day, I am sure that technology will provide that “Magic Pill” with regard to hair loss (As of present date, I am sure it does’nt exist) but until then… Say a prayer for those who really are in need of our thoughts… The handicapped (Deaf, Blind, Amputee etc. etc.).

    And take the advice offered in Post #117, use the money you might send to all those snake-oil clowns and send a gift off to that fine lady (Or gent) waiting in the wings.

    Keep The Faith
    Mike R

  344. larrythelop
    larrythelop says:

    You can buy Scalpmed on EBAY alot cheaper than the company sells it for. I had to call my credit card company to stop payment because the company itself wasn’t shipping, i waited 3 weeks, and finally i got some idiot on the phone who said they were all out lol morons This stuff kinda works for me, but i had hair transplants done 7 years ago to give me a hairline, and so far scalpmed works pretty good on the top of my head, but not the crown. Basically it’s snake oil i guess.

  345. A. Brasher
    A. Brasher says:

    I lost my hair from very aggressive chemotherapy, and it did not grow back in the crown of my head after completion of treament. I tried everything, and finally heard about scalpmed. I tried it in desperation, and it really did grow my hair. It took about a year for it to pretty much cover the crown of my head. I only stopped using scalpmed, because it was so expensive, I could no longer afford to buy it. Since I stopped using it, my hair is falling out again. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  346. A. Brasher
    A. Brasher says:

    I have made one comment, however I’m compelled to make another one after reading some of the other comments. There are so many negative comments by people who have never used the scalpmed product, or who don’t know what it means to be completely bald in the crown of the head and are female. A womans’ hair is part of her beauty and it is devastating to be partially bald. As I stated before, I lost my hair due to excessive chemotherapy treatments and my hair did not grow back. Let me assure you that scalpmed worked for me. I noticed growth afte about 3 months. However I did notice that it also grew very fine hair on my face around my hair line. I was willing to use a hair removal product for my face in order to have hair on top of my head. This product may not work for everyone, but it sure worked for a hard core problem like mine. After using it for a year, I have hair on the crown of my head. If you are really desperate to have hair like I was, you should give it a try. I repeat, if you use it and stop, your hair will start to fall out again. That is what happened to me, I just couldn’t afford to purchase it anymore. Too expensive. I’ve tried Walgreen’s brand of Minoxidil and it does not work. I have not tried Rogaine.

    A. B.

  347. Jay
    Jay says:

    Rogain works marginal, have not tried scalpmed and dont know if I will now but for a suggestion to the many people who simply dont know about it I use rogain to keep the hair I have and I use a product called toppik that works marvels, when I put it on you can tell that I am thinning.

  348. john
    john says:

    23 year old male. Frontal balding. Scalpmed user for 4 months. Product DOES NOT work. No regrowth at all. Hair still falling out at high rate. Terrible customer service. Product highly overpriced. NOT recommended.

  349. Kara
    Kara says:

    I was interested to buy the scalpmed product, but based on comments on here I refrained and researched more information on the web. Scalpmed contains 5% minoxidil, the exact same active ingredient of the Rogaine product. So how would people have less results with Scalmed than with Rogaine? My understanding is that minoxidil has indeed been researched with supporting evidence that in some cases this ingredient can cause hair-growth. It appears to also have been approved by FDA for hairgrowth use. And in another review I read that once there is FDA approval for (ex.) minoxidil, there is no need to apply for approval again for the same product, for the same use.

    It seems unrealistic to assume that this topical medication will work for every person, and every balding case! Surely there must be different causes for the medical conditions even in hairloss? Where is there a medical treatment that work equal on every single patient?

    Any clarification to this?

  350. TheRod
    TheRod says:

    From Dr. William Rassman:
    “It took a bit of research and a call to a consultant for FDA issues to answer this question properly. I could not find Scalp Med or Vitadil in the FDA database. The website says, “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” If this product were FDA approved, the FDA would certainly evaluate the labeling for the product. The second statement is part of the FDA definition of a drug. The second part, “Affects the structure or any function of the body of man” is relevant to the use of this product. It is strange that the first part of the website says it is FDA approved while the second part says the FDA has not evaluated the labeling. This is clearly an inconsistency that indicates that you should take what is claimed here suspiciously.

    The website says that “Vitadil-5A and Vitadil-2A are FDA-approved formulas for hair growth.” The company may be saying that they used a formula that had been approved for another company. This is possible. However, a company cannot just copy the formula of an FDA approved product. The company must submit an Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) and may be required to do bioequivalence studies before the FDA will approve it for this company. The company also has to meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as well.”

  351. Raj Gujar
    Raj Gujar says:

    Scalp Med — Does not Work
    If Did not Work for Six Months. I went to ask my refund after Six months they are giving me bull as to you are our of Warrenty.

    Its a Scam. Stay away from it

  352. Gary
    Gary says:

    Guys i been using this scam for 6 months now, i used rogaine for 5 years before that, and i can tell you right now SAVE YOUR MONEY!! this stuff doesn’t work, i used it religously, twice a day. How do these scams keep staying in business?? i sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, along with this crappy product, probably won’t do any good, but geez someone has to do something when these snake skin oil salesmen dupe the public.

  353. DJ
    DJ says:

    Many thanks to all of you for taking the time to comment. After spending two hours reading this blog, I have determined to not purchase ScalpMed. I think I will just shave my head and be happy for my health, job, family…and yes, religion.

    Special thanks to Vinny and Don for their honesty.



  355. timmy
    timmy says:

    The folks in the commercial are ACTORS!

    If this product REALLY worked it would cost as much as a good transplant, probably more.

    When I see reputable bald men showing their results, I will belive it. Sort of like Bob Dole doing Viagra commercials (not that I personally saw the before and after effects). But at least he was a believable spokesperson, who risked ridicule for something that worked.

  356. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


  357. JD
    JD says:

    I tried Scalp Med for about one year. The best I can say about it was that it “held the fort” so to speak. It seemed to halt my hair loss, but I wasn’t growing new hair. The main advantage of Scalp Med is that you don’t get the itch/dry scalp problem. However, at $400+, I decided it wasn’t worth it.

    I decided to try plain old generic Wal-Mart Minoxidil and I’ve actually regrown some hair. While I don’t have dandruff flakes the size of dimes like I did with Rogaine, my scalp itches frequently.

    It’s a shame someone can’t come up with a reasonably priced alternative that combines the best of both worlds–the power of Minoxidil without the alcohol-based delivery system.

  358. Gary
    Gary says:

    JD… Scalpmed is a scam, it’s nothing but snake oil, why the Federal Trade Commission hasn’t shut down these snake oil sales people is mind boggling. I used this garbage for over 6 months, i grew more hair on my back than on my head lol SCALPSCAM!! don’t use this garbage ugh

  359. LH
    LH says:

    I am young and strong but no hair…
    sometimes I think I don’t even need hair to be beautiful
    I shine in other aspects of my life…so everyone be beautiful

  360. JZ
    JZ says:

    I’m 25 years old and the entire top of my head has thinning hair. I started using ScalpMed one month ago and I’ve seen results within two weeks. Unfortunately the hair that is coming in is very fine and from a distance you cannot see a change. I’ve also noticed more original hair coming out in the shower and when I apply ScalpMed. For those people that have had success with this product and have the same general situation as me how long did it take for the fine hair to thicken and be noticable?

    FYI for those who are considering ScalpMed: The gaurentee that ScalpMed offers is only good as long as the length of treatment you purchase from them. I only bought a two month supply and my gaurentee is only good for that long. I would have bought a six month supply if I had known they recommend trying it for four months before judging its results.

    Too many people are using the term “snake oil” and “scam”. Just because it doesn’t work for you does’t mean its a complete scam and conspieracy against you!

  361. Gary
    Gary says:

    JZ take it from a guy who has used everything, your better off just using Rogaine, you will save yourself alot of money. But at the end of the day Scalpmed is just overpriced snake oil.

  362. Captain Gort
    Captain Gort says:

    Scalp Med does seem to be stimulating growth of my thinning
    hair on the classic male pattern areas. Unfortunately, after a few months of use, my scalp could no longer stand it and instantly inflames when I apply it. My scalp looked like a bad sunburn and the skin peeled off! Well…I think my body is trying to tell me something, don’t you think? I even waited 2 weeks without using it to allow my scalp to recover. I applied it carefully last night and within 10 minutes my scalp was on fire…itching, etc. Had to junp into the shower and wash it out. So the stuff apparently does grow hair for me…but alas, I cannot use it. I think I will just accept life’s phases.

  363. Gary
    Gary says:

    The way i see it is……….. If Scalpmed worked as half as good as there infomericals claimed, people on this message board would be ranting and raving on how good it is! But if you read all of these messages here, most people believe like i do, Scalpmed is overpriced Rogaine. Yea a few messages here and there say…….. well…. i think it works, i see a few strands of hair on my head after 30days, or it’s kinda working, but it makes my scalp feel like it’s on fire, so i had to stop using it. I mean cmon people whos foolin who here?? lol lemme guess all the naysayers here are conspirators?? i don’t think so, Scalpmed is snake oil, it is what it is, and anyone else who saids different lives in denial.

  364. tom
    tom says:

    I ordered scalpmed about 3 months ago, I have been using it along with Nioxin shampoo, I have to say my hair is looking the fullest it has in a very long time. I’m not sure if one product is working better then the other or if they are both contributing but I have been very, very happy with the results. I am 28 years old and I had transplants when I was 23, and I can finally say I am happy with the way my hair is looking. Take it for what it is worth but the I started seeing results after using Scalpmed.

  365. sudhakar reddy
    sudhakar reddy says:

    30 Male i tried all the products but i faild to get the regrowth on my baldhead… was very disappointment for me i cannot close with my friends and relatives becuz of this….
    plz advice me……

  366. Gary
    Gary says:

    sudhaker i had to get transplants, i got them about 7 years ago, the Dr did a great job, back then i was losing the hair in the front of my head, i had plenty of donor hair. As i got older (43 years old now) the crown of my head was losing hair, and i used up all of my donor hair in the front when i was younger, so atleast i have a good hairline. But i have tried everything to regrow the hair on my crown, nothing really works, i used this snake oil scalpmed for 8 months religously, i work from home so it’s easier for me, and Scalpmed didn’t do sheeet!!! waste of money, so i just have to accept the fact i am getting older and hairloss is a part of life ugh oh well, i always fall for these scams for hair growth lol I think the rogaine is stopping me from losing more, cause it sure aint growin it, but if i can keep what i have i will be happy i guess. Goodluck to you.

  367. john
    john says:

    alot of people are saying scalpmed works alot are saying bla bla im sick and tired of you guys talking just please somone tell me if scalpmed works and thats it

  368. Gary
    Gary says:

    john lol scalpmed is snake oil, i used it for over 6 months, the hair in my ears grew faster than the hair on my head. The Federal Trade Commission needs to shut these clowns down.

  369. john
    john says:

    i guees scalpmed didnt work for some people maybe its because alot of you people dont know how to use it because i can see on tv its says it works and they show pictures im not going to listen to no one im just gonna try it if it doesnt work then hej its all good its not like im gonna live for ever we all going to die .

  370. Gary
    Gary says:

    john lol yea the TV saids it works LOL!! and the people on this board don’t know how to use it? and were not gonna live forever?? lol guys like you just amaze me LOL!!!

  371. john
    john says:

    im telling you Gary people just talk they dont know how to use scalmped ahahahah then they come here crying learn how to use the god damm thing then come talk to me

  372. Gary
    Gary says:

    John spraying something on your head twice a day is probably pretty hard for alot of people in this country, i mean people buy timeshares, kinda shows you the stupidity of all lol